green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

green sprouts Stay-dry construction keeps moisture from leaking through Bibs and Burp Pads to protect clothes from getting soiled.

Main features

  • Cotton Terry
  • Imported
  • Ultimate protection from drools & spit ups
  • Waterproof protection for baby’s clothes
  • Soft, absorbent terry
  • Adjustable hook-&-loop closure for easy on & off

Verified reviews


Horrible, not waterproof at all

I was shocked when I read all of the 5 star reviews. These are horrible bibs. They are listed as waterproof, and is very far from the truth. Never have these kept moisture off of his clothing. We would have to double bib him, and even then, both would be drenched in a half hour or so. We will stick with our generic Target brand ones that absorb and wash great.

Lorraine La Vista, NE

Great for the Spitter-Upper

My son has had bad reflux since birth. These bibs have been a great saver! They are a nice soft cotton, but still have enough waterproofing to them that the spit-up doesn’t soak through to his clothes. I also appreciate that they don’t have any design/embroidery on them, as it helps catch and absorb, where as the ones we received as gifts or with clothing sets haven’t worked. He is now drooling a lot and these have worked great for catching that, as well. They have stayed in great shape through 6 months of washing.

Faye Ohiopyle, PA

Not as good as the reviews

I bought this product based on the rave reviews and they were terrible! My 3-month old twins are not drooling yet, just using them for regular bottle feed and it soaks thru so quickly. Unless I got a batch of defected bibs, they really are no better than paper napkins…

Muriel Claymont, DE

Cheap, plentiful, and cute

These are exactly what I wanted them to be. They fit my enormous 6 month old son (he’s 22 lbs). They’re big enough for meal time, but small enough that he can wear them while playing to mop up the teething drool. They have the waterproof layer in the middle, but it’s not super loud and crunchy like some bibs are. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is that they use velcro and that seems to eat everything in the wash if I forget to close them first (and I always seem to forget). I would much prefer snaps, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. And the instructions say to lie flat to dry. Haha. That’s funny. Like a new mom has time for that nonsense. So far they hold up in the dryer.

Shelia Sumas, WA

Velcro eventually wears out

At a $1.80/bib it’s not bad.After 7 months of constant use, washing and hang drying weekly, the velcro wore out and does not stay on any more. If your baby spits up a lot, some of it will roll off of the bib. The waterproof liner does it’s job and prevents liquids from soaking through.More expensive, but worth the price is the Maxy Moo Moo bibs. Not Prime eligible, it comes out to about $3/bib. It is PVC free, uses snap buttons and is larger than the Green Sprouts.

Yesenia Mcloud, OK

happy with these bibs

love the bright colors, easy to match up with what my boy is wearing. these bibs really do absorb spit up and drool, so they are very effective. i’ve thrown them in the clothes dryer on a cool setting and they’ve been fine. the reason for only 4 stars – the velcro could be more skin-friendly and gentle. do be sure to fasten these before you wash them or you’ll ruin whatever else is in the load. overall i would reccommend and buy these again.

Juana Newcastle, ME

Simple and Effective

Just because I have a little boy doesn’t mean I want him to wear clothes/products with puppies, footballs, and dinosaurs all over them. The worst are the items that contain the “clever” phrases [ex: “Daddy’s MVP” or “Chick Magnet”]. Bibs seem to be the worst offenders, so I was very relieved to find this set. The colors are bright and there is enough variety to go with any outfit. But the best part is that they are simple and do the job.

Gussie Pungoteague, VA

Great after pre-washing

As other reviewers have mentioned, I did find the darker colors of these bibs to bleed. However, having read others’ warnings, I just rinsed them in the sink with hot water before throwing them in the regular wash and they did fine. They absorb a lot and fit around my 16-pound son’s neck well. The Velcro is strong; if he falls asleep while eating, he’ll often wake when we pull the Velcro apart to remove the bib. I expect the strength will be very useful once he gets older and wants to try to pull the bib off himself.

Glenda West Rockport, ME

Good bib choice

I bought these for my grandson who spits up formula with each feeding and is drooling now too. Very happy with them.We go through lots of bibs each day, and the soft A&A; bibs were nice, but pricey and not protecting the clothes underneath from moisture. Protective bibs with plastic backs were just too harsh against the folds of skin around his neck. These bibs have a protective layer sandwiched in between two layers of soft terry fabric. So they are soft against baby’s skin and also prevent moisture from seeping through the bibs to the clothes beneath.So we still go through many bibs a day, but do not have to change outfits each time. They are absorbent, color choice is good and can coordinate with most anything he wears. Price is OK and quality is good.

Tessa The Colony, TX

Great for Drooling Stage

I think these bibs are great given their price. Here are some pros and cons to consider:Pros:1. Good variety of colors in one 10 pack–the colors are mostly unisex and you can easily find one that will match baby’s outfit2. Soft and absorbent terry material3. Waterproof inner layer between the terry material, which keeps baby dry as well as the other side of the bib4. Reversible5. Fabric and velcro keeps it shape after several washingsCons:1. Color fades a little after the first wash (I use Dreft detergent, if that matters)2. Material pills a little after several washings3. Velcro closure–here are my issues with this:A. Tough on skin: You must make sure that both sides of the velcro meet entirely when you put the bib on your baby to prevent it from irritating/scratching his sensitive skin. It might be common sense to do this, but given that this product is specifically made for babies I don’t think that the tough velcro material is a good idea or even necessary. This is a product flaw because there are many efficient attachment/closure options, including a softer velcro attachment, that can be used instead. The velcro patch edges are also unnecessarily sharp.B. Might damage other items it sticks to: Again, making sure that both parts of the velcro meet entirely is key to prevent the velcro from attaching to other laundry pieces, for example, and damaging them. Making sure the velcro sides match up before throwing the bibs in with your laundry is not a big deal, but you might miss it in the load or just forget to do it.C. Loud: I have the hardest time detaching the velcro without startling my baby whenever he falls asleep for a nap with it on. It’s unsafe to leave the bib on when the baby is sleeping so if I know that the baby is about to fall asleep I remove the bib to avoid waking or scaring him later.NOTE: According to the label the size for these bibs is 3-12 months. However, my baby is only 4 months and the bibs fit him perfectly so I am not sure that the same size will fit him when he is older.

Tracey Dover, NJ

GREAT bibs!

The best drool-catchers I’ve found. Soft, absorbent, chew-able (Important to the wearer. I asked.), and with 10 I got one for every outfit and a backup. They wash up nicely and don’t get weird curly edges.

Olga Wagoner, OK

Perfect for droolers

My child is a drooler and I hated how cloth bibs were soaked within 5 minutes and bibs with a plastic backing look cheap. These are cute and they prevent drool from reaching clothes. Just make sure you velcro them shut before washing them or they will rip up anything they are in the wash with. I also recommend getting a mesh bag to put them in while washing in case they come un-velcroed

Gabrielle Tyronza, AR

Working great!

We have very drooly 8 month old teething twins. Regular bibs weren’t catching all of the drool, but these have been great! All of the colors allow for matching to their outfits (which isn’t important but a nice touch). Would definitely recommend!

Dale Death Valley, CA

Great bibs

My 4 month old is drooling all the time now and I use to have to change his bibs all day long because he would soak through them. I don’t have to do that anymore with these bibs.

Marla Knox City, MO

Exactly as described – great bibs

I bought these bibs for the variety of bright, plain colors (No more trying to match lime-green-and-baby-blue bibs with pseudo-pithy sayings to outfits!!! Hooray!!) and the waterproof-ness. A few reviews had me worried about the latter, but do not fear – the bibs are three layers: two terry layers with a third waterproof (or at least very water resistant) inner layer. They’ve stood up to my 4-month-old’s waterfall of drools quite well.Though these bibs are exactly as described, I have not given them five stars since they have a very scratchy hook-and-loop (generic Velcro) closure that irritates my baby’s neck. I would much prefer snaps, or at least a side closure. If only more mothers developed products… 🙂

Esther Sanostee, NM

The best

What I love about these bibs:1. The material: with these bibs, you can simply dab your child’s drool-soaked chin and it absorbs the drool fabulously. I like this far more than plain old cotton bibs.2. The awesome colors3. The fact that they’re solid and don’t say anything stupid like “mommy’s little helper”4. The priceNote: a number of people complain about the harsh velcro and I agree it’s pretty sharp if it rubs against baby’s neck — but we solved this simply by wearing the bib with the green sprouts logo/tag against the baby’s chest. If worn in that direction than the sharper side of the velcro doesn’t rub on the neck (but you still have to be careful when taking the bib off).We’ve used these every day for 8 months and love them!

Latanya Milan, MI

Great earth friendly bibs!

These bibs are great! My son is a super drooler and these have done a great job holding up to the test. Colors look great and the price is great also.

Marisol Sibley, IL

great bibs for 3-9mon

Perfect for 3-9 month babies, these are soft and absorbent on both sides with waterproof inner layer. Colors don’t fade or run in wash.

Rosalyn Mount Airy, GA

Great value!

I read a lot of reviews on bibs and was hoping to find a bib that would fit my 3 month old who was teething and soaking his clothes. I wanted something that was waterproof, solid color, and would wash well. These fit the bill! They are a perfect size for 3-12 mo. I’ve seen them on other babies who are in the 9-12 mo range and they fit well, but they’re starting to get on the too small size, especially if you’re feeding them in this bib. I’d recommend this bib for drooling and spit up, but not large enough for the messes they make while eating. They don’t make a crinkle noise like some water proof bibs and they wash really well and hold up. So far we’ve used these for 3 months and they still look great.

Judy Hill, NH

Lovely bibs!

First I thought 10 bibs would be too much, but now that my baby is starting with solid food I realize that it’s hard to keep up with him and having fresh clean bibs, so ten is definetely not too much.The colours are lovely and there is such a variety that you can combine with whatever your baby is wearing.The description is not very accurate regarding the waterproof side, this is actually in the inside of the bib, probably a layer of plastic, so don’t expect a plastified bottom.Unfortunately, they are not the best bibs to keep your baby safe from getting damp, but they are useful enough for dribbling and one-time feeding, so be prepared to wash over and over again. I still love them!

Lorena Mingoville, PA

Outgrown but still beloved

I know these are supposed to be milk bibs, but we have been using them for food bibs for our (admittedly not very messy) little gourmand, despite the fact that they’re a bit small for him now. They have remained waterproof for over a year’s worth of washes. The colors are vibrant and pleasant, and the bibs are soft and comfy, making these the only bibs my son will currently accept. The velcro is strong and so I highly recommend closing these securely before washing them so that they don’t snag knit garments (I learned that lesson the hard way).

Marion Baileys Harbor, WI

Love, love, love these!

I use these on an everyday basis. I love how simple these are so there is always something to go with my son’s outfit. I don’t think I will ever buy another set of bibs after seeing the quality and quantity of these bibs at such an amazing price.

Alisa Splendora, TX

love these bibs

Once I found these they became the only bibs we put on our son. They are great. Really attractive, durable, and great at keeping his clothes dry. On the drooliest days we do need to change one out for a dry one eventually, but they do a great job for quite some time. I’ve bought three packs so far.

Lula Bellamy, AL

Good for every dribble

They are nice, colorful and practial. My daughter-in-law thinks they are very useful. I love the colors and the texture. My grand son has started to pull them and take them to his mouth.

Kitty Polk, MO


These are colorful and do not fade after washing. I bout them when my son was about 3 months old and are still looking great not to mention they are water proof. I love and recommend them!

Audrey Sandgap, KY

LOVE these bibs!

The colors make it so easy to color coordinate with his outfits! I like simple bibs like this, too. I tend to use these than the "Off to Grandma’s" type of bibs.

Phyllis Kendrick, ID

These work great

What can I say..these are great bibs. They last much longer than the regular cloth bibs. They are large enough to cover quite a bit of ground for my 5 month old. I highly recommend.

Lakeisha Ashippun, WI

These are our favorite bibs

Our nearly 4-month old son drools a lot and even likes to suck his thumb and bib at once and these have really worked well. He also love to pull on them side to side (we joke that it’s his cape) and the Velcro holds every time. We have other bibs that soak through, don’t absorb well and don’t have good Velcro. I like these so much I am ordering another set of five (for different colors) and plan to order a set for a friend who is having a baby.I read a review that said they wash them in garment bags and hang them dry. I thought that was a marvelous idea and use a garment bag for anything that has velcro (to include his swaddle).We have been using these bibs since he was about three or four weeks old and they have been wonderful.

Nettie Delta, OH


Babies spit up/drool A LOT, and you have to keep it dry or they’ll rash up under all their chins. I had a surplus of baby clothes, but never enough bibs as the baby would go through 7-8 a day. I liked these bibs so much I ended up ordering THREE sets of these.Pros:-design of the bib is great. The liner between the terry ensures maximum absorption but no leakage through. So many bibs get this part wrong: it’s either not absorbent enough (so the spit up just rolls right off and INTO YOUR LAP), or it absorbs completely through (and gets baby’s clothes wet). You need the terry to capture the spit up, but you also need the liner to keep it contained.-price is good/cheap considering it’s a 10pack-nice bright colors that hold over time-liner also gives/keeps bib in a nice shape (the bibs don’t just wrinkle into a mess like some other all-cloth ones do)-machine washable/dryer use is ok. I think on the instructions they say to hang out to dry or dry on low, but I just toss them in the dryer with all the other items and 4 months later they are still in great condition. Moms with babies don’t have the TIME to hang things out to dry!

Jesse Tell City, IN

Perfect for the Purpose!

These bibs are a great deal for the price. They have held up in a wash and are of a decent quality. They are soft enough that I can wipe the babies face with them and the variety of colors is great! They are also a very nice size. I have a 7 month old that these fit perfectly!

Clara Fredericksburg, IA