green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

green sprouts Stay-dry construction keeps moisture from leaking through Bibs and Burp Pads to protect clothes from getting soiled.

Main features

  • Ultimate protection from drools & spit ups
  • Waterproof protection for baby’s clothes
  • Soft, absorbent terry
  • Adjustable hook-&-loop closure for easy on & off

Verified reviews


These bibs are very good

These bibs are really inexpensive and have a waterproof liner. The bibs are absorbant and they can keep my baby’s clothes from getting soaked. They won’t last all day – I still have to change her bibs pretty often. But I can go a lot longer between bib changes with these bibs compared to regular bibs. They are about as absorbant as some Carter’s waterproof bibs that I have. My baby is a little droll machine and I am on here to buy antoher package of these bibs.

Irene Nelson, WI

Exactly what I needed for teething/drool!

I needed bibs that did not soak through to my teething baby’s shirt. These are THIN, but EFFECTIVE. There is a middle layer of plastic, but both sides are terry so it’s soft. They never soak through, and are worth the money. I save all of our other bibs for eating (fruits & veggies make a mess!) then I take them off and put one of these on for play time, they last throughout the day. These will be one of the things I give at baby showers from now on!

Jennifer Mid Florida, FL

Careful-suffocation hazard

I bought those because my 2 month old spits up left and right. They are just fine and they do their job leaving my baby’s clothes dry(as opposed to Ikea’s bibs).That said you have to realize that they have plastic inside them. My husband put our baby to sleep wearing one of those. Good thing I was around because it clung into her mouth scaring both her and me.It is not the product’s fault-just don’t leave your baby unsupervised or put her to sleep wearing one of those.

Dayna Ocean View, HI

Telling everyone I know with teething babies!

A friend bought a pack of these to make a gift for us. I kept washing the one bib gift as fast as it got dirty because I liked it. It’s the right size for my 13 pound baby with room to grow. It’s too thick that it’s bulky when she’s playing or harnessed into things like her car seat. The trim is thin so it fits well around her neck (her actual neck is non-existant at 3 months old…) I love the price for a 10 pack… so much better than Carter’s etc. similar bibs. A ton of colors which I love. And they catch everything from spit up to the NONSTOP drool that comes along with teething. They’re also long enough because our daughter likes to flip them up and chew on them a little. I wash AND dry them… Just be sure to fasten the velcro together before they go in the wash since it likes to catch everything. I bought both boys and girls colors for fun. Will likely buy more since we go through about 8 bibs a day with our drooly bebe! Highly recommend.

Shannon Cary, IL

They mold!

My daughter is a spitter. She spits up after every feeding.These were my favorite bibs, because:There is no annoying gap between her neck and her clothes where spit up can ruin the collars of her shirts.Here’s why they’re awful:These bibs aren’t waterproof!! Because there is no plastic inside the dribble will eventually leak through. I do laundry weekly, (like most people) and these bibs will mold while in the laundry basket. Very gross. Also they have started to come apart, and the velcro is coming through the fabric and rubbing her skin. Won’t buy again and wouldn’t recommend. Spend more money and get the something better.

Essie Franklin, NE

Too big for a 5 month old

The description didnt really state that these aren’t your average size bibs. They are huge. So basically they are too big for my 5 month old. There is a hug gap between her neck and the bib so they dont serve the purpose. I guess I have to wait for her to be much older to use these. I wish they have been more clear on the size that way I wouldnt have wasted my time ordereing these.

Carmela Jackson, NC

great bibs for a drooling teether

These are great and soak up any drool without it soaking through to the baby’s clothes. They also last, so I’m sure they will be able to be used for the next couple kids too.

Alison Bellefontaine, OH

Didn’t know how much I would need these

My daughter is 2 weeks old and very “urpy.” She spits up frequently. I didn’t know how much I would use these bibs. They are great! I was given others, but these do a great job of keeping her clothes dry. They are a great size for her age. I have already sent some to my sister.

Tamera Leslie, GA

A must have

These were a must have for about 4-5 months during teething. They are absorbent, although sometimes did "leak" through, but that is user error for not changing out frequently enough. The colors held strong after many washes and the velcro has held up well. I tried to fasten the neck prior to washing to prolong velcro like and it seems to have worked. I love the pretty colors and the great price.

Tracey Jonben, WV

Good bibs

I usually hate Velcro bibs but these have Velcro that is made of steel or something. Very strong, doesn’t destroy my clothes in the washer because it stays velcroed.

Desiree Bloomington, NY

Best I’ve found.

Great bang for the buck. Plenty absorbant, catches slop, and hold up well in the wash. The velcro is the best I’ve had. I just wish they were bigger for my 14 month old. I wish I had them when she was just starting solids.

Vicky Freeman, WA

Dry baby. Happy grandma.

I was on the fence about these bibs because of the price. I bought them because other reviewers stated they were so great and I am glad I did. They keep the little drooler dry without being bulky. I’ve washed them quite a bit already and they are holding up well. Love, love, love the fat that they can be very wet on the outside and dry as toast on the other. Nice!

Alison Beavertown, PA

Good bib, but it causes scratches!

The colors are great and vibrant. And they actually ARE waterproof. HOWEVER … the fabric that covers the velcro portion of the bib wears thin after a few washes and it ends up scratching the back of my baby’s neck as it rubs against her skin. After a few months, I stopped using these and started using the Aden & Anais snap bibs and we no longer have scratches.

Isabel Long Pond, PA

they are great

I love these bibs, the colors are vibrant, it says 3-12 months, the shape of it allows me to put on my 2 months old baby. It is quite thin but very absorbent, the waterproof liner doesn’t make any noise, and you can use whichever side you want, as the waterproof liner is inbetween two materials. I would highly recommend it.

Maribel Paragonah, UT

Good price for a big pack of very decent bibs

My daughter is teething and drools A LOT. She easily goes through 2-3 bibs a day, and so we bought 2 of these packs. They do a good job of absorbing the drool and protecting her clothes (there’s a thin layer of plastic between two layers of terry). If you are looking for a more "plush" thick and absorbent bib — this is not it. But this does the job without feeling weighty on baby. I also like that the design is simple – solid color so it can really be worn with anything and won’t get "boring."Why 4 stars and not 5? It’s not the best quality — a couple have separated at the seams, revealing the inner plastic.Happy, otherwise, and would recommend.

Louise Scotland, CT

Careful about Shrinking

Were great until I washed them.I never thought to check the label: Who would think a baby item would be so temperamental with how you wash it. I thought it would be an easy: Toss in the laundry to wash and dry. Oh no! You have to wash on cold, and then lay flat to dry. All of mine have shrunk 2 sizes.Careful how you wash them! Other than that, I do like them. Just wish they were easier to care for.

Susana Lamont, OK

Great bibs, especially for droolers!

We used these bibs exclusively as drool absorbers. There are many great colors to match any of my daughter’s outfits and they kept her dry.

Marla Marion, LA

Great bibs

The velcro on these bibs is probably the best of any company we’ve bought and we’ve gone through quite a few. They haven’t gone through a ton of washes yet but a few with seemingly no loss of stickiness. The bibs are a good size and have a perfect neck size for my 8 month old daugher.

Kimberley Foxhome, MN

Great bibs, great value

These are perfect….fun colors, very good quality, excellent value. Good weight with waterproof liner between two terrycloth layers. I read a few reviews saying these were too thin. They aren’t supposed to be thick! I have used thicker ones by other manufacturers, and they are bulky, bunch up and get in the way. It is personal taste, I know, but these do exactly what a bib is intended for…to catch spills and keep the front of the clothes clean and dry – and these do exactly that.

Misty Mount Juliet, TN

Great for teething drools!

So convenient. Don’t worry about the suggested age range; my toddler is 15 months old and she still uses. As long as your child is drooling, these bibs will be perfect for them. I bought my first 10-pack when she was 6 months old; just bought the second 10-pack.

Mayra Snow, OK

Great value!

This is the best assortmant of colors I found in a bib pack for a girl. They fit well, are very soft, and match every outfit! A great choice!

Effie Aniwa, WI

Wish I’d spent a little more for better bibs

While very cute colors, these are decent bibs but they are very thin for use to catch drool (haven’t used them for food yet). And the velcro in the back makes them a little hard to get off.

Daisy Milford, IN

In need of bibs?

So we were in need of bibs so I ordered these. They do the job. I much much much prefer the bibs with the snaps instead of velcro, but they seem much harder to find and much more expensive. The baby cant pull it off like they can with velcro, but the velcro irritates the back of her neck.So they work, great price, and do the job I needed them to do, just wish I had better options for the same price.

Addie Oronogo, MO

Great for my drooly girl.

These are just the right size for my plump 3 month old drool monster – I mean princess. 🙂 The colors are good and the quality is worth the money, I suppose.

Dee Talco, TX

Super great bibs

These bibs are wonderful. Not only are they pretty but they do absorb well and you can embroider on them to personalize them. I got these for my granddaughter. They do have boy colors too in blues and greens. Well worth the price.

Lara Pewaukee, WI

love these!

These are great. I recommend rinsing after use and hanging to dry. Caked on food is hard to wash off.

Brandi Hornitos, CA

Clothes saver!

My baby spit up so much that I went through about 15 regular single-layer terry bibs/day. It was a hassle, and her clothes would still get damp and smelly!! Then I got these waterproof ones, and regained my sanity! They have terry cloth on both back and front, and do not make crinkling noise. Due to large amount of spit up, I did put a single layer terry cloth bib over top of this one, and changed it every 2-3 hours, while the waterproof bib often lasted through the whole day. Baby stayed completely dry, and I stopped having to do laundry every day. Now she’s doing better with spit up, but the drooling from teething began. I find these are absorbent enough to contain the drool for few hours on their own. I wash them on warm cycle, then just hung to dry (so a bit of planning is required not to run out of clean bibs), but 2+ months in they still retain their waterproofing.

Evangelina Eagle Lake, TX


Wanted to love these as our baby girl is teething and a total drool monster. However, they get soaked through pretty quickly and are pretty flimsy. But, they’re cheap – so thumbs up as a backup.

Megan Beaver Dam, WI

love these terry cloth, absorbent bibs!

we use these for our little boy and they work great! velcro is easy to put on/off and still very sticky. use for meals and use them to clean his face after a meal. easy to stash by hanging on the back of the high chair. love the colors, the girl pack was cheaper than the boy so we bought them instead. love them!!!

Julia Richland, WA

the only bibs to buy

with our first kid we had so many cutesy bibs. most of the time the bottle would soak through them, which inevitably stained the clothing. with the second kid I decided to get a pack of these to supplement. they have been so good I went back, ordered two more packs, and am ditching the other bibs which are worthless.

Shari Louin, MS