Green Toys BPA-Free Feeding Spoon

Green Toys BPA-Free Feeding Spoon

BPA Free spoons by Green Toys includes 8 BPA-free Feeding Spoons. We know you care about what goes into your child’s mouth, but it is not just about the food they eat. The BPA-free feeding spoons by Green Toys Inc. are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. This ultra-safe recycled plastic has no phthalates, PVC, BPA, or external coatings. These eco-friendly spoons have soft edges and are easy to handle for beginning eaters and those that help feed them. Make meal time healthy and full of Good Green Fun. Packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks.

Main features

  • 8 feeding spoons
  • 4.25″ in length
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No BPA, phthalates, or PVC
  • Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs

Verified reviews


Good spoons but a little short

These are great spoons, but they are just a little to short to reach into a stage 2 baby food jar without getting food all over your hands. Perhaps that is not their intention, I’m not sure. Other than that, the spoons are very nice.

Coleen O Kean, AR

Shallow bowl

I had purchased for my twin, 14 month old grandchildren. My daughter really liked the deep bowls to the spoons. Since she needs more spoons than forks, I purchased these spoons since they look similar. They are similar in color, but they are not the same size. If you are looking for spoons with deep bowls, these will not work for you. If you want shallow bowls, these may be just what you are looking for.

Sally Middletown Springs, VT

Perfect little spoon

Just right for a babies hand! Good spoon for baby to play with during mealtime. It’s also my favorite spoon to use for feeding.

Lynda Derwood, MD

Perfect little spoons!

I have the munchkin spoons too, which are great, (its a spoon lol) but the issue i have is they are too long. I would drop them out of the gerber or earths best jar all the time.These spoons are perfect because the handle isnt crazy long, and it can sit in the jar of food or the food bowl without falling on the floor or flipping up and making a babyfood mess on you!

Ora Columbia, MD

Great company, great products! (this one many not be their best though)

Love that these are safe for my little one to chew on and I love that they are made here in the USA. I have read others complaints that they are a little small…yes, the handles could stand to be a little bit longer but these have worked great for us. 8 come in a pack so I feel that I got a good deal – I’d buy them again.LATER EDITI will add that I have now owned these spoons for a year and they worked perfectly fine for when I was feeding my son early foods and when he just played with and chewed on the spoons- however, they do not work well once the child begins trying to really feed themselves (the spoon was just too shallow. We own several other Green Toys products and LOVE them all with NO complaints (we use the bowls every day)..but I have to admit – this may not be their best product. I did get several months of use out of them in the very beginning but now we will probably just use them as toys.

Desiree Galeton, CO