Gro Baby Bio Soaker Pads 50-Count, White, Size 1

Gro Baby Bio Soaker Pads 50-Count, White, Size 1

Gro baby bio soaker pads are a perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go. Use when on vacation, at day care, or running errands. Super soft lining made of certified natural, 100% ingeo spun bound non-woven fabric. Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA). The core is made of biodegradable wood pulp fibers and contains 3 grams of sap get (compared to 10-20 grams in other disposables). The waterproof outer consists of a bio-film used (FECULA) and is 100% natural and waterproof. How to dispose of your biodegradable soaker pads? Compost: remove any solid matter and compost in your garden. Compostable to EU and USA composting standards. Dispose: biodegradable soaker pads are plastic-free; they will break down in a landfill in 50-150 days (disposables take up to 500 years). Flush: you can flush your soaker pads. Simply tear open your pad and empty the core contents into the toilet. Throw outer away.

Main features

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Breathable and hypo-allergenic
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Plastic free
  • Chlorine free

Verified reviews


Not quite what I expected

Honestly I am not sure what I was expecting. I needed something to use for a weekend away that was not cloth diapers. I didn’t feel like lugging around a wetbag and have to worry about spraying them and all that. So I bought some of these. I needed something that would work for a 2 month old and my 2 year old, and the fact that this wasn’t sized like another option I looked at was appealing. And they do ‘work’ for my 2 month old and 2 year old. It’s just a little awkward to use them. It’s like a disposable without the velcro tabs around the sides. That’s it. And you lay it in a cloth diaper cover and throw it away when you are done. It also has a very plasticy outer layer that is waterproof-so the diaper cover is just there to hold this insert there. I don’t know, it’s just a strange product for me.It does contain the pee, it holds in feces rather well too. I like that it has *mostly* natural ingredients unlike a lot of other disposables-so for that reason alone I would probably buy them again, but maybe get the actual diapers and skip this whole insert/diaper cover thing.

Katheryn Steeles Tavern, VA

Great liners

I absolutely love these disposable inserts! I have used g-diaper inserts and they were a challenge to keep in place and often leaked. These absorb a lot of urine and the gussets at the legs prevent leaks. Additionally, the adhesive on the top and bottom keep the diaper in place in the shell (no more shifting).A great addition for convenience is to add the flushable liners which allows you to flush everything down the toilet. Our diaper pail has never smelled fresher!!

Aline Roaring Spring, PA

Overpriced and sticky

Now that my son moves a lot, the insert moves too and the adhesives end up sticking to his skin and irritating it. He’s also had diaper rash which he doesn’t get with Seventh Generation disposables.

Melinda Wheatland, IA

Same size as a disposable diaper

We got these thinking we could use them + our covers while on a long plane trip. They stuck horribly to the covers, and in the end we had as much to throw away as we would have if we’d just used disposables. Not worth it: we will just get cheap compostable disposables next time we travel.

Kathleen Wheeling, IL

Good but pricey

This product is pretty good and holds liquid well. It’s too short however for being the larger of its size, if u need coverage in the front for boys, then u have to sacrifice the back end getting barely any coverage. It contours well, however the elastic sometimes strips away on my baby’s skin. Also the sticky backing isn’t too sticky but it wrks to hold the liner in place just enough, but easy to tear off leaving the sticky part behind if u don’t pull it off slowly (just the front and back has 2 sticky squares, not the entire thing). All in all it gets the job done. I like the leg contour which keeps things in and better protects ur baby from wet clothes through the leg area. It just needs more length and better elastic material. For those who don’t now, this item is shaped like a diaper which is great. Funny enough A mid aged woman saw them and inquired of the item for herself. She liked the contour and protection of the sides. It’s way too costly however for being cheaply made and with limited length as the larger size. Thumbs down for that. The price for 50 ct should not run over $15 on amazon at the most. They were about as pricey as real diapers on amazon. Check this Groovia item out on utube to determine if for u.

Mellisa Asbury, WV

You have to try them for yourself!

These really work for our baby-no leaks and last straight through most nights. Can hold a lot of urine.

Fern Rota, MP

Some leaks

We love our Grovia cloth diapering system and are big fans of Grovia products in general. We used these on a recent vacation rather than investing in disposables, and while they do send less to the landfill, we did get some leaks. If you aren’t in a position to launder your diaper covers, these may not be the best solution for traveling.

Terra Peridot, AZ