Gro-Egg Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer, White

Gro-Egg Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer, White

126 Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer The Grobag egg color changing digital room thermometer is another clever innovation from the people who brought you Grobag Baby sleeping bags. Room temperature is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment .

Main features

  • Simple to use room thermometer that changes color
  • Digital room thermometer with permanent “back-lit” LCD readout
  • Provides a soft “nighlight” glow
  • Power adaptor included
  • Instructions and safe sleep guide enclosed

Verified reviews


Cool but not much useful

This is a cool thermometer, looks good, novel ideal. However, I found it was not very sensitive to temp. changes in the room. It depends on where you place the egg. It doesn’t always reflect the true room temperature.

Brooke Saint Ann, MO

Great for baby’s room

Very happy to find this product gets plugged in, instead of using batteries. Love that the color changes to indicate when it’s too warm or too cold. We have a hard time regulating the temperature in the bedrooms of our house, so I’ve been worried about the baby’s room. This has been really helpful to give me peace of mind! It also works as a nightlight…not overly bright.

Petra Richwood, NJ

Fun concept

I LOVE this, even though I wonder if the temperature reading is correct. It has a tendency to read 2-3 degrees higher than our thermostat for the house, which is about 15 ft away (and is closer to the heater). But I do feel that its ballpark temperature is accurate, even if it’s not precise. I enjoy the colors and the smiley face when it is yellow. 🙂

Priscilla New Castle, CO

useless….save your money and buy something CHEAPER

what a waste of money. It shows several degrees higher, not accurate. waste of money. i bought something with a humidity reader included and it was half the price. plus this thing has to be plugged in and doesn’t run on battery power? NO THANKS!

Brandi Inlet, NY

Not accurate

My daughter bought this for our grandchild, though she has stopped paying attention to it. As other reviews note, although this makes an attractive addition to a child’s room and is visually appealing, it is not particularly accurate, though that is true of many room thermometers. You can confirm this by placing it next to the thermostat for your heating system and seeing that the temperatures differ by several degrees. This also does not respond quickly to changes in room temperature. As a practical matter this means that if the temperature on this unit reads 65 degrees, for example, the actual room temperature could be anywhere from 61 to 69 degrees. However, that may be sufficient for your purposes.Keep in mind that regardless of what your heating thermostat registers, room temperatures can vary (e.g. one room is draftier than another, so the temperature is cooler in that room). Therefore you cannot test the accuracy of this unit by placing it in a different location from your heating thermostat. Likewise, even if it is warm in your living room, your child’s room could be cooler.There are more accurate room thermometers (see, for example the Chaney AcuRite, which is sold on Amazon and costs less than half of what this product costs), but they will not add to the decor of a child’s room, can be difficult to read in the dark (like the Chaney AcuRite), and cannot be read from a distance with a quick glance like you can with this product.Bottom line: This looks nice and will give you a “ball park” idea of the room temperature, which may be all that you need. For greater accuracy buy something else.

Elma Gipsy, PA

We have come to depend on this

I have to disagree with some previous posters in that I’ve found this to be very accurate within a degree or two. It’s been amazing to witness how vastly the temperature in the baby’s room will impact how he sleeps. Without fail and just as the product suggests, he sleeps best when it’s between 62 and 67 degrees. We get up past 72 and he’s just tossing and turning.The color indicator and large display make it easy to peek in the room just to check on temp without waking the baby.This is going to be one of my go-to purchases for baby showers from now on.

Sharon Hernando, MS

Cool idea and look but not very accurate

I like telling what temperature it is in the room and this seemed like a cool thermometer but it too long to adjust and I did not find it very accurate either. Also, I would much rather prefer if it were battery operated to I can put it anywhere I want without having to plug it in.

Mae Putnam, IL


Great idea for new parents PLUS I love the lights because I can see it in the dark. Great product! Worth the money!!

Deann La Crescenta, CA

Cute little egg plus nice nitelight

The gro egg was a spontaneous purchase – so it was sort of gamble on our end to get it. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks adjusting to a cooler temperature in our apartment! I actually really like it – you know if the temp is right by the color of the egg and it makes a nice nightlight too. Also, we weren’t aware that the room temp needs to be at a much lower temperature for baby – so it’s nice a visual cue to make sure baby’s room (and really our apt) is on target. We have another digital thermometer in another room close by and the temps are in sync. I would give this egg 5 stars if they had the time on their too. With that said, I’d recommend this product to others.

Renee Sedgwick, CO


I found that it always showed that it was too hot in the room when it felt perfectly comfortable. I don’t think it was very accurate and was almost always showing a higher temp than it actually was.

Dana Fort Gratiot, MI

Wish I had this sooner!

My daughter sleeps best when her room is 70, which doesn’t fall into their recommendations for perfect temp, but it really helps to keep us keep her room a consistent temp and also know how to dress her at night and decide if we need a thicker sleep sac.

Carlene Windom, TX

It’s just ok

It didn’t occur to me that this unit only comes with a wall plug in option until I received the package. I think it would have been nice to also run off of batteries, or rechargable batteries.According to the instructions, my room is always a little too warm for the baby, but according to the thermostat it is much cooler and we have the A/C running constantly during the spring/summer/fall months. I have even tested it in different areas of the room and never get a temperature that is "optimal" for the baby.It is a neat concept and I thought it would be a nice night light for the room, but since I have to have it near a plug it is inconvenient for me and also not quite bright enough as a night light.

Dianna Secaucus, NJ

Nice night light

I didn’t really need this but It was cute and I liked that it doubled as a night light. It is a perfect glow for night..not too bright or too dim. Works great, I like that it changes colors to let you know the temp. The only thing I wish it did more was tell time! Oh well…

Diane Regan, ND

bad product

this termomether is consistently inaccurate. it overstates the temperature and takes a long time to adjust when there is a change in temperature. before realizing I should not trust it, I kept my baby’s room way too cold. I now use it only as a night light. Save your money and don’t risk giving your baby pneumonia.

Angelita Union, IA