Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag 1.0 Tog, Peek A Zoo, 0-6 Months

Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag 1.0 Tog, Peek A Zoo, 0-6 Months

From The Manufacturer: Parents swear by Grobags as an alternative to fussing with blankets and sheets, and their sound-asleep babies agree. Keep your little one cozy and snoozing safely with our selection of whimsically printed sleeping bags, along with other naptime essentials. Grobag is crafted of high quality, premium fabrics with innovative features. Gro has changed the way parents put their babies to bed.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • With the gang in tow, your little one will sleep easy in the knowledge that smiley happy zoo friends are only a wink away
  • 1.0 tog is 100% cotton throughout, 100% cotton outer and 100% super-soft cotton jersey inner
  • 0-6 month size has shoulder and underarm snaps plus a side/bottom zip with zip-click and can be opened flat for easy nighttime diaper changes
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low, includes user guide and safe sleep information
  • Choosing a tog, 1.0 tog is perfect for summer and daytime naps (warmer weather and in rooms of 68F – 73F and 21C – 23C )

Verified reviews


My baby can’t get it unzipped! Horray!

I was hesitant to get this sleep sack, because another reviewer complained about the nubby material being against baby’s face on the warmer version. Um, I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that lady is a bit overprotective if she thinks that the nubbys on this sleep sack will cause some kind of damage. With that said, I thought the 2.0 version was worth a try (I’ll get to the 1.0 version in a sec, turbo)… since she has successfully learned how to unzip and get out of every other sleep sack we have put her in. This brand is the exception. And I waited about 6 months before reviewing these items, lest she get crafty after wearing them for a while. I’m happy to report she still cannot get these unzipped. The 2.0 is so great for cooler nights, and I love it so much, I bought two more from this company (one being this one I’m reviewing here for warmer nights – the 1.0 “tog”- whatever that means in British-speak or Aussie-speak or wherever cool-accent place these are from). My only complaint is that you really need two of each because they get dirty quickly since they are white (one for the hamper/washer/dryer and one to wear). We are very clean people, so this bothers me as someone who gets grossed out easily by clothes funk. And they are a bit pricey, so that also bothers me as someone who gets annoyed with spending money three times on something I really need, instead of on something I don’t need, like ice cream. Be that as it may, I absolutely love these sleep sacks and highly recommend them to anyone.In summary:Pros:- baby can’t unzip this one (and only this one)- baby can’t get out of crib on her own because sleep sack prevents climbing- baby can sleep comfortably and stylishly, lest papparazzi be hiding in her closet (it’s cute, what can i say)?- the sack will not be outgrown by her until she’s like 4 (they are super long, but i guess that’s a good thing because I’ll get my money’s worth)Cons:- expensive- white (aka dirt magnet)- sometimes I have to admit, I have a hard time getting the zipper engaged because of the “face protecting zipper fabric guard apparatus” at the top. When the baby is wiggling, and the lights are low, and I’m over 40 (which is every time), this can be a challenge. Add a few kicks to the stomach by said baby and you got a real undertaking on your hands.UPDATE: My daughter is now 2 and still fits into these gro-bags. She CAN get them unzipped only if we leave the zipper pull pointed up. She still hasn’t figured out how to unsnap them. And she’s wicked smart.

Marquita Buckingham, PA

Too thin

Expected so much out of this and nothing on the end; as it usually goes in life.Pros:very nice fabric. True cottonvery long so it would last 18 months for realcute patternszipper hiddenCons:too thin; like 0.5 tog; cannot be used with just cotton pajamas; not product for spring/summer transition, more like just summer and hot summerthis is big one-neck opening is way to small. So you cannot have any heavier clothing under. Basically have to use in hot weather or heat up room. You spend 40$ on a sleep bag and you get all these limitations.I returned the product.

Kirsten Armona, CA

wonderful baby sleeping bag

We’ve used Grobags for several years now with multiple children and have been very happy. They are high quality and durable. The side-zip versions, like this one, are very easy to get a sleeping baby into without waking them since you can lay the sleep bag out unzipped in a crib. The Gro Company also simplifies the task of deciding how to dress baby at different temperatures by recommending sleeping attire to wear under a Grobag (e.g., short-sleeved onesie, long-sleeved pajama top) for different room temperatures and providing a basic thermometer with each Grobag.

Tamika Bishop, TX

Nice summer weight baby sleep sack

I was very hesitant to purchase this Grobag after reading some of the reviews, but after two weeks I’m happy and would purchase another. My son outgrew his XL Halo Sleep Sack and the early walker Halo sacks only come in fleece or a mesh like material. I wasn’t happy with either of those choices so I started looking for a new brand. I debated between this sack and the Sleep Nest sack, but decided on this one after other reviewers complained the sleep nest sack’s zipper scratched their kids.The 1.0 tog Grobag sleep sack has two layers – the outer layer with the design is indeed a little like a low thread count sheet as some of the other reviewers noted. But, the inner layer is a nice soft material and that is what is against your baby’s skin. The sack also softened up after a washing. We have the 18-36 month size and it is plenty big for my son who wears size 2T, no worries about outgrowing it anytime soon. The zipper has a chin protector which I appreciate for my son, but it really makes it a pain to zip up. We have learned you have to completely reverse the zipper protector flap, then zip up the sack and pull it back into place over the zipper. A nice feature, is that the zipper is covered by a small flap that snaps closed at the bottom of the sack so curious hands are less likely to unzip the sack.The 1.0 tog is a nice weight for spring and summer. We put my son in long sleeves and pants when it’s a little cool and when it’s hot we take him down to a t-shirt and shorts.All in all, a nice cotton sleep sack for the summer. I took off a star for the zipper protector flap making it so difficult to zip up and the outer layer of the sack not being as soft as the inner layer.**Update 8/1/12**After 4 months I’m still really happy with this sleep sack and will purchase the 2.5 tog for the winter. The sack has continued to soften after washes over the last months. To my surprise, the white has kept a nice clean color despite the fact that it’s being used nightly by a now 18 month old toddler. The zipper flap under the chin is still a nightly struggle (an extra 10-15 seconds), but we’re used to it and my son has never shown any irritation or scratching on his chin or neck from the zipper.

Susan Uniopolis, OH


Good for warm afternoon naps even on a spring day. I like that it has the zipper on the side because my son likes to self soothe by sucking on the fabric and I don’t have to worry about the zipper cutting his gums!

Clarissa Merrill, MI

Beautiful but not durable

I bought this Grobag like 1 year ago. I have been using it pretty much, and having it washed 2-3 times a week in the washing machine. May be it is supposed not to last that long, but it has 2 big holes in it. It has a beautiful design and the cloth is very soft inside.

Marlene Brodheadsville, PA

Big fan of Grobags!

I’m a big fan of Grobags and they are hard to find in the US. Amazon seems to have the best price aside from when they occasionally pop up on some of the baby deal websites. They do run long, but I like that since I keep all of my kids in sleep sacks until they move out of cribs and into beds. Grobags are much higher quality than other sleep sacks and I really love how they are not treated with flame resistant chemicals, like most other sleep sacks. For infants, I prefer the style with the shoulder snaps, but find that once a baby can pull up to stand, the front zip style is better since the shoulder snaps tend to pop open easily when the baby tries to stand up. The zipper has a great cover over it to keep little hands from unzipping the sleep sack and the zipper is high quality and holds up well. I’ve seen some reviews complaining that the outer fabric is stiff on this Grobag, but I actually prefer this material, because it doesn’t pill like the softer/jersey material does on other Grobags. The inside fabric (the one the touches the baby) is a soft jersey material on all Grobags and this one is no different. Great product and wish that they were easier to find here in the US!

Estela Neosho Rapids, KS

Great product!

I simply love this bag! we use it for a very long time and after many many washes, it looks the same. Very durable. Soft and comfortable for the baby. Strongly recommend!

Bianca Carlinville, IL

We love it — excellent quality, great design

Our boy is now one year old and has been using thisGrobag Baby Sleeping Bag 1.0 Tog, Peek A Zoo, 18-36 Monthsfor two months. He started using sleep sacks at about six months, and one of the reasons we like them in general is because they give him an obstacle in his efforts to climb all around the crib, and we don’t want him to be able to move around so well that he might hurt himself. He also has eczema, and the bag is an effective barrier against scratching.We bought a bag that was bigger than his age because he is a big boy, at 98th percentile on height. The bag did seem large at the start, but now two months later, when he has started wearing 2-year-old clothes, it is a comfortable size for him. He still has room to grow quite a bit, which is good.I understand that some people may prefer a previous version of the Grobag, and are saying this is no longer like they used to be. Since we were not familiar with earlier versions of this product, I can only judge this bag on its own merits, and we are very, very happy with it.We first tried another brand (Halo), which worked great, but my wife didn’t like the artificial fibers or flame-retardant chemicals, especially after our boy developed eczema. After some research, we decided on two different bags — this one for warmer weather, and a 2.5 togBaby Deedeebag when it’s a bit cooler. The quality is very good, and the zipper has had no problems.The animals on the “Peek a Zoo” design are cute and our boy actually looks at and talks to them. We have had negative experience with the Baby Deedee’s snap-closed shoulders, so we are happy that the Grobag opens only with a zipper down the front, and not with snaps. Although the holes for the arms are a little bit of a tight fit, with the Baby Deedee we have sometimes found that when he is upset and moving around, and above all when he stands up in his crib, one or both of the snaps pops open. With the bag half hanging off him, he has real trouble getting to sleep, not to mention that it could be dangerous. Grobag doesn’t have this problem.The bag really isn’t thick and isn’t a great choice when you need something warm, but that’s fine with us since that’s not the purpose we are using it for. It’s great for children who tend to get hot, like our son. He often sleeps in a long-sleeve onesie, some light pants and maybe socks, plus the Grobag on top. He seems very comfortable with this arrangement in a 68 degree (20 C) room. When temperatures build in summer, with the A/C on, we think it will still be good, but with fewer clothes under the bag.Warmly recommended for anyone looking for a sleep sack in place of a light blanket. It seems like a very safe, long-term solution to help an active baby/toddler sleep.

Brittney Ralph, MI