Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer

Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer

Grobag Gro-Egg Digital Room Thermometer

Main features

  • Simple to use room thermometer that changes color
  • Digital room thermometer with permanent ‘back-lit’ LCD readout
  • Provides a soft ‘nightlight’ glow
  • Power adaptor included
  • Instructions and safe sleep guide enclosed

Verified reviews


Only reads ONE temperature, 77 degrees!

I bought this room thermometer despite all the bad reviews b/c I figured you can’t believe everything you hear or read. In this case…you can! It only reads ONE temperature which is 77 degrees!! Doesn’t move from that. I get frustrated and put it away and pull it out again like a month later and try again, but get the same reading, 77 degrees when I know it’s a good 50 degrees outside & our air unit was off. I don’t think it works right. Oh, well 🙁

Selma Superior, WY

Looks good, but that’s it

Originally I loved the idea of being able to see at a glance whether the room was the correct temperature, and overall the look is very pleasing. But these are my issues with it:- Like other reviewers have mentioned, I do not think it is accurate. We also have a baby monitor that shows the temperature on the parent handsets, and they are rarely the same. I think the baby monitor shows the true temperature as it matches the aircon unit display.- I only have one shelf surface suitable for this thermometer, so it is placed about 1 ft from a lamp. If the lamp is on, this affects the thermometer. Not very useful.- Because of its basic design, you cannot program the temperature boundaries, which would be a nice feature. Personally I like the nursery to be around 69/70 degrees but according to this thermometer, that is too hot.- The thermometer doesn’t seem to register some numbers. Like 68 degrees, for example. So it flips between 67 and 69, which happens to be over a color change point. So the egg has a mini disco light display for a while, fighting an internal battle to show 68. To be honest I’m not sure that it bothers my baby (who is 3m) but I find it VERY irritating when I am doing night feeds.So its a shame really. I haven’t returned it only because the baby monitor I have doesn’t show the temperature on the nursery unit, only on the handsets. So this is better than nothing. For now.

Christi Bennington, OK

This is the best purchase we’ve made for our baby yet!

I’ve realized, after receiving this product and trying it out in our living room for a few weeks, it’s hotter in my home than I thought. This is really going to help my sleeping infant, due in November, to sleep better since I will know exactly how warm/cold her room is and can adjust accordingly. I don’t know how mom’s accurately tell the temperature in their children’s rooms without this amazing product. And the “night light” feature is a warm, soft glow that adds just enough light but not so much it keeps baby awake. Great product!!!

Elaine Mound City, KS

Good for peace of mind

When my little girl was first born, I was so worried about everything, including the temp in the room. It felt too cold to me so this little thermometer saved us, (my husband kept insisting that it was the ideal temp in the house for a sleeping baby and I kept insisting it was too cold). The egg was accurate and proved my husband right…sigh… :o) If you don’t get this one, I would get some sort of thermometer. This one is nice because it gives off a subtle glow and is an attractive addition to the room.

Caryn Bakewell, TN

Always shows hotter than it really is

I ordered three of these and one didn’t work. Customer service with this vendor was terrible and they would not reimberse me or even send me a shipping label so that I could send it back – Amazon finally had to refund my money.For the two that worked, it ALWAYS shows red or orange – we have one in the basement and the bedroom, but it always shows hotter than it is. It is an OK big picture indication of the room, but not specific enough to be worth the cost.

Erica Rensselaer Falls, NY

works well for me

I bought this inspite of some of the lower reviews to try it myself. Now lets think people just because your thermostat is set at lets say 70 its not going to be 70 all around your house. You have to take into account lamp/lights, windows (drafts), floor or ceiling air/heat ducts, the size of the room, etc. I have been putting it in different parts of my house for the last week, next to a heater, window, in the basement, in the living room, bathroom, etc. Not sure how actually accurate it is on the temp number, but it plays pretty accurate for the places I put it. In the bathroom that is small and always warm it read warmer than in the large living room with large drafty windows. I put it above the heater vent and it read in the red frowny face color. I was hoping in the basement it would read blue cold since we dont have the heater going down there but it went to like 62-63. Their color classication system is a bit bizarre to me becuase i think what they have as happy face yellow to me would be too cold. If you read the directions they explain how the perfect temp (not too hot) it decreases the risk of SIDS and tells you what to have your child in as in clothing when in bed…their grobag (not sure its their brand) and a long sleeve sleeper or a onsie with short sleeves and how to adjust to fit your baby. So for me its been working quite well. After Ive had for a few months with my baby Ill post an update. Hope this helps.

Tania Eastman, GA

Save your money

I was pretty excited about this product but quickly disappointed once I plugged it in. It was in the 60’s the day I received it but it read 73 degrees. I wasn’t so concerned with that (although a little surprised) but what really got me was that it stayed 73 degrees from about 3pm to 8:30 pm and it was sitting next to an open sliding door. I am almost positive it was never 73 degrees and I know for sure that it didn’t stay the same exacty temperature for 5 hours. That being said, I didn’t trust it, and if I don’t trust it then what good does it do? Another suggestion I heard was to just buy a $10 thermometer from your local hardware store which is probably what I will do.

Carmella Wakefield, VA

The egg works for me..

We have very drafty bedrooms, and an inefficient floor furnace in an old house, so I was very worried about the baby being too cold. We got this because it was cute (I’m a sucker for creative packaging..) and seemed to be easy as far as the color-coded system. After plugging it in, I found that you have to wait at least 10 minutes to get an accurate reading. I’m guessing it just has to acclimate to the room. We plugged it in in the afternoon, got a warm reading, which made sense. Then checked it first thing in the A.M. 7:00 ish, and it was in the “yellow” perfect zone. Yay, happy. Although to me, it seemed like 62 degrees would be a little cold. That’s the good zone according to the egg. I’ll check with my pediatrician, of course.Not sure what’s up with all of the other reviews, but I’m guessing that they didn’t give the egg time to adjust to the room.

Celeste Yoder, WY

Ended the debate

My husband and I were constantly debating how hot or cool the nursery was. This ended it all, and it’s super cute too. It’s actually bigger than we were expecting, and the shape is an actual egg, slightly different from the picture shown. But it’s great, and matches the little glowing critter night lights we have from Ikea. We know right away if we should turn on a fan or crack a window. This would be a great shower gift. We’ll definitely buy from this manufacturer in the future.

Jesse Waterville, NY

Works great for us

I live overseas in a house with no central air and no thermostat. My son was born in the summer and I felt our room was too hot to have our new baby sleep in there, nevermind having to be swaddled and be in there. My husband insisted it was fine. At the time, this was the only practical item I could find that would mail to an FPO address, so despite some of the reviews, I bought it. It said our room was 80 degrees, which did not surprise me at all. In the office/extra room, a new room air conditioning unit had been installed, which told you the temperature of the room. I tried several different times with different temperatures and the egg was always within a few degrees (it was hard to be exact because the wall unit was in Celsius). Having this information, we were able to get the unit in our room fixed.Now that he is in his own room (without a wall unit) and it’s winter, it’s very helpful to see how cold the room is getting and how hot the radiator or space heater is getting.I don’t necessarily agree with what they say an ideal temperature is, but that doesn’t really matter. I can see the temperature and make my own opinion. I do agree if it’s red, it’s too hot and if it’s blue, it’s too cold. I just saw that another brand has developed a thermometer that comes with a monitor. That would be extremely helpful- so I don’t get worried in the middle of the night and sneak in his room to look at the temperature in there.As for accuracy and working the way described…I’m sorry it has not worked for some people, but it has worked great and has been a tremendous help to us.

Melva Fredericksburg, OH

Just Bought But Love it Already

It is like a mini night light and I like seeing the temp from bed. We have wacky radiators and since I am about to have a baby I thought this would be very handy. I think it will be great. Not sure about accuracy.

Sharron Chalmette, LA

Very useful

We bought two of these since our two babies sleep in two different rooms. Before we were never sure if the temperature was right. When I would be awakened by a crying baby it always seemed to me that the temperature in the room would be too hot. Than after nursing it seemed too cold. I needed some objective way to tell if the temperature was right in the dark room. Now the eggs tell me instantly if I need to raise or lower the temperature. The glow is soft and does not interfere with sleeping, it is a tad hard to see the numbers on display from a distance, but the color of the egg indicates the correct range. We do not have AC, so adjusting the temperature is often a fine art 🙂 The price of this product is rather high, but I am glad that we got it.

Cathy Dorchester, IA