GroVia BioLiners Unscented Diaper Liners, 200 Count

GroVia BioLiners Unscented Diaper Liners, 200 Count

GroVia Bioliners Diaper Liners GroVia Bioliners Diaper Liners are made from renewable ingeo fibers and free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives. They easily allow moisture to pass through, while keeping your baby’s skin dry for a long time. You can simply remove these liners and flush without the need to clean the mess. 200 liners. Features Unscented liners Fragrance- and dye-free Flushable and breathable Chlorine-free Made from 100% natural and renewable fibers Free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives

Main features

  • 200 unscented 100% natural Liners
  • Made from ingeo fibers, a renewable fiber free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Flushable and breathable

Verified reviews


Works best

I like this liner because they don’t retain moisture when wet and all moisture pass through directly to the cloth diaper insert. This way my baby’s bum remains dry and diaper rashes are not created. They are also larger than other liners I have used which is great because it cover entire cloth diaper area so well that I hardly get poop on the diaper. I like this because I don’t have to hand wash the diaper to remove it. Last but not the least, the Amazon price on this liner is great compared to other liners available in the market. Overall, I give this liner a 5 star rating.

Myrna Glenrock, WY

My favorite liners

I’ve tried a couple different brands of flushable liners, and always come back to Grovia because they’re honestly the very best! The size is perfect, so they don’t slide around in the diaper or get bunched up. They’re long enough to cover the whole back end of the diaper and wide enough to catch the, uh, gifts your babe will bestow upon you. My only complaint is that they’re so popular they’re not always in stock!

Ellen Alexandria, SD

Best liners I’ve found

These are the best diaper liners I’ve found. They are a little stiffer than some of the other liners out there, but they aren’t rough and the stiffness helps the liners not bunch up in the diaper. I’ve tried other liners recently (when I ran out on vacation and during a short period of time when I couldn’t find these liners online anywhere), and they weren’t nearly as good. The bummis liners are very soft – so soft that they bunch up in the diaper. I do like that the bummis roll does not include an actual cardboard roll in the middle, so it is more compact and less wasteful. The gdiapers liners were awful; at every change, my son’s bottom had pieces of liner “lint” stuck on him. Bottom line: get the Grovia liners.

Goldie North Lewisburg, OH

Great quality product, but some cautions

Pros:Incredibly useful and makes cleanup so much easier, so exactly what you’re paying for.Fit well (you do have to fold up at the sides, but really that just holds the poo in better) and don’t move around.Also they’re the cheapest liners I’ve found, since it’s a 200 pack. Most liners at this price come in 100-packs.Cons:Definitely give my son a rash if I reuse. I much preferred to reuse them, and I did for a while, but I can’t anymore. They’re not marketed to be reusable, so in a way it’s not fair to say that, but I’m still including that info because so many parents shop for liners intending to reuse them.I didn’t realize until after I’d bought them that the price adds up to 6 cents per liner. That’s the best price I’ve found on a liner, but think about it … a Luvs diaper is about a quarter. So you’re paying a reasonable chunk of what you’d pay for disposables. This won’t bother everyone, but the biggest reason I cloth diaper is to save money, so once I realized that I decided to finish off this roll and not buy anymore.Gave the product five stars because I don’t know if my ‘cons’ are really fair. They’re not advertised to reuse and I don’t think 6 cents per liner is outrageous or anything. Still I included the cons because I thought they were factors parents should take into account.

Glenna Philo, IL

Does the job and priced cheaper than other brands

Grovia bioliners do the job they’re intended to do. I like the size of these bioliners. I’ve read other reviews elsewhere that complained about how large these liners are. Based on my experience of using 200 of these, I can’t imagine having them any smaller. For us, they have done a good job of collecting poop. We rarely have poop that makes its way onto the diaper. We lay them flat in an open diaper, fasten the diaper, and tuck the small bit of excess bioliner into the leg gussets. These liners, compared to others, are also a good bang for the buck. I have not tried other brands of bioliners, but have been satisfied with these and have no complaints. I plan on sticking with Grovia bioliners because they do their job and are a good price.

Tamera Greens Farms, CT

I can cloth diaper now

The thought of cloth diapering grossed me out until I found out these existed. A liner that catches the poop sounded like the greatest invention ever. I decided to give it a try and these have caught the waste, for the most part. There is usually a little bit left on the diaper, but the bulk is always in this liner. I have found that I can wash these a few times ( if only peed in) before they need to be thrown out so it saves even more money! You just can’t put them in the dryer or they will shrivel up. I think this is a great product and has made cloth diapering a reality in my home.

Concetta Glenwood, MD

I like Bummies better

I like that these are slightly bigger than the Bummies but they are so rough. I would use them again if I needed to.

Sierra Centerport, NY


These liners are really soft for baby’s bottom but they are really thin. They sometimes start to breakdown in diaper if my LO pees a lot before I change him. ( I change about every 2 he’s or when I know he is wet). Also sometimes the poo still gets on insert because liner is so thin. For the price its OK but I think I’ll be going back to imse vimse.

Kathi Sully, IA

Great Liners

We use these liners with almost every diaper change. They are large enough that they cover the whole diaper and they don’t shift around. I also tried bummis but preferred GroVia as they are larger. They also seem to wick moisture away from the baby so I think the little bit of diaper rash that my 10 month old had has disappeared with these liners. I’ve also had no problems flushing them. Highly recommend!Edit 6/14: Several months after I stopped using the liners, I had a plumbing problem in the main line from my house. I live in a home built in the 1950s and the clog in the line was pretty bad- it took several hours and a team of plumbers to clear the line. I asked him what it could have been from and they said they found lots of “paper towels” in the line. I don’t flush paper towels so I’m thinking it might have been the bioliners. I’d definitely use caution flushing these if you have an older home. Still really like them- but you might want to throw out as many as possible in the trash.

Effie Altamahaw, NC

Not so great

I bought these trying to find a liner I really like. These are way to long and wide. I’ve tried folding them over but they just make the diapers leak. I’ve had to do what other reviewers have done and cut the liners down, which has decreased the leaking but makes life a tad bit harder. Not a deal breaker but a pain still. They do let the moisture through and keep my son dry. They also do not stick to his “bits” like some other liners have done. If these liners were about 2 inches narrower I’d definitely rate them 4 stars, just not great for smaller babies.

Earnestine North Metro, GA

Perfect for cloth diapers

These make changing poops a breeze. Life right out easily. They do stick out of the diapers a bit but I’ve never had an issues with that contributing to leaking at all.

Chris Conway, NC

great liners! will buy over and over again

liners are perfect for both young and older children. we worried they would be too tough and rough on our young sons bottom but they are not and they hold up to our 2 1/2 year olds "movements"

Libby Booneville, KY

Got here quickly!

Exactly as described and got here in 1 to 2 days! Functions exactly as needed to keep solid waste together so I can just toss in the toilet!

Barbra Jamestown, VA

Best liners

These are my go to liners! i love them!!! I have tried a few other brands when these were difficult to find. I still come back looking for GroVia’s! These really are able to be used more than once. I give them a quick hand wash in Rockin Green and lay them flat to dry. They don’t roll up or break apart in the wash, but do shrink. I just pile them up flat when wet, and they dry fine. No rashes on my super sensitive kids either. The over all size is big for my 3 month old, but we breastfeed so its not an issue right now for us. With my toddler, these were the best! You can always fold them and they don’t divert pee or poo where they don’t stay in the diaper. I highly recommend these liners.

Hannah Clarkson, NE

Great Liners

These are the first liners I’ve ever bought and i think they are great especially since they stay dry even when the diaper is soaked.

Margie Bruce, MS