GroVia Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad 2 Pack

GroVia Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad 2 Pack

GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads are designed to be super absorbent yet trim. Your GroVia Pads will mean smaller loads of laundry that use less water and detergent. Their layer of waterproof backing, true leg gussests and 5 layers of certified organic cotton, wash well and dry quickly.

Main features

  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby
  • Less diaper rash
  • No dioxins

Verified reviews


Absorbant but prone to mildew, not ideal for newborns

Compared to fleece (Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius), these soakers absorb more and are less prone to leak (just make sure you prep them before using as directed). However, they take a lot longer to dry. The soaker pads are easy to put on the cover and reduce the amount of material to wash due to their trim size. They are soft when you dry them in the machine but stiff if hung to dry. To save energy costs, I usually hang them until they are almost all dry and finish them up in the dryer to soften them up. You need to inspect them before drying them to prevent stains from setting in. Since they are cotton, you can actually feel when they are wet (as opposed to fleece). On the other hand, having the moisture right next to the skin may lead to (or make worse) a diaper rash, so I would suggest getting some fleece liners as a moisture barrier, especially at night.I would hesitate before using it with newborns. The soakers stick out about an inch when the shell is snapped down to its smallest setting, which is not good for newborns who still have their umbilical cord stumps. I emailed the company, and they told me to fold the soaker down. Considering that the soaker would be almost an inch thick when folded, I decided to just let it stick up to avoid making baby uncomfortable. Also, I don’t understand why there are two separated layers to this thing, a curvy pad and a straighter booster pad. Why don’t they just sew it together all the whole way around instead of just at the ends? It just seems awkward and makes it harder to spray poop off it. I usually make sure to straighten it out as I put it on baby so she doesn’t get too uncomfortable.UPDATE – Nearing 12 months, the soakers started having problems with mold/mildew. A couple of times I waited three days before washing and noticed orange spots appearing, and I’ve had to soak them for hours in oxyclean to get the mold/mildew out because the sun doesn’t get them out very well. Afterwards, I had to do many extra cycles to wash it all out, which ended up making some holes in the cotton. Now I have to make sure I wash them as soon as possible. These loads tend to be small as she only uses about 4 each day, so it feels quite inefficient. And I don’t want to wash them by hand. Not sure if it’s very eco-friendly at this point.

Nicole Boyce, LA

Highly absorbent, easy to use, and hugs your babe!

What sets these soakers apart from most of the other shell / soaker systems we have tried is that these not only snap in place, but have ELASTIC around the legs to help hug the liner to your babe. Even if the shell is a bit gappy (which we have not encountered), the liner will also fit snugly against baby’s bottom to help contain blow-outs, keeping your shell cleaner through more uses. These soakers are sooo soft and they really do absorb a ridiculous amount of liquid. We have used BumGenius, Thirsties, gDiapers, Kushies, and GroBaby and the GroBaby takes the cake for shell / soaker systems. I love these things!

Elisabeth Alvadore, OR


I did NOT like this product. I TRIED to, don’t get me wrong. Its NOT for everybody. I bought these, and prepped them, and EVERY SINGLE TIME my baby wore them he LEAKED through it! It says 8 pounds on, but I read somewhere you should wait til they are around 12. At 13 pounds (and chunky) my baby wore this for the first time. Even at 15 pounds he leaked through the legs. He’s no skinny baby, he was 15 pounds at his 2 month checkup. He’s not even a heavy wetter. He can wear a pocket all night long with no problems but as soon as he pees in this he leaks right out of it. Plus the insert is fit weird because its thinner in the front than it is in the back. Doesn’t even make sense if you have a boy.

Germaine Adams, OR

Excellent when used correctly.

Excellent when used correctly. Holds a lot of liquids, works great both day and nights. We have a 2 yr. old, so not sure yet how they work w/ older babies. We have had 1 leak because we put it on wrong, and none since then. Yes they take longer to dry, but so what, we plan accordingly. They are worth it, plus we get a lot of sun here so that helps. Both I and my husband love these!!

Linda Sagola, MI

Love these!

I love grovia! I prefer these soakers over the stay dry for my baby as they hold more on him. But I’m writing this more to address other comments and easy fix solutions to them. First off you must properly prep the soakers. If they aren’t prepped they won’t work! Secondly, they do take a long time to dry if dried by themselves. Throw a towel or two in and you will cut around thirty minutes off your dry time. Third, they do need a booster for nighttime. But honestly every diaper I’ve ever tried does on my heavy wetter. That or your putting a special cover on. It’s a fact of life when cloth diapering. Hope this helps!

Alisa Valley Stream, NY

Leaks every time

I tried and tried and keep trying (11 1/2 months now) to get these cloth pads to work, but they leak every time.Pee leaks out the front top and sides of shell after just one pee. Poo gets all over everything.I prewashed over 20 times in hot water with special cloth diaper wash, and still leaks every time.Contacted company asking for help, but no help at all. Tried to return, but cant now that I have had them so long.I know that not all cloth systems work for everyone, but really bummed I wasted so much money and time with GroVia.I have found that simple cloth prefolds work the best.

Michael New London, MN

prefer the stay dry pads

These are nice because they are organic cotton and absorbent. They do take forever to dry. I have to flip them inside out to get the inside where the seam is at the ends to dry completely. The stay dry ones still take a while to dry but not as long. These ones aren’t as soft and pliable as the stay dry ones either. In fact they are rather stiff and I worry they dig into my newborns belly. Neither hold in big breast milk poop but I just change the cover. I use a microfleece liner on top of these and it works….

Debra Pineland, FL

Not my favorite

First let me say, I bought these but I did not use them. Here’s why. I didn’t like the stiffness of the organic cotton soakers, and the thick seams at the baby’s bum where the layers of the soaker are connected to eachother. The staydry version is sewn together a bit differently and so don’t have that thick seam like these do.

Annie Niantic, CT

first impression – nice!

As some reviewers noted, even on GroVia’s website, you can experience a leak with BF poop…and I figured out how. I test drove this system using one shell and both organic cotton soakers. First poop (1st insert) hit the target. Second poop (2nd insert) was explosive and leaked just a tad. When I checked the diaper I realized that the gusset on the side that leaked wasn’t completely rolled out.. it was sort of tucked under, creating the opportunity for the poop to leak through the mesh. Overall, the quality of the soaker is awesome and this system is good. It’s received awards for good reason, it just takes some end-user practice to get the right fit/placement.

Kara Roggen, CO

Love it!

We have been CDing full time for about 2 months now, mostly using pockets, and just recently decided to try the Grovia hybrid system. I love how soft these are and how easy it is to snap them in and out of the shells. These soakers are definitely daddy and in-laws friendly! They are very absorbent and we are yet to have a leak! They do take all day to dry on the line (I usually finish them in the dryer when I come home), but that is to be expected with how absorbent they are.

Mia Soper, OK

This is my favorit diapering system

I have been cloth diapering for 10 months (daughter is 11 months) I use: gro via, flip, gdiapers, thirstiest, prefolds, blueberries, bumgenious, kissaluvs, tot bots, and fuzzibunz. I use Earth Best disposable diapers at night and I do ECing with my baby. I really like these and after using a little of everything I ended up buying more gro via inserts and covers. That being said though, they aren’t perfect.They stain pretty easily and can be a pain to clean with a diaper sprayer because of the double layers. I highly recommend using flushable liners. I use gro via brand, but haven’t tried anyother brand. Hopefully hanging them out to dry this summer will help get the stains out. They take forever to dry. My dryer is horrible. These liners susally stay in the dryer with the next couple loads of laundry so they get completely dry. They really can hold a lot though. I haven’t even tried the gro via booster pads I have. My daughter tured out to be a butt scooter instead of a crawler and there have been some incidents where she has been scooting around and the insert has shifted to the side and she has leaked. Once I found some poo on the floor while she had the diaper on yet no traces it in her diaper. I really like diaper with inserts more than all in ones or pocket. Easier to travel with (just have to put a coupe extra inserts in the diaper bag) and they are more economical. The flips are a close second. I have not tried best bottoms and gdiapers are just ok. These are more expensive than prefolds and diaper covers and they are on the spendy side for diapers with inserts but compared to disposables or all in ones or pocket diapers, they are not so bad

Marcella Rushville, NY

Great Product

I have a 4 month old very heavy wetter, use these soakers as a doubler in a pocket diaper for overnights. Works great. Nice quality. works great in Grovia Shell also, but again…..with my heavy wetter, we change the shell more often than I’d like. Made in the USA… that.

Winnie Weiser, ID

Very satisfied with these

We waited until our daughter was about 9 pounds to start using these because they just didn’t fit before. We used disposables until then, and I must say these leak so much less. Leaks tend to come from user error, such as not tucking everything in. I would say we have one poop explosion per week, and those I don’t think there is a product available that would contain the big ones. I bought the extra soaker pads but I haven’t needed them yet (she’s 5 months) even for overnights, which is usually 10 hours between changes.The only down side is they do take a while to dry. I usually just throw them in the dryer for 30 minutes or so, which is enough time for our cloth wipes to be dry, then the soakers go onto the drying rack with the shells. I try to place them on the rack so there is space between the two layers, as they dry faster that way. They usually are ready to use by the next day.

Louisa Lesterville, SD

Part of a great system; and as white as the day we bought them!

I find to review a specific GroVia product without also talking about the whole GroVia line to be difficult and not as helpful. I believe many of their products can be mixed with other brands, but for the most part we use just GroVia.Overall I’m very please with GroVia. I went with them because of the versatility they had built into their lines; we use the Hybrid Diapers. We started using cloth diapers at 3 months and are still very happy with them at 19 months. At home and for the first two diaper changes out of the house we use a shell and cloth liner with BioLiner. I only carry an extra 2 cloth diapers with us when we are out, I don’t really want to be carrying more then 3 dirty diapers around with me; after that we use BioSoakers. About 95 percent of the time the two cloth diaper changes is enough to get us home again. When we travel we also use BioSoakers, which is a nice middle ground between cloth and fully disposable. Both my husband and I are comfortable with the cloth diapers at home or out and it is very rare that we have a sitter, (I understand this is not a luxury or desire most people have). What we have found that works the best for us is to have two of each shell, (not that it really matters that they match), and we always have the next diaper prepped and ready to go on our daughter. After she is re-diapered we then worry about taking care of the dirty one. This system has also made other relatives comfortable enough to do cloth diaper changes too; some times calling us in to take care of the dirty diaper.As for the Organic Soaker Pads specifically, they are part of a great system. After more then a year of use they are holding up strong, with now problems so far. They are also just was white as the day we got them. We don’t have a dryer and there for line dry everything, but even for people with a dryer I would find some place in the sun to line dry these at least occasionally. The sun does a great job bleaching out any stains that might have still been left after the wash and they look great.– I would and have recommend GroVia and their Hybrid Diapers to anyone interested in cloth diapers.

Ashleigh West Burke, VT

PEE PEE and more PEE

This is the only diaper pad that has failed me miserably. My son’s onsie, bedding and diaper were soaked after three hours of sleep. He’s 4 months old there should be no reason why he is peeing out of this soaker. The design needs a lot of work. It does not dry fast like it advertises either. It takes the longest to dry out of all my pads and absorbs the least. wt…f. I will be steering away from GroVia and looking for something that works for me.

Beatrice Annville, PA


I LOVE these Grovia soaker pads. They are so soft and SUPER absorbant. I was worried that our little guy would be able to feel the snaps through the cloth and that it would be uncomfortable to sit on, but turns out that was an unneccessary worry! They are very comfortable and he moves around in them just fine. As an aside, my sister uses fuzzibunz cloth diapers for her little one and they LEAK like crazy. So glad that we decided to use the Grovia diapers- they are great!

Jill Fort Davis, TX

crunchy-feeling, but…

…baby doesn’t seem to mind. I like these for their ease of use with the Grovia shells–just snap them in and stick it on the baby! They don’t stink like the microfiber liners tend to, and are absorbent enough for my baby to use for his nap.What I don’t like…They take forever to dry in the dryer–at least two cycles for me.They take even longer to dry on the line, and are then super-crunchy and stiff, especially the stitching around the edges.

Adeline Lake Odessa, MI

Cloth Diaper Convert

I have always scoffed at people who cloth diapered. I thought, really? Who wants to mess with cloth diapers. I envisioned pins and dunking in toilets and just the eww factor. However, when my daughter was about 4 months old, I saw a Grovia starter kit on Costco’s website. Had they not been sold by Costco I doubt I would have gotten my husband on board. I’m glad I did. I am very happy with our decision and with Grovia. I’m not one of those people who tried lots of different brands; we really only used Grovia and generic prefolds, so I have no basis of comparison.I was worried about the mess. We used Grovia diaper liners which just look like dryer sheets. They catch the solids and then you can flush them or throw them away. You don’t soak these diapers and you don’t have to dip them in the toilet. I just put them in the diaper pail and made sure to wash them every couple days. I never came in contact with poop or pee anymore than with disposables and maybe less since we didn’t have the blowouts.I do work from home and this has made it easy to just throw the diapers in the wash. I’m not sure how easy it would be if you were working full time out of the house. You will do a LOT of laundry. After first month or so of cloth diapering, we noticed that they were starting to smell (especially the shells) even when just cleaned. Found out that you have to be careful about what detergents you use. No optical brighteners or anything like that because they block the absorption of the diaper. Do your research and make sure you get a good detergent. It doesn’t have to be Grovia brand or anything. We use Country Save (subscribe and save on Amazon) which is quite cheap and works in HE washers. I also found that giving them several rinses to get all the soap out was imperative.Other than some fraying, my diapers really have no stains because I dried them out in the sun which bleached them out. This also extended their life. Due to a limited budget, we only had 12 Grovia soakers, so I worked really hard to take care of them. We also used prefolds as a backup. The soakers are a million times better. The backing prevents them from leaking into the shell (although, when really wet, of course, they will still leak, as would and a disposable) so that you can reuse the shell. We also had only 12 shells and I found that worked just fine. Obviously, there were times I wished I had more, but these were sufficient. My daughter is now 18 months old and toilet training, so we have stopped using them and the shells (especially the snap ones) look just about new. We used an infant prefold or a bamboo booster at night for extra absorbency.Bottom Line:
• Do your research. There are lots of different brands out there and another one may work better for you. I love the convenience of the Grovia hybrid – on vacation we took the disposable inserts and it made it so easy. I loved the Grovia soakers and shells and definitely recommend them.
• Research cleaning methods for the diapers you get. It pays to do it right.
• Use the “poop catchers” as we called them. They really do make cloth diapering a breeze.
• Buy as many as you can afford. We definitely cloth diapered on the cheap (under $200). I utilized Amazon and Ebay, as well as Costco. If I could have afforded more, though, I would have bought more. 🙂
• I don’t think cloth diapering is necessarily for everyone. Given that it takes 500 years (!) for disposables to biodegrade, I think it is well worth giving a shot. Plus, the list of chemicals that are in disposables. My daughter would always get a rash when she wore disposables, but almost never had one with the cloth diapers. My advice would be just to research, research, research before you buy!
• Regarding these shells specifically, they are, in my opinion, good quality construction. They have lasted now from 4 months to 19 months with only 12 of the soakers in rotation so that gives you an idea of how sturdy they are. Again, it pays to be careful about washing them and drying them to minimize wear and tear. Having said that, the cloth that covered the elastic on the sides is fraying and even gone in some places on some of the soakers. This could be minimized, I think, by having more soakers in your rotation and not putting them in the dryer unless you have to. My method was to dry them outside (if warm) and inside on a rack if cold then throw them in the dryer on low when they were almost dry to finish them and get out some of that crunchiness from air drying. I would definitely recommend these soakers. I think that any diaper you buy will only be as good as the care that you give it. Overall, with the right prep and care I think these are great and definitely make cloth diapering less intimidating to all of us who have never cloth diapered before. No folding or pins, etc. I highly recommend them.

Rocio Smithland, KY


Havent had a leak yet with these. They are super easy to put on and are the softest cotton ever!!!! The quality is better than any other diaper i have.

Susie Branch, MI

Great quality product

Grovia diapers are absolutely wonderful. The shells fit a various amount of shapes. My son is thick thighed and heavy around the middle but my friend’s son is long and lean and both are able to use them with great success. The soaker pads are some of the most absorbent that I’ve ever seen!

Wanda Redrock, NM

we are a gro baby family

gro baby and gdiapers are our diaper of choice. these are much softer than the original soaker.

Cecilia South Jamesport, NY


I use these for thirsties covers they stick out the top a little but that doesn’t bother me. Love that they are organic cotton and they are pretty absorbent. Only leak was out the leg but likely was a user error. Pretty bulky but again not a huge deal to me.

Jenny Yarmouth Port, MA

12 Months of Cloth Diapering Summary

After extensive research and even a class on cloth diapering at the local birth center, I settled on the Grovia system and have not regretted that decision. My son is now 12 months and we have been using Grovia since about 8 weeks. We have lots of cloth diapering friends so I have had the chance to see lots of cloth diapers in action and I am very glad that I invested in grovia to begin with. Here are the products we use, why we like them and (in some cases) how they could be improved. There is a lot of material covered in this review. I am doing it this way because I wish there had been something comprehensive like this on Amazon when I was shopping for my diaper stuff! If you are considering buying a Grovia system, this will be helpful for you. If you are looking for a comprehensive review on just one item, other reviews may be more suitable.Our total system consists of the following:Essentials;
• 15 Hybrid shells in a variety of prints and solids = 6 velcro and 9 snapGroVia Hybrid Hook/Loop Shell Diaper, Cloud, One Size
• 36 organic insertsGroVia Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad 2 Pack
• Magic Stick diaper ointmentMagic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment, Clear, Net Wt. 2 oz.
• Brabantia Pedal BinPedal Bin, 30 Litre (White) (25.98″H x 11.54″W x 15.55″D)
• 36 Grovia WipesGroVia Cotton Cloth Wipes, 12 count
• Diaper DetergentTiny Bubbles Detergent, Net Wt. 60 oz., Yellow BoxNon-essentials, we use these items for convenience,
• Diaper scraperMake My Day Two Birds Silicone Spatula and Scraper Set, Black
• Diaper sprayerbumGenius Diaper Sprayer
• Wipe Warmer (perfectly fits grovia wipes)Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer
• 2 waterproof changing pad coversCarters Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, Ecru
• 24 washcloths (for top layer of changing pad)Martex Hospitality Washcloths – 24-Pack (White)
• 1 little pottyBABYBJÖRN Little Potty – White
• Disposable Biodegradable diapers for backup and travel Broody Chick 100% Natural Fully Compostable Diapers Jumbo Box (Junior 26.5 – 55.1 lbs. (96-Count))
• Disposable overnight diapers for heavy wetters Seventh Gen. – Baby Overnight Diapers, Stage 4, 24 Count (Pack of 4) = 96 total diapers
• Badger Diaper Cream for any diaper rash and use with overnight disposables Badger Organic Zinc Oxide Diaper CreamThere are a number of items that we have tried, but did not find useful and either returned, donated or gave away. There was quite a bit of trial and error and research that went into the above system. I have only listed the items that work beautifully and will simplify your cloth diapering efforts.I will jump right in with some gripes.Cloth diapering is not cheap and despite industry claims, I have not realized cost savings in the first year (as compared to buying premium disposable diapers at Costco). When you add up the cost of the diapers and accessories, the cost of your time doing all those extra loads of laundry (or paying a diaper service), the cost of the resources to wash and dry all those loads, and the cost of all the special “cloth friendly” accoutrements necessary to care for the diapers without ruining them, it really adds up. If you are going to use the system for more than once child, then you will realize some significant savings (be sure to buy gender-neutral covers if that is your intention). The bigger motivation to cloth diaper (at least for me) is the dramatically reduced environmental impact and health benefits of cloth diapering. Conventional disposable diapers are loaded with toxins that pollute the earth, the workers that produce them and of course, your baby. Not to mention that it takes over 500 years for regular disposables to break down in the environment. That means that your babies dirty diapers will still be polluting the earth when your great, great, great, great grandchildren are born. Talk about a crappy legacy to leave behind!Now the good stuff.I chose Grovia because of the convenience and simplicity of the whole system. I knew that if I was going to cloth diaper, it would need to be as simple and easy as possible, even if that meant I would pay a bit more up front. There is a massive amount of information about cloth diapering on the net and much of it is overly complicated. Cloth diapering does not have to be complicated. You can simplify things quite a bit by sticking with one brand/ one system.Having said that, the grovia system was too big, hard and bulky for our 10 pound newborn (and Grovia products are pretty trim compared to most cloth diapering systems) so we used disposables for the first couple of months. It would look like he was sleeping on an incline because the grovia insert was so thick under his bum. Other cloth brands have special newborn sized diapers and inserts, but I chose not to invest the money for newborn cloth diapers that would only be used for a short time. We used Broody Chick 100% compostable disposable diapers for that period and the added convenience of the disposables was great during that initial difficult phase. We had some minor problems with diaper rash during that time, but the Triple Paste always cleared it up in a day (then we would go back to the Grovia Magic Stick).I breastfeed our baby so the diaper changes are more frequent (than formula fed babies). I wanted enough diapers to last three days. I did not want to do an extra load of laundry every two days. I kept adding covers, inserts and wipes until I had enough to last three days, hence the numbers above. If I had known in the beginning how many covers and inserts were going to be required, I would have saved some money by buying some of the larger Grovia combo deals.The 30 liter Brabantia garbage pail is all steel, easy to clean and self sealing (no stink outside the pail) and the perfect size for three days worth of Grovia wipes, covers, inserts and changing pads. It has an inner plastic pail with handle that makes trips to the laundry room a breeze. I reuse use the plastic liners (that came with the pail) by putting them in the sun and alternating every three days. The sun eliminates all the odor from the liners.I primarily used the 6 velcro covers (more convenient than snaps) through 11 months when our baby was finally able to figure out how to open them (and they are pretty worn looking velcro tabs at this point). Then I transitioned into primarily using the 9 snap covers and keeping the velcro covers only as backup. Grovia has a service that will remove the velcro tabs and replace with snaps for $6 a diaper. I wish they would offer a service to just replace the velcro, but I am happy with the durability of ALL the covers. They have held up better than I expected.Our son gets a lot of time in nature. We don’t worry about his clothing or diapers getting dirty if he is having a great experience. The darker colors and the patterned shells hide dirt and grass soiling better than the light solid shells. The gentle cloth diaper detergents aren’t great at getting out dirt or grass stains either. If I had to do it over, I would not buy any light colored solid covers.We bought some Grovia Booster pads to try before we went to the disposable overnight diapers, but our guy would soak through the regular “Soaker Pad” and the Booster Pad and wake up with wet clothes and bedding. There just wasn’t enough absorbency for our breast fed baby. Changing him several times a night just added to the stress of those early days so we transitioned over to the disposables for night time and have been happy with that choice ever since.The Grovia Magic Stick is truly brilliant! It is all natural, effective and does not require you to dip your fingers into diaper ointment while wrangling a diaper onto a squirming baby several times a day! It also does not adversely affect the absorbency of cloth diapers they way regular diaper ointments do. Do not use the Badger Diaper Cream (or any regular diaper ointment) with your cloth diapers. The waxes and petroleum oils in regular diaper ointments coat the cotton fibers and prevent them from absorbing liquids. We tried several top rated “natural” ointments for our occasional diaper rash, but the Badger Ointment worked where the other ones failed. We used it sparingly whenever bumps appeared (which was pretty rare compared to our disposable diapering friends).Grovia wipes are fantastic. I wrote a separate review on these that compared the three types of wipes I bought. Grovia wipes were the best of the three and they work with the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer perfectly.Little Potty. We started our son on his Little Potty when he was about three months old. Whenever he would cue that he was “going”, we would take him to his potty to go. Now at 12 months, we take him to his potty after every meal and when he cues and he uses the potty pretty consistently. It is easier to dump and rinse the little potty contents into the toilet than it is to change and wash his diapers so we encourage him to use his little potty as much as possible. He gets lots of positive feedback and interaction when he “makes it” to the potty so he enjoys using it. At 12 months, he is very comfortable sitting on a potty to pee or poo. We keep the Little Potty on the bathroom counter and stand with him while he is sitting on it. I have seen lots of people start out with the Little Potty on the floor, but if you have the counter space in your bathroom, this will save your knees and back and make it easier for you to interact with your baby while on the potty. In another month or two, we will transition it to the floor for his use.Grovia Little Bubbles diaper detergent. I have used the 5 top rated diaper detergents and honestly, I can’t tell a lick of difference between them. I do a prewash with 1/2 indicated amount (1 scoop) detergent and then a full wash with extra rinse using the full amount (2 scoops) of detergent. The most important thing is that you use a detergent designed for cloth diapers. Regular detergents have enzymes that will deteriorate the waterproof barriers in your cloth diapers. Cloth diaper detergents also do not have the dyes and perfumes that can irritate baby skin. I am currently using Grovia detergent and it is at least as good as the other top rated diaper detergents. I can’t say that it is anymore effective at removing stains than the others. My diaper inserts are stained, but they are clean, soft and have no smell whatsoever when they come out of the dryer. I have always used cloth diaper detergent and I have never had to “strip” them. I use 14 ounces of wool dryer balls to dry my inserts and wipes. The dryer balls shaved ten minutes off the 80 minute dry cycle required to get a load of diapers dry. It takes only 70 minutes with the added wool balls.I will come back from time to time to update this review. I hope it was helpful for those trying to wade through all the cloth diapering info out there and find a simple set up!

Shawn Brackettville, TX