GroVia Cloth All-In-One Diaper, Cloud, Newborn

GroVia Cloth All-In-One Diaper, Cloud, Newborn

GroVia Newborn All-in-ones are designed specifically for newborn babies. Made with multiple layers of hemp/cotton topped with buttery soft microfleece. A perfect fit for your newborn baby, while the soft microfleece allows for total comfort against your baby’s skin.

Main features

  • Trim design with the perfect fit
  • Adjustable rise
  • Leg elastic is gentle yet contains messes

Verified reviews


NOT my Favorite NB Diaper

We bought these as well as Swaddlebees AIO diapers for our son that was born in December. We liked that these were part hemp so they would be more absorbent. These honestly have leaked every single time we have used them and we do changes typically every two hours or as needed so it wasn’t like the diaper was on him for a long time. I will be selling the ones that we bought so that I can purchase more Swaddlebees NB AIO diapers which we love a lot more. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Edwina Tolna, ND

Not worth the cost

These were my lest favorite of all the NB diapers I bought. I even preferred pockets over these. They do look cute, but leaked really bad. I stopped using this diaper after just a few uses and then traded it for another one after a couple more weeks because I hated it that much. It’s sad because it’s such a cute diaper and it did fit better than some. I would have loved to love this diaper, but it just didn’t happen.

Tori Jordan, MT

Cute prints, leaks like crazy

We have twoGroVia One Size All-In-One Diapersin our one size stash which were hands-down one of our favorite diapers for our older daughter before she potty trained, so I had high hopes for the GroVia newborn AIO when we got one in a newborn cloth diaper package. Unfortunately, our expectations were not met.While this is the first time we’ve cloth diapered in the newborn stage, we are not new to cloth. We know how to prep diapers and followed the instructions from GroVia to launder 4-5 times before using. We have been disappointed that this AIO has leaked every single time we’ve used it! I believe the leaking is due to the microfleece inner extending into the “ruffle” at the leg openings, which allows pee to wick right out to the baby’s clothing, car seat, swing, mei tai, and/or parental clothing.The only positive is that it’s a nice looking, trim AIO which dries reasonably quickly. The prints are cute, but due to the persistent leaking issues this is the absolute last diaper in our newborn stash that I will reach for. Unfortunately the little one is not quite big enough yet for our one size GroVia AIOs.

Diana Isanti, MN


good quality but more on the expensive side of newborn diapers. Holds up in wash. very well made. will not fall apart easily

Kelly Glenwood, NC

LEAK! Try different brand for newborn size

LEAK like crazy! I loved them when we were using them because I was so excited to use cloth diapers and so excited about my baby that I didn’t mind baby pee on me. I thought the leaks were normal. Now that we are in regular sized diapers I know that the leaks were not normal. The seams around the legs seem like they are unfinished so that the inner fabric touches whatever baby is wearing or sitting on. So even if the diaper doesn’t drip pee it will always seep it. Some days (and often) baby went through a new change of clothes with every diaper change. The first time I just used one outfit all day long I thought it was a miracle. But no, thats how the diapers should work! I stripped the diapers and everything, but they always leaked. I currently use bigger size GroVia diapers along with several other brands and don’t have a leak problem. It is obviously specific to the make and fit of the NEWBORN diapers. Horrible.We only bought GroVia brand for the newborn sized diapers. We currently use several brands of one-size diapers. I HIGHLY recommend buying several brands of both newborn and one-size diapers. The one-size can be too huge on a newborn. Its nice to have something that fits better for the first month or two. But GroVia newborn diapers leaked like crazy for us. I’ll try them again with baby two, but am definitely buying another brand’s newborn diapers next time!

Leanne Pine Brook, NJ

Don’t hold much

Theses diapers are cute, but they’re the least absorbent I’ve found. I do think the new version is an improvement over the old style. The fabric is softer and the diaper no longer leaks after five minutes. Usually they will only last an hour at the most.

Laurel Belleair Beach, FL

Leaks out the back

Maybe it’s just my babes body, but these totally leak out the back, I end u having to change more then the diaper. I’ve got a few other brands that work better. g diaper smells are the winner for us.

Renae New Sharon, ME