GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell – Hook & Loop – Adventure

GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell – Hook & Loop – Adventure

GroVia Hybrid Shells combine the industry’s most innovative (and cute!) waterproof cloth diaper shells with a super-flexible suite of absorbency layers – including both cloth and disposable options. Finally, parents are free to use earth- and baby-friendly diapering approaches that fit any lifestyle. From travel, to daycare, to time at home, hybrid cloth diapers have you covered.

Main features

  • Inner Body Material: 100% Polyester Mesh
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • One Size
  • Less waste in our landfills
  • No Dioxins

Verified reviews


Can’t say enough about our GroVia diapers.

Fell in love with the new GroVia prints and bought a few of the shells for my now ten-week-old son, and we absolutely love them. No leaks, no blowouts, no disappointments whatsoever. We use the GroVia organic cotton soaker pads with ours, and we add one of the GroVia organic cotton booster pads if we’re going to be in the car for a while and sometimes at night, even though he doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Well, he sleeps about 5-6 hours at a time sometimes, and these diaper shells don’t fail us, even then. I’ve even used prefolds with this and had no problems. Our GroVia products are my favorites and will probably be the main ones I buy from now on.

Sheila Cincinnati, IA

Big fan of GroVia hybrid covers!

Just as great as all the others in my stash. I want to buy one of each neutral color. The snap covers are great, too, but I prefer to have a mix.

Fran Arrow Rock, MO

Love them!

We just started using Grovia’s hybrid system and they are quickly becoming my favorite diapers! They are a very nice fit on my 2 month old. No leaks so far!

Denise Fayetteville, NC

Great fit, did not like hook & loop

I was looking for a cloth trainer and came accross grovia. I tried the diaper and it was a great fit for my 32-lb 2-yr old. It was comfortable enough that he liked it, but the hook and loop was kid of a pain as it would stick before wherever it touched. It does however speak for the strong hook and loop if one is worried about stay on power.

Flora Valentine, TX


Love these diapers. I’m new to cloth diapers but these have made it so easy! Easy to wash and fit great on my 4 month old 11 pound son

Annmarie Bakers Summit, PA

After many kinds of diapers…

I’ve discovered my favorites are prefolds and flats for daytime, with microfleece fitteds at night. The Grovia is one of my top three favorite covers for daytime. Probably my favorite, but it doesn’t do as well with the prefolds, which are bulkier. Grovia has an awesome fitted look and a lower rise than most. It makes for a trim diaper under clothing. FYI, I like Capris or Econobum for covering at night. Or Alva. Alva and Econobum are also my other two fave daytime covers. (Get the Alva pocket with two openings and multi-colored snaps for lots of fitting options). The reason I took off a star was that – in the beginning – a squirmy newborn usually benefits from a quick Velcro-type change. I’ve since learned that snaps are the only way to go for us, and really wish I’d gotten this in snaps. For the record, I do own other Grovia, but this particular Amazon diaper came with one side totally void of elastic. They credited the whole thing to me and told me not to return it. I hate waste, so I was going to sew some elastic in. When I opened it up, I saw the elastic was in there but not attached. I Frankenstein-stitched this bad boy up and now at least it’s seeing use although I don’t know that I can re-sell it with my hatchet-looking sewing job. Oh well, it was free.

Marcie Selma, VA


This is a great idea but I didn’t care for the execution. If you’re new to cloth diapering, the idea behind this is as follows:1. Prefolds allow you to reuse diaper covers, which is a major benefit to prefolds (in other words, it’s cheaper since you can reuse the expensive component and therefore don’t need as many). Prefolds do not wick moisture away from the baby’s skin though and need to be changed more frequently, but they’re dirt cheap so it’s an overall savings. You also have to touch the soiled diaper (not great if you don’t have a sink handy).2. All in ones and pocket diapers are more expensive and have to be changed every time, but they wick moisture away from the baby’s skin and you don’t have to touch the soiled diaper.3. So what if someone combined the two concepts? Here you have a diaper where the shell can be reused without being washed, but the pad inside is waterproof on the underside so you don’t have to touch the soiled part and it has a lining that wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin.Unfortunately, I found the combination to be lacking. These were my first cloth diapers and I hated them. I bought some prefolds and covers and I’ve been using them during the day (since they’re cheap, and I’m awake so I can change them frequently), and Coqui Baby HERO diapers at night to keep my baby’s skin dry and they don’t need to be changed as often (I LOVE those diapers and am stocking up on them as I can). The only time I use the Grovia diapers is when I’m out of everything else. I really dislike them because:1. They swallow my baby. The pads are HUGE on my 12 lb baby. These taught me that nothing will really fit an 8 lb baby and a 30 lb baby. Not only does the outside need to be adjustable for that, but so does the inside. An 8 lb baby and a 30 lb baby pee different amounts and are different sizes. For this to fit both, you would need different sized pads, which I believe is what the designer was trying to avoid.2. I frequently have to change the whole thing. The pads leak like feminine pads without wings. The sides get peed and pooped on almost every time. But if by some chance the shell can be reused, it is nice that you don’t have to touch the soiled part.3. As other reviewers have noted, they take forever to dry. Inserts for my other diapers and my prefolds are dry and these require either air drying afterward or another dry cycle. I don’t think this is because they are more absorbent, I think it’s because of the waterproof layer on the bottom. I can’t help but feel like this is a blow to being eco friendly.So overall it’s a great concept but it didn’t work for me at all. I like the idea of the flushable inserts, but they’re so expensive (twice the cost of a disposable) that I can’t see ever buying them. Check out the Coqui HERO diapers though, they rock!

Katrina Spencerport, NY

Favorite Diaper on the Planet

I REALLY love Grovia Hybrid AI2. I have a multitude of cloth diapers – BumGenius (Freetime, Elemental, 4.0, NB AIO), Kawaii (okay, love these too), Weehuggers, Blueberry, Swaddlebees, BeeHinds, Mama’s Helper, Charlie Banana… I could go on. I love the Grovia shells, they’re super well made. I have both the soakers and organic soakers. My little guy is a pretty heavy wetter first thing in the morning and he never leaks. These are terrific overnight diapers. The one-size snap adjustment is pretty right on and I feel that they’re a pretty trim diaper all the way around, but I’ve never used the boosters. My hubby doesn’t use these as much as he forgets you can snap the soaker out and just replace them, but he agrees that they really hold a TON! We almost always have to change the shell after a poo, but overall – great diaper!

Dionne Centralia, IL

Great hybrid diaper!

Great diaper! I think of ALL the diapers we own this is by far the easiest for babysitters to handle too since it’s most like a disposable in terms of putting it on the baby. They are surprisingly absorbant and very convenient when on the go or on road trips. I love that they are less bulky too- take up way less space on our clothes line than other brands. I’m not a huge fan of the mesh inside of the cover since it holds in some moisture/smells– but the ease of use with the snap-in soaker pads makes up for that. I recommend getting a few of these aplix covers for sitters/family to use and then the rest of the shells with snaps, which might be best in the long run.

Elise Meadowlands, MN

No Belly Irritation!

I didn’t like these when my son was a tiny baby. They were just too bulky at the top where the aplix is. Now that he is 12M I absolutely love them! I’ve been looking for a good cover that wouldn’t roll in at the belly and irritate him. This one is perfect, everything stays where it should! I like the trimness and the coverage all at the same time. I’m using these with pre folds at the moment but am looking forward to trying the snap in soakers. I also love how strong the aplix is, it doesn’t come undone as baby crawls.

Jodi Roland, OK

Awesome diaper for skinny kiddos

Love the grovia shells for my skinny little 21lb 2 year old! They have the best Velcro/hook&loop;/aplix whatever you wanna call it. Grovia is great for skinny babies. They run small in the rise though, his are fully sized up and fit him great.And who doesn’t love robots?! This print is my favorite 🙂

Justine Afton, NY

good fit, nice texture

they look a bit big on my baby, but they fit really well. no leaks so far and i really like that they are supersoft on the other shells have PUL that is not covered by the insert/diaper, touching my baby’s skin, but he doesn’t seen to mind.

Teri Richmond, VA

Favorite Diaper Cover

We found these shells after we’d already invested in cotton prefolds. They work fabulously over those. We’ve also purchased a few of the grovia liners, which work well too. We strongly prefer velcro/hook and loop covers. These are the among the only ones that do not cause a rash–I think it’s because the velcro is very soft. Despite that, it holds amazingly well.

Nellie Broadway, NJ

Great functionality

I really like the GroVia diapering system, the shells in particular. I think they function well with any absorbent layer in the middle (flats, the GroVia inserts, prefolds, fitteds). We are snap people, but purchased the hook-and-loop version for babysitters and trips to the doctor. The hook-and-loop closure holds really well, almost to the point of grabbing and attaching too well. I have no doubt that these will last for a while.

Georgia Poplar Bluff, MO

Great covers for prefolds and/or pods

After trying a few different diaper covers, these are the ones I’ve finally landed on. I use these with prefolds during the day and a pod at night. They are of excellent quality, wash well, and dry quickly. We very rarely have leaks and my daughter seems comfortable in them.

Rosanna Louisville, IL

Excellent diaper shell

The GroVia Hook and Loop Diaper Shell is fantastic!!!! The quality of the product is top notch!!! I will be ordering more of this item to add to my CD stash.

Cindy Johnstown, PA

it’s okay

This works okay but was not what I expected. I like other shells that i’ve purchased better and find that this one is a last resort.

Cathryn Vici, OK

Skin Reactions

My baby’s skin reacts to the fabric in the hook and loop part of this diaper. I have a bunch of diapers that I need to sell or give away now because I prepped them first. :-/Soooo don’t prep more than 1 before you know if your baby reacts!

Jasmin Southaven, MS

Hook/Loop better for Boys – Tips for Velcro version

Love the Grovia Hybrid Hook and Loop (Velcro) shell. The Velcro version is much better for boys then the snaps in preventing leaks, especially if your son is on the thin side. The tabs on the hook and loop shell are easier to get the angle you need to keep the diaper snug enough to prevent leaks in the front for boys. It is also easier or packing multiple layers for a thicker nighttime diaper. Hook and loop hybrid shells can be used with Bummis preemie cloth diapers as inserts for newborns when they get to 8lbs. The preemie cloth diapers are a less bulky and skinnier fit for newborns and you don’t need to worry about permanently staining your inserts. I do wish Grovia had a few different size inserts and put extra snaps for reversing the insert for when boys get a bit bigger.Tips for preserving Velcro aka Hook and Loop Shell- Be sure to fold tabs under tab loop, or instead put the tabs across the front like when you put the diaper on- Wash shells in sweater bag, if you aren’t washing them separately- Keep the tabs away from anything fuzzy or linty, and remove any lint in the shell right away- Do not use bleach and use recommended laundry detergents. If you aren’t sure, contact (I use Shaklee or Tiny Bubbles)- Grovia warranties the shell for one year of use, so keep your receipt or date of purchase with UPC bar codesThe airplane print hook and loop fabric deteriorated on our shells abnormally quickly so we were able to get them replaced under warranty. The other patterns (nature, light blue, mandarin, purple/blackberry, lime, owl, teal, robots) have held up well with daily to every other day washing. Although the tabs do get less sticky over time, they still work.

Myrtle Charleston, WV