GroVia DiaperRx Laundry Treatment – 20 Count

GroVia DiaperRx Laundry Treatment – 20 Count

This uniquely formulated treatment is used to remove buildup of urine and minerals from cloth diapers and garments.

Main features

  • Dissolves completely and safe for all washers – HE compliant
  • Has no ammonia or alcohol or ethers
  • Phosphate free and pH neutral
  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals.

Verified reviews


Love these Mighty Bubbles!

These work great. I was having some ammonia issues before and these seem to have solved the problem. You just add one pod to your diaper wash (after a rinse and without any other detergent) every 6 weeks. Ammonia smell is gone.

Georgina Barton, AR

Just not as good as RLR to strip cloth

I used this and a week later had to strip again with RLR…..RLR is really the best and only thing that seems to get rid of the stink and/or detergent build up in my dipes.

Robert Lolo, MT

Did the trick…

Have had serious stink issues with my diapers and tried stripping with oxiclean. It worked somewhat for a while, but started to not work anymore since moving to Austin, TX. So, I gave this grovia stuff a shot. It worked. That’s all there is to it. My toddler pees on the diapers and they don’t smell so bad I need a gas mask. In fact, they hardly have much smell at all. Maybe a mild pee smell like you’d expect. So, yey! I think this will become a regular part of my routine every 6 weeks or so. Not cheap, but if it works, sounds good to me.

Lucy Homestead, FL

great for stripping

i was having a stink issue due to detergent build up and one round of mighty bubbles with my prefolds and AIO’s knocked the stink out.

Nellie Pontotoc, TX

Graet for hard water / amonia buildup

We have super hard water. I use Tiny bubbles detergent, but I have still had problems with my gro-via diapers due to ammonia build up. We also have a few Kushies diapers, which had a horrid habit of smelling after multiple washes. We tried this, and it works like a charm. It cleared up the ammonia issues. The first time I did 3 washes with this in a row, and now an occasional wash with this as maintenance works like a charm.

Jeri Alton Bay, NH

Not impressed

I’ve been struggling with some build-up on my baby’s cloth diapers and figured I’d go the route of a chemical stripper and wound up purchasing these.I used one pack. I used two as suggested for troublesome. Heck, I even went further.In the end, I was able to get the diapers reasonably stripped, but it took much more effort than the Mighty Bubbles packaging suggested–I’d say only on par with a few cycles of extra hot water. In other words, hardly worth purchasing.

Mina Marion, KY

Didn’t help our diapers

I bought these to help freshen up our cloth diapers. I was looking for a more "natural" option instead of the go-to blue Dawn. These are little pre filled pacs. Like the kind you get for your dishwasher. It says to use one in a load instead of your normal detergent. I tried this for a couple of loads. The diapers came out clean but it did not get rid of lingering odors. I will continue to throw them into the wash cycles occasionally but I did have to find another solution to getting a deeper clean. I will not buy again.

Adele Lamar, OK