GroVia Hybrid Hook/Loop Shell Diaper, Surf, One Size

GroVia Hybrid Hook/Loop Shell Diaper, Surf, One Size

GroVia’s hybrid diaper system is the perfect solution to on-the-go parenthood, is travel-friendly and great for daycare. This system gives parents options in convenience without harming our planet. This trim, one-size diaper shell can be used with a GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad, GroVia BioSoaker, most fitted diapers or prefolds. Fits most babies 8-30 plus pounds.

Main features

  • Waterproof TPU outer layer
  • Less waste
  • No dioxins
  • One-size
  • Save money

Verified reviews


Much too big for my newborn twins!

The diapers are really cute, but my newborn twins are long and skinny. They swim in these diapers. I may change my star rating as my kids grow into them. But I can only give them 3 stars since it says its one size fits all, but this is not the case.

Marla Clearwater, FL

Love the style, but doesn’t contain poops well

I really do love this diaper, even with the hook and loop. It makes it similar to a disposable for me, a new cloth diapering mom. And I love reusing the shell. The downside is anytime my son has a bad poop, it seems to get on the shell. Sometimes I forget to put a liner on but I don’t think that’d make a huge difference with where the poop goes. It doesn’t leak out onto his clothes and I have no issues with urine. So overall I do like it but I do wish that the insert was a little wider like some others I’ve seen. But I love that it snaps in and it dries quickly because the double layer is separated to let air through.

Ginger Ubly, MI

I love this system!!

I have tried the Grovia hybrid system and the Flip system, and of the two, this is my favorite–the inserts stay in place with the snaps, and I absolutely love the hook and loop–the "loop" is soft on baby’s skin, and the "hook" is very strong–my baby isn’t old enough to try to undo it, but I can see that it will be a challenge for him once he is old enough. The hook and loop is probably my favorite part of the Grovia system.So far I have only tried the organic inserts. They are reasonably soft if I dry them on one cycle before hanging them, but they do take a loooong time to dry.

Nelda Pineola, NC

3 months of use & not a single complaint

Love these cloth diapers. Grovia really thought of everything in their design. They are simple & easy to use. The Velcro only sticks to itself, there are little tabs to stick the Velcro under for washing. The snaps (to resize) are perfectly placed & do their job. They wash really well (I’m using Charlie’s Soap) with no staining & they dry really really quickly. We also use disposables for on the go convenience. I can honestly say we’ve had more ‘blow outs’ & leaks with the disposables than with the cloth. They were a little bulky looking whe she was small, but now (about 3mos) they’re looking more normal. I do wish they had more colors, sometimes it’s hard to match the diaper & make it look like part of the outfit.

Jesse Cordova, MD

Pattern a little darker than expected, but still cute.

I love GroVia diaper shells, but I thought this diaper was going to be more baby blue than royal blue. Still a great dipe and more fun than plain colors!

Juliette Royal, NE


I’ve been cloth diapering for about 4 months now and gro via was recommended to me by a friend. I have quite a few snap shells/gro via inserts. However, I just recently purchased this hook/loop one as my little man is quite the roller. I needed something I could slap on him before he rolls off the table 😉 This is perfect!!! It really creates a great fit and the velcro actually stays put in the wash and doesn’t get stuck to everything in site.I actually just purchased another one as the velcro came to be my favorite one. I use the gro via stay dry inserts and also just regular prefolds and have no issue! Would highly recommend.

Abigail Minter, AL

Our Favorite Cloth Diaper, but…

We really liked these. They were tight around our daughter’s legs, nice and adjustable around the belly and legs, you could just wash the insert when she peed, they were great. They were just expensive. The inserts and the outer GroVia thing itself really added up, so we didn’t buy as many of these as we otherwise would have.

Pauline Mosheim, TN

Love the cute little print and convenience

It fits my little one well and is very convenient for use. I like that I don’t need to change the whole nappy straight away once its wet. However, a huge poop and it needs a complete change just like any other nappy.

Megan Millersport, OH

Loved them for the first year.

These fit amazing in the beginning. They worked great with a wiggly young baby with the grovia inserts or a prefold. After a year or so the velcro won’t lay flat and comes off. I have to use a snappi and am going to convert to snaps. They have come off my very active toddler which is not fun for either of us. The color on the waist part faded a lot and leaves terrible red marks on his lower back. Maybe the snap version last longer? I use them now only as emergency dipes or as a swim diaper. Wonder if I can see them.

Callie Hanson, KY


I love grovia products. I have used this shell with both the stay dry soaker pad and disposable grovia inserts. The shells work great and are easy to clean. They are one of my trimest diapers and I love the aplix (makes for easy changes).

Lela Walkerville, MI