GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper, Cloud

GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper, Cloud

GroVia’s hybrid diaper system is the perfect solution to on-the-go parenthood, is travel-friendly and great for daycare. This system gives parents options in convenience without harming our planet. This trim, one-size diaper shell can be used with a GroVia organic cotton soaker pad, GroVia biosoaker, most fitted diapers or prefolds. Fits most babies 8-30 plus pounds.

Main features

  • Waterproof TPU outer layer
  • Less waste
  • No dioxins
  • One-size
  • Save money

Verified reviews


No leg gussts

I only use this with my fitted diapers, as it doesn’t have leg gussets of it’s own so I wouldn’t trust it to hold in everything with a prefold.

Mattie Amalia, NM

I think it was defective

I’ve purchased many Grovia diaper shells and have loved them but this one would not stay shut. The snaps kept coming undone the moment I snapped them. I sent it back and got another Grovia shell (I generally love their product). Unfortunately it had to be a plain solid color as I had to buy them at a brick and mortar store due to time and they did not have this cute pattern.

Reba Colorado Springs, CO

Much preferred to cotton version.

My baby hated the wet feel of the Grovia cotton soakers, and while I liked their absorbency and gussets, they took forEVER in the dryer. These have the same construction but are trimmer, dry faster n the dryer, and re comfy for baby. The lining is hemp and cotton; just the surface touching the baby s he synthetic wicking fabric, so they’re still nice and absorbent.I do like having less laundry by washing just soakers for wets (I also use pocket diapers=more laundry)Just wish they were not so spendy.

Michael Superior, MT

Like better than the regular organic cotton ones

I bought both the original organic soaker pads and these when we first started CDing. They are very different and I like these best. They are softer and really keep my baby’s bum dry (he’s an newborn so we’re don’t need him to feel wet for potty training yet). Yes, the top layer is a little loose and not as flush with the bottom as the original cotton ones but I like that because at night or long nap times I can put in an extra insert between and it fits nicely. I gave it 4 stars because it is fleece and some people want all natural fibers. Also because they don’t always keep in big breast milk poops in and it gets on the cover (which rock because we’ve never had a leak). But this also happens with prefolds and the organic soaker pads so whatcha gonna do. They probably will work well when he has more solid poos. Also I can’t really tell which are more absorbent…

Rene Lebam, WA

stiff, not soft :/

I’ll start off by saying I love Grovia – love, love, love. Exclusively cloth diaper, have a mixed stash and always would want to be using a Grovia shell if I had enough clean. That said I use all kinds of inserts in my shells and this one is my least favourite.It comes out of the wash hard for some reason and is not at all soft. It’s fairly new – a year old – when the rest of the stash is mostly second hand, and it’s the hardest roughest insert I have. It’s also the newest in that it is least washed because I only use it when I don’t have anything else.I don’t like putting it in the diaper against senstive area all hard and stiff, and it seems to be pretty stiff whether tumbled or line-dried.I haven’t had any problems with leaking as some others mentioned. It does take forever to dry, but I have some fantastic Thirtsy hemp inserts that take almost as long and I think it’s just the trade off for being so absorbant.Because it’s so expensive and I haven’t liked this insert at all it is the only insert by Grovia I own. It kind of baffles me because their shells are so amazing. I do own one all-in-one Grovia, too, and have the same problem with the material of that, though.

Sofia Davison, MI

Work great

These diapers & liners are too cool. I’ve made a point to try a good sample & these are very trim. You can’t always re-use them as advertised, but the covers don’t leak and they snap on good.

Mavis Boonville, IN

Great Cloth Diaper system

We’ve been using these since our son was 6 weeks old. He’s now just over 1 year old and we’re still using them. We bought the snap in liners and alternate using either the super soakers or another brand of inserts (less expensive).I recommend getting between 10-15 shells throughout the first year. My son only needed about 4 shells throughout the day, but now that he’s well into solids, he goes through around 7 shells every day. It helps to have at least 2 days worth to allow time to get used ones through the laundry.My husband and I are on a budget, so we were so glad that we were able to do this system without spending tons of money up front. The pieces are still costly, but we’ve acquired them over a few months and they didn’t break our budget.I love how they adjust with age, so we could get one system and use it the entire time that we’re having to diaper. The biggest drawback for us is that no combination of liners and inserts EVER got our son through the night – so we went with disposable overnights and that’s worked great for us.We highly recommend this system!

Bettie Hillsdale, IL

Love love love Grovia!

Out of the two these are my favorite pads. They last 3+ hours and keep baby dry. The cotton pads only last half the time of these ones. Plus they are so much easier than other cloth diapers! You just snap it in a go, no stuffing required! Which is great especially if you have a squirmy baby!

Sabrina Peoria, IL

Love these!

What I love:-Stay dry material next to baby’s skin!-Trimmer than the organic cotton inserts-Same absorbency as organic cotton inserts-Snap-in system makes changing a wiggly baby much easier-Waterproof backing keeps shells clean and dry so they can be re-used numerous times-Easy to slide a Grovia booster in between the layers for extra absorbencyWhat I don’t love:-Now that baby is more active, sometimes these bunch in the front (in part because my guy is still quite skinny with a short rise)-Sometimes the shell gets poop on it-These require LOTS AND LOTS of prepping (full absorbency after a dozen washes or so, I wonder if this is the issue another reviewer had with leaks)Overall, the Grovia hybrid system works great for our family and we like the inserts better than Grovia organic cotton, Grobaby or regular prefolds.

Antoinette Winchester, AR

Love these!

Grovia is one of my go to diapers. These snap in the grovia shells really easily and I have not yet had a single leak! They are also super trim which is really nice under clothes. The only down side, if I had to name one, is the dry time–these do take a while to dry (more than any of my other soakers).

Irma Newfolden, MN

Good for travel, and better than the organic soaker pads

Grovia are my favorite diapers for when I’m on the road. Not the most absorbent and leak-proof, but very convenient. They are slim fitting so it’s easy to fit clothing over them and baby has good freedom of movement. Also, the snap-in system makes them very easy to change. I bought both the organic soaker and the stay dry soaker. The organic one is a double layer of thick cotton/hemp blend cloth. The stay dry is one layer of the cotton/hemp blend and a top layer of soft material that feels like the inside of a sweatshirt. The stay dry are a little less absorbent than the organic, but they are also softer on baby’s butt and dry much faster. I prefer them because I’m typically using them during the day when I change the baby frequently, so I don’t need as much absorbency.

Keri Port Trevorton, PA

Awesome Cover

I love this cover. It fits my 3 month old well and is not too bulky. It dries quickly which is also a plus. I love the surf color and the snap closure. I plan on ordering more of these covers.

Patrica Startup, WA

Great diaper

Love that this diaper is made in the USA. Great product. Love the ease of use. I have a 4 month old heavy wetter, so urine not always contained in the snap in soaker. Sides by leg usually get wet with my LO, so I change Shell more than I’d like. But overall a great diaper for a not so heavy wetter.

Mamie Perryville, AK

Love the diaper.

Great grovia diaper shell. We absolutely love the hybrid system. The pattern is great and looks good for any gender.

Aurora Moncure, NC

Favorite Cloth Diaper System

The Grovia Hybrid system is my favorite cloth diapering system. These soakers are really soft and easy to put on and take off. They fit nicely in a diaper bag.

Lilly East Tawas, MI

I would recommend them to anyone

Our family LOVES GroVia Hybrids! We switched back to disposables for a few days and had blowouts every time, but we’ve never had a single problem with our GroVia’s. I would recommend them to anyone!

Carmella Rew, PA

Great Cover

These are quite possibly the easiest cloth diapers to use, and this is a great cover. Absolutely worth every penny!

Rose Garden Valley, ID

Pricey but convenient

Have lots of these to go with my Grovia covers. It’s very convenient and it’s nice not to have to wash the entire nappy when it gets wet.

Angel Sellersburg, IN

Very pleased with GroVia system

I have 2 sets of these stay-dry soaker pads and 2 GroVia snapping diaper shells. I had used other cloth diaper systems in the past (Jungleroos, and also Flip diaper shell with tri-fold insert, held together with a Snappi) and this is my favorite so far. The fit isn’t necessarily any more trim than the Flip/Snappi system, so we usually don’t wear the GroVias out of the house, considering they barely fit under jeans. But these are great for quiet days at home. These inserts are very absorbent. I wasn’t sure whether to purchase these or the other cotton (?) inserts, so I was prepared to make a switch, but after a couple months, I’m happy with these.

Maureen Onarga, IL

Best Cloth Diaper Ever!

Love these diapers wish they had the insert option for newborns, instead of the AIO. They have both cloth and disposable insert option (great for traveling). My baby have tested these well and they have held up to the test, no blow outs! The only downside is the price.

Eddie Thornton, IL


I have been using Grovia for a while now because I simply love it. This is my favorite brand followed by Bum Genius AIO. When this new pattern came out I had to get it. Grovia makes a great quality diaper and I will continue to use them.

Sofia Wabbaseka, AR

Wish I had one of evey color!

Definately buying more of these. So functional, cute, and affordable! They fit my son very well. He is tall and slender, but has thick thighs and is in the 75th percentile for weight and height. These are the trimmest fitting cloth diaper option we have found so far.

Della Kekaha, HI

Good, not sure if it’s great though

I am a big fan of the Grovia cloth diapering system – I own 10 covers, 3 cotton boosters, 2 stay dry boosters, and 18 snap-in inserts – 16 organic cotton soaker pads, and 2 stay dry soaker pads.I like that the stay dry pads keep baby’s bum dry. I like that they are more stain resistant than the cotton pads, however, I think the cotton pads are a little more absorbent.You MUST prep these soaker pads as the instructions indicate – 5 washes and drys before using. Otherwise, they don’t work well at all, and the pee just runs right off, no absorbency at all! Once they are washed several times, they work much better, but so far I would say the cotton ones are a bit more absorbent.What works best for me, if I need an overnight diaper, or if I don’t want to check it all the time, and I want the benefits of both the cotton and the stay-dry pads, I use one of the following combinations:a) a cotton soaker pad with a stay dry booster laid on topb) a stay dry soaker pad with a cotton booster laid inside – between the 2 separable layers of the stay dry soaker pad.These combinations both work great, are more absorbent, and keep baby’s bum drier.

Pearlie Cleo Springs, OK

Okay diaper

After doing a ton of research, my husband and I decided to go with a hybrid diaper system. We were going to go with Grovia Hybrids but I decided to buy just a few to try before buying a full stash. I am so glad that we only bought a few. They’re absorbent and wash well but we prefer best bottom diapers. Their inserts are much trimmer and work just as well.

Marianne Showell, MD