GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper, Cloud

GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper, Cloud

GroVia’s hybrid diaper system is the perfect solution to on-the-go parenthood, is travel-friendly and great for daycare. This system gives parents options in convenience without harming our planet. This trim, one-size diaper shell can be used with a GroVia organic cotton soaker pad, GroVia biosoaker, most fitted diapers or prefolds. Fits most babies 8-30 plus pounds.

Main features

  • Waterproof TPU outer layer
  • Less waste
  • No dioxins
  • One-size
  • Save money

Verified reviews


My favourite cloth diaper

After 15 months of exclusively cloth diapering since birth, Grovia is my very favourite.I love these and wish I had more. They’re cute, too. I will tell you details of why I love them below, if you want specifics.
• Snaps
• I have both the velcro and snaps and though velcro is easier to get on a wriggly baby the snaps are much more durable – I am seeing this especially in some second hand BumGenius that are in snaps and hook and loop, so it’s a general observation if you’re wondering which to go for. When I was pregnant a couple of years ago this was many of the options I needed to figure out, so I’m just adding it for others also wondering. If you want them to last for multiple babies, and not have to replace velcro pieces, then go with snaps.
• Shell vs AI2
• I love the shell over the pocket diapers by BumGenius and others because you can switch out an insert with a bit of wee on it and not have to wash the whole thing. As a previous review said, if there’s lots of poop then it will get on the shell, too, so you’ll have to wash the whole thing. This is no worse than using a pocket/AI2 in that case, but it still feels a bit less bulky to me. Also, I only let him wear the shell for a day anyway, even if the shell has not got dirty because it’s in contact with wee soaked inserts, so after several diaper changes I will throw the whole thing in the wet bag (OK, so not in the wetbag, actually – see washing section below).
• Inserts
• I bought one Grovia insert. It’s fine. I got a lot of prefolds for free and BG inserts second hand and I use those in the Grovia shells. They work great. You could use slim bamboo inserts and there’s no bulk at all when I use those.
• Night time
• These things don’t leak for me. They contain poop and they are amazing. I do not use them at night just because I would want to change the whole thing in the morning (it’s bound to be really wet) and so I
• save
• my Grovias for multiple daytime changes. If I had my ideal plentiful Grovia stash I would not hesitate to use them at night.
• Travel
• I leave the BumGenius and everything else behind and travel with a handful of Grovia shells and lots of cloth inserts. We have also traveled with shells and a packet of the disposable Grovia inserts and disposable G-Diaper inserts. No leaks with either of those, but hate throwing inserts in the bin. The Grovia inserts used to say flushable but they really weren’t. You had to pull a layer off and try to get all these wee-soaked balls and pieces into the toilet and it didn’t work. I think they’re compostable, but how can you compost while traveling? Anyway, these shells are great for traveling because of how easy they are to wash
• Washing
• We have a separate system for these favourite diaper shells. They get stacked next to the wet bag and I usually wash a few by hand before we do an entire diaper load. This enables us to keep going for ages because we have lots of inserts and only a few shells. Also, I don’t mind washing them by hand. Often times I just want to wash them because they have been worn fora day not because they were directly peed on or have poop on them. Best thing about hand washing these or washing them while traveling? They are so light they dry easily over the shower rail.
• One size
• He’s worn these from newborn (8lb 2 oz) to 15 months (22lbs but tall) and there’s still a row to be unsnapped sometime soon, so extra space. I think he’ll be potty trained before he outgrows them.In summary, they are fantastic. We opt for pockets only if non-cloth people or childcare was going on because with the AI2s you can prestuff and tell someone to just take off like a regular diaper and throw in wet bag, and have a second ready to go on like a regular diaper. The shell system is really no more work, but we had to convince daycare to allow cloth, so wanted to make it as simple as possible. Besides that, I could have an entire stash of Grovia only and be perfectly happy. 🙂

Sofia Saegertown, PA


This shell is not tight enough around the legs so you get leaks out the sides and onto blankets which requires a ton more laundry. But, it is soft and cute so I will keep baby is 9 lbs and maybe it is still too small for the cover.

Avis Midway, KY

We tried, we really tried

Going into pregnancy my wife and I talked extensively about wanting to minimize the cost of having a baby. Diapers are an obviously monumental expense. So we were very happy to learn that cloth diapers have come a long way since we were children and basically put in dish towels with safety pins. We even went to a cloth diaper discussion group to learn about the different types and experiences. From that experience we bought this product as well as someGroVia Stay Dry Soaker Pads.Luckily, and thanks to some very generous people at three baby showers (Mom’s work, Dad’s work, friends/family), we had a ton of other diapers. We tried the following other diapers:-Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Economy Pack Plus Size 1- The best we could find. Provides absolutely everything we wanted.-Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers – Very good, my second favorite option, but the plastic texture is a bit coarse-Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Diapers, Size 1, 176-Count Package- Leaking problemsThe biggest problem with this GroVia product is the leaking and blow-out problem. We tried different angles, different tightness, different levels. All produced blow-outs. The most important attribute of any diaper, regardless of the environment, is whether or not it stops the baby from spewing fecal matter and urine on everything. Simply put, this product did not do that. Maybe my baby is too long, too chubby, too skinny, or too something-else. What I do know is I did more wash when we used these, had to handle more clothes with rancid-smelling milk-poop on them, and neither my wife nor I wanted to deal with the mess too much longer.I love the product’s look, concept, and the advancements in cloth diapers. All the snaps are easy to use and durable. The inside snaps for the pads are also very cleverly designed with a great purpose. Cleaning and keeping the diaper looking new are also easy. But, I just can’t risk more blow-outs.Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me again? I’m tired of washing poop of our daughter’s onesies and pajamas.Disappointed because I really wanted these to work. I may revisit this product and try it once me when my daughter is on the heavier side of the 8-30lb window.

Ilene North Bonneville, WA


My son is 4 months old and 15 lbs. This is a very bulky diaper and looks very akward on him. I love the print, but having said that I do not like this diaper when it boils down to it. The mesh inside is pointless for a snap in diaper. You can only use it once and then it needs to be washed since the mesh has pee on it too. I change my son before every feeding. Last night he slept for three hours, then I had to wake him because he was literally drenched in pee. His onsie, his bedding all soaked and he’s only 4 months. So he was very upset cause not only did I wake him from sleep, but I also had to clean him and his bedding before I could nurse him and put him back to sleep. I tried it again at nap time just to make sure it wasn’t user error late at night. PEE everywhere again and I was laying next to him when it happened. The super absorbancy pads suck in my opinion.

Estella La Belle, MO

Good daytime diaper

I use Rumparooz (Kangacare), Happy Heinys, Bum Genius, and GroVia. The first three brands I use AIO pocket diapers, for GroVia I use the shell system. The shell system is perfect for when my son is wearing something with a tighter fit – the pocket diapers are just bulky, so they take up more space under his clothes. He is only 4 months now, so perhaps once he is a larger baby, the bulkiness of the AIO will be less noticeable. The disadvantage is that these shell diapers are more likely to leak if he has a “blowout”. I use with the biosoaker pads, which do take noticeably more time to dry after washing and are more prone to staining (although sunning them takes it right out). My son is fairly regular, so we just make sure not to use these when he’s going to be having a BM. I do like the trimmer fit much better than the AIO. It is also convenient to just snap the pads in and out, so you can get multiple uses out of one shell. However, if your baby is prone to large BM, they would not be a good buy. I would never use these for an overnight diaper, they would leak far too much.

Desiree Belmont, NY

great system

I have both the Flip system and the GroVia. While both are great, I personally prefer the Flip because the cover is more versatile ONLY because it’s a wipe clean material so it’s a bit more forgiving when messes occur. The Flip cover is also more high-waisted. However, the GroVia shell fits my baby well and I use it with the organic cotton soakers for my on-the-go diaper system.

Sonia Crane, MO

Color is blah.

This diaper functions as expected, but it is a very yellowed white color, which is not what I expected. I would recommend a different color, but I’m fairly certain this was the only color snaps were available in at regular price. I definitely prefer the snaps over Velcro, though!

Millicent Roulette, PA

So cute!

I love Grovia diapers and this pattern is adorable. It looks so cute on my son and does such a great job.

Bertie Mendon, NY

Best Cloth Diapers!

GroVia is by far my favorite cloth diaper brand. The hybrids system is so easy to use. I can keep several shells and inserts in my diaper bag with very limited room. I love this diaper system! We use it over a fitted for naps and it is perfect, then switch the fitted for a cotton insert…so easy!

Luella Manchester, WA

Great hybrid diaper option, low-profile and stays dry

We decided at when our daughter was 5 months old to try cloth diapering part-time (it’s all I could convince the husband to do). Once we tried these he was more on board with the process. These shells are low-profile and stay dry, even through the night. We have been usisng the biodisposable inserts with the shells and I plan on buying several more! Easy hybrid cloth diaper solution.

Selena Champlain, NY

Grown to love GroVia

My sister-in-law gave me a GroVia shell at my baby shower, and at first I was skeptical of them. We’d planned on using the Flip system, with flat diapers pad-folded as inserts. That’s not possible with the GroVias, since there are no pockets or flaps which can hold an insert in place. The shells are designed so that the GroVia brand insert snaps into place. But eventually I decided to give the cover a try and used my regular fold for the flat diaper.I have fallen in love with this cover! The fit is very easily customized in terms of waist size and rise, and I especially love the fit around the waist, thanks to the elastic in the waistband. The mesh lining isn’t my favorite, because it means the cover can’t be wiped down between changes, but that’s a minor gripe. The cover is holding up so nicely compared to my two Flip covers. The snaps on the GroVia are much easier to snap in the middle of the night compared to the snaps on my Thirsties covers (which I love otherwise). The fit is super trim, too. All in all, I am glad I was open to trying different types of diaper systems, because I am so pleased with the GroVia. I will likely purchase their inserts for my husband and mother-in-law to use, but for now, they’re great with the flats.

Gracie Eureka, CA

Functions well

Normally, I use BG diapers, but decided it would be interesting to try out some Gro Via after hearing good things about them. They work really well, I haven’t had any issues with this diaper. My only complaint is that I’m a stickler for clean-looking diapers. I try really hard to keep ours looking good. The interior mesh seems to stain REALLY easily. My kiddo had a messy diaper on what happened to be my washing day, so the diaper was into the machine within hours of being dirtied and I am still battling the poo stain a couple months later. I haven’t had the chance to try sunning it out as it’s the middle of a Ohio winter here (which equates to little or no sun for the next few months) but nothing else has worked (soaking, BioKleen Stain remover….)That said, I’d say the function of the shell itself is just as good as BG (which is still my fav) and the outside PUL did not stain, just the interior mesh.

Sybil Chaska, MN

We save with cloth diapers

My husband and I are not necessarily "greenies" but we do want to encourage responsible environmental habits and mostly; we wanted to save money. Cloth diapering has been a wonderful experience so far with our 8 month old daughter; I have used other cloth diapering systems but I like that with a snap insert there is no sliding around or bulky middle. The shells clean VERY easily; retain their vibrant colors; and are able to withstand the beating of the washer on a regular basis. Grovia is awesome!

Summer Preston, IA

grovia diaper grew on me

I am a mom of 7, daycare provider and nurse. I have tried many kinds of cloth diapers the last couple of years, including AIO’s, AI2’s, pocket, hybrid, etc. I have reviewed a few other cloth diapers, if you would like to see my take on some other brands.I actually got my Grovia’s from diaperswapper’s. A mama there bought 8 of them, and discovered she hated snaps and wanted a velcro option. Grovia wasn’t my first choice to round out my diaper collection, but for the price she gave me, I didn’t care whether or not these would end up my favorites.I felt the Grovia was a little awkward at first. The direction the flaps/snaps go in felt backwards to me and my husband. I wasn’t sure I like the snap in doubler. I got “used” to the diaper, tho, and found myself using them equally with my Kissaluvs.Eventually, I found myself reaching for the Grovia’s first, and only using my other brands of AIO’s as backup when I run out of Grovia’s. HERE’S WHY:-They have always caught EVERY mess. Not once has my daughters poo got on her clothes.- They are very trim. I can get them snug enough on her chubby legs to be leak-proof without cutting into her skin. They are designed to fit slim babies as well.- I can vary the absorbency by using the snap in liner.- The cotton is absorbent and reasonably soft…and STAYS the same, wash after wash. What you start off with is what you end up with. Many other diapers start off really super soft and end up with piling and increased scratchiness.- Easy odor control. If you read my review of Kissaluvs, you will see that I like them alot. However, they build up odors over time, and have to be “stripped”. You also have to be careful with what products you use, as build up of soap/softener will decrease absorbency and cause leaks. The Grovia is LOW maintenance. I have not had the odor problem, nor issues with absorbency decreasing over time. They work as well now as when I first used them.- Fast drying design, and safe to put in your dryer.- Comfortable for baby, and no rashes, to date.I now mostly use Grovia at home, and WeeHuggers when out and about. They are great diapers!If you are new to cloth please:-“prep” the diaper. Most brands tell you to wash and dry several times before use. DO THIS- USe laundry soap recommended for cloth: I like Charlie’s soap.- Avoid fabric softener in ALL of your clothes. ECOVER makes a plant based product that you can use safely with cloth diapers, however. I have been using this for a couple of months with Grovia, and it has not decreased the absorbency (i think it does affect the Kissaluvs and make them leaky).- If you get a stubborn odor, try soaking diapers in Bac Out, by Biokleen.

Pamala Proctorsville, VT

Love Grovia!!!

I am new to cloth diapering and when I made the decision to cloth diaper I was very overwhelmed with all the different types of diapers out there. I somehow stumbled upon the "hybrid" type diaper system and realized that was going to be the best system for me. It seemed simple enough. Purchase shells and snap in corresponding pads. I liked that the shells could be used multiple times which would cut down on the amount of laundry. I also figured it was a great way to slowly emerge myself into cloth diapering. I found on that the two "hybrid" systems that matched my budget were the Best Bottom diapers and the Grovia’s. I ordered both systems and figured after a few uses I would probably prefer one over the other.Its been about 2 months now and I really don’t have a favorite yet. I love both systems. With the Grovias I love that they are trim and not bulky. I also like that only one size soaker pad is needed and I don’t have to buy larger sizes as my little one grows. My only complaints thus far are minimal. I wish they had more color choices available and that the soaker pads didn’t take as long to dry.The best bottom diapers come in an array of colors which I love! they do have a nice trim fit but don’t seem to fit as well around my little ones thighs. They have double gussets which makes it thicker and gives her a “splayed” legs position. I wish the soaker pads were just one size. Purchasing different sizes as the child grows isn’t as economical as other systems. I do like that the pads are trim and do not take that long to dry.If your thinking about doing a hybrid system and can’t decide which brand to go with I would recommend either to you. I would say give them both a try and I think you would be happy with either

Sheri Crozier, VA

ok with cloth prefolds

The GroVia shells work fine with cloth prefolds, but leaked every time with their cloth soaker pad.Of all the shells I have in my diaper stash these get funky (smelly after first pee) the fastest and leak the most. I line dry after every wash. I change diapers way more often than anyone I know (like after 1 pee), because I don’t like the idea of baby sitting in wetness He also fusses if hes wet…They fit nice and trim. I also like the adjustable size.

Dianna Blountstown, FL

A Very Nice Cover

I bought one of these to try and did not end up keeping it though it is a really nice high quality cover.Here’s what I like about it:1. nice trim fit2. soft elastic3. soft liner4. overall very nice feeling and looking coverHere’s what I didn’t like about it:1. didn’t like the whole Grovia system, that is the snap in liners – seems like a great idea and a good design, but the stay dry isn’t nearly absorbent enough, and the organic cotton is kind of stiff with really thick seams. This cover I think works best with the complete grovia system due to #2 below.2. this cover didn’t fit well over my fitteds or prefolds, the only thing they really worked with were a flat, or a prefold trifolded and laid in the cover.3. even with the grovia inserts the mesh liner of this cover absorbs a little pee so doesn’t last through too many changes without needing to be washed. My other PUL covers that don’t have this mesh can go a really long time without needing washing.

Lilian Bennington, IN

Best diapers for daytime errands and travel

Great for daytime errands and travel because they are slim fitting and easy to change. Also the inserts don’t take up a lot of space in the diaper bag so you can carry a lot of them. Would not recommend for nighttime use or for heavy wetters. The insertsGroViaStay 2 Count Dry Soaker Pad(I wrote a review of the inserts here) also take a while to dry, even in the dryer. Especially the organic onesGroVia Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad 2 Pack.Tip: Turn the inserts inside out halfway through drying them. It significantly reduces drying time.

Bernadine Higganum, CT


This is one of my favorite diapers. Just love them. They are very well made and I like how they snap together.

Kate Afton, MI