GroVia My Choice Trainer, Cloud

GroVia My Choice Trainer, Cloud

For years our customers have asked us when we would design training pants that live up to the GroVia promise of quality material and innovative design. With our My Choice™ Trainers, you get that quality. Plus toddlers get training pants that give them the control that makes them proud to be big kids.

Main features

  • Hidden pocket for added absorbency
  • Grocool inner layer lets your child feel when they are wet
  • Thristy, yet trim and absorbent hemp/cotton blend core
  • Rise snaps for a custom fit

Verified reviews


Great early trainer

If your like me and cloth diaper and as they got older your preference of diaper style changed because your baby has changed, you find yourself destashing but when they are a year or over your thinking….i really don’t want to dump $ into more diapers and then turn around and need trainers! Its really hard to find a trainer that will actually function as a diaper not just extra protection for clothing being worn. This can be stuffed (a grovia tpu backed soaker will fit in here) you wont be able to stuff it like a regular dipe but i have fit babykicks joey buns hemp inserts in it and kawaii baby bamboo insert and i will add and hemp washie folded over in the wetting area and it has held with no leaks once for 4 hours including a 40min nap. However this diaper doesn’t really fit my lm he is 21 lbs at 16 months and these are just too large in rise and around the waist ! I really wish the flex panels came in petite too! ….so while i feel i WILL turn to these in the future i cant use them now unfortunenatly 🙂

Naomi Dumont, MN

Disappointing…stitching issues, poor fit, stains

I have been using antsy pants for over a year with my older son. Since I have no idea when he will potty train, he is 3 and autistic, I needed something for my skinny 2 year old. I thought I would give these a try because of the cheaper price and reviewers said they ran small. I thought that would be a plus for my skinny guy.We have only 6 of these. After washing them only about 4 times, 2 of them have loose stitching! My child that just turned 2 is wearing them unsnapped, the highest rise setting, and the panels it comes with barely fit him. He is very thin and only 28 lbs. he went number two in one of them once. I can’t get the stain out. I even used the dreft laundry stain remover. None of my antsy pants have stains after constant use! The side panels have a lining on the inside. I thought this made it look more comfortable, but it just makes it less stretchy. My other complaint is how tiny the compartment to stuff inserts in is. You definitely couldn’t use these for nighttime. I can barely stuff a small microfiber insert in it. I have small hands and I still can barely get it in there. It also comes unsnapped some at the side panels in the wash. Perhaps not a huge deal, but time consuming to have to wash, stuff, and snap!Bottom line, spend a little more and it will save you money in the long run. By the time you buy this and the larger panel, it is as much or more than the antsy pants. These also don’t have the quality and won’t last as long.Antsy pants also gives discounts when buying more. I recently had a large order and only paid $22 per trainer on their website. I needed a size 5t for my almost 4 year old autistic son. Thankfully, antsy pants makes bigger sizes! all the way to 11 I think.The absolute biggest issue I have with the grovia trainer is that it isn’t easy to pull up or down. I really have to unsnap it to get it off or on with the panels that it comes with. We already have plenty of really nice, better made, more absorbent, easier to care for cloth diapers. So, if these don’t work as pull ups, they are just a waste of time and money. By the way, the antsy pants are easy to pull up and down, even for the child!

Madeleine Marrero, LA

Too tight for 2-yr old

Great concept, but sides were too tight for my 2.5-yr old who is very average at 32 lbs. It was so tight it was hard to get on, and forget the toddler taking off on his own to go potty. The cost makes it prohibitively expensive to buy larger sides separately. Wish they came in choice of side sizes.

Sandy Basin, WY

takes too long to dry and doesn’t do the best job of helping my baby feel wet

My biggest complaint about this product is that after washing, they take a very long time to dry. The material that holds liquid is a thick section made of natural fiber, encased in synthetic fiber. I have to turn this part of the pant inside out to help it dry faster, and still, with a normal load of drying, it isn’t completely dry.My secondary complaint is that it does such a good job of absorbing that my baby doesn’t feel wet. I’ve tried Blueberry training pants and plain underwear and am having better luck with those options. This Grovia Trainer is well made but I agree with other reviewers that it is a bit trim — my child is small and only 20 months as we are using it and it feels perfect for her size-wise. Unfortunately it isn’t performing as I need it to, so I can’t recommend it.

Naomi Raymond, WA

Uncomfortable Training pants

My daughter finds this to be very uncomfortable, even at it’s largest size setting, and she only weighs 20 lbs. It makes indentations along her sides where the elastic sits. Additionally, once she had a bowel movement in it, I was never able to get the smell out of it, even though I soaked it right away and then machine washed it! Not worth the money, I prefer to use regular undies at home and pull-ups for travel.

Berta Merritt Island, FL

Runs small – not good for nighttime training

My little one was potty trained except for night time. This was too small. She is only 30 lbs and the weight limit is 51. We could barely get it over her hips. There also isn’t much room for an insert and a 2.5 year old has quite a bladder, it would have been better if we left her in underpants (urine everywhere.) I do not recommend this for overnight training.Pros:cutelooks nicewashabledurableCons:too smalldoes not look or feel like underweartakes too long to dryelastic is not very stretchy

Marla Merrillan, WI

Great, but get the bigger sides if you have a chubby baby!!

I love this trainer! My little guy just turned 2 and I bought this a few months ago. The sides are not that stretchy if your little one is chubby, but if you buy the larger sides they work great. My little guy potty trained in a few days, so I just use these now for bedtime. If you add in a diaper liner they work great for bedtime as well 🙂

Sonya Amenia, ND

trim but a bit small

I use these for night on my 3 year old who is almost 4 now, he is very thin and tall and although fully potty trained about once a month he will wet at night. I have to unsnap the bottom closure so that they will fit him otherwise he can barely pull them up. We have some from antsy pants that fit him much better and are softer too…It is a good quality product however I wish that it fit him better. Antsy pants sizing is more exact (2t, 3t, 4t, etc. ) We have 4t and they are perfect.

Ronda Eaton, IN

did not work for us

I tried to put these on my 23mn old little girl. she is on the smaller size so I was hoping that the snaps would help… but for some reason she FREAKED out when I put them on her. A bit disappointing… maybe they did not feel comfortable, stiff, not sure?

Dorothea Hillsboro, TX

Not Sure because they sent the wrong item

Wanted to love these because we use a few GroVIa cloth diapers in our mix. However, the vendor sent the wrong item instead. Didn’t reorder because I was afraid it would happen again since things were mislabeled on the wrong items packaging.I ordered some Charlie Banana trainers/swim diapers instead.

Tanya Shinglehouse, PA

Nice training pants!

My son seems very comfortable in these. We practice elimination communication and they are very convenient and easy to use. When he is older and if he still has accidents, these will be great for that. They hold pee pretty well for being so trim. They can be pulled up and down or simply remove the snaps to avoid a mess… 🙂

Amber Wye Mills, MD