GroVia Newborn All in One Cloth Diaper – Planes

GroVia Newborn All in One Cloth Diaper – Planes


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Cute if you like wet onesies

I had high hopes for these diapers to be an easier (and cuter!), less bulky option to prefolds + covers. Unfortunately, they leak at the legs every time I’ve used them. It’s not exactly that the pee leaks out, but that the absorbent inner cotton layer goes right to the edge of the leg holes, so when the pee wicks all over the diaper, the leg area gets wet. In turn, the baby’s clothes (and your pants if the baby is sitting in your lap) also get wet near the leg holes. In retrospect, it’s easy to see how the design of the diaper makes this inevitable, since the absorbent layer is exposed to the outside. Total waste of money, especially given that they’re one of the most expensive diaper options for newborns.

Dee Hubbard, NE

dislike the soaker configuration

So, I’ve been cloth diapering for a while and have this diaper in the one-size style for my daughter and thought I’d try these.I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before since I actually use these from time to time, but the reason I use these from “time-to-time” instead of all the time on my daughter is because the soaker is not inserted into a pocket, but it’s sewn in at the back-side of the diaper (on the inside, of course) and is a loose flap that fits between the legs and to the front of the baby.This may be advertized as a feature because you’ll never have to pull the soaker out of a poopy or pee-soaked diaper, but if you DO have a poopy diaper, it is very annoying and messy to try to get the bulk of the poop off of a soaker that flaps around and may have poop on it’s top, side and underside surfaces. It can be pretty messy.That said, newborn poop doesn’t need to be cleaned off of the diaper before washing because there’s not that much of it and there are certainly no pieces of undigested food in it.These are a fine newborn diaper, but I’m not in love with it. I just like it okay … I prefer some of the other newborn diapers that have the soaker totally sewn into the structure of the diaper so there aren’t any loose or flapping pieces.

Maryanne Warren, OH

At least it has cuteness going for it

These are the only cloth diapers I’ve tried that I’ve disliked. I was excited initially because they were the only ones in my stash that fit my son when he was first born (~7lb), but he had grown out of them by 9lbs. These diapers leaked like crazy, the soaker flap was annoying to rinse poop off of, and the diapers took several cycles to dry. After this experience, I returned my unused larger-sized AIOs and stuck to pockets and prefolds with liners.

Elnora Monmouth, OR

Pleasantly Surprised

I was initially hesitant about making the investment of buying these diapers, as the other reviews seemed all over the place (very positive or very negative), however I have to say that, after having used them both day and night and almost exclusively (except when we are behind on laundry and have to supplement a disposable or two) for over a week through meconium and now full-fledged breast milk, they have really exceeded my expectations. We have not had a single leak (for perspective, my baby was born 8 lb 13 oz./21 inches long, so maybe baby size has something to do with it?). I look forward to using the one-sized Grovia AI2/AIO when we get to that stage, if these diapers are any indication of their effectiveness. Cloth diapering with these has really been a great experience thus far.

Toni Rollinsford, NH

Fits really well

This is the only cloth diaper that would fit my little one until she was 9lbs. The prints are adorable and the fabric is soft. I love these little diapers!

Paulette Hallsville, MO

love it, although small.

love this product, it is very well done and works just says this one is for up to 12 pounds but i’m foreseeing it wont fit my baby when she’s that big.

Hillary Swanlake, ID