GroVia Organic Cloth AIO Diaper, Vanilla

GroVia Organic Cloth AIO Diaper, Vanilla

GroVia™ All-In-One Cloth Diaper – Vanilla GroVia™ Cloth All-In-Ones have a super absorbent, organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer. No stuffing, no doublers!

Main features

  • Organic cotton
  • Stretchy tabs for a perfect fit
  • Trim one size design that grows with baby
  • No cover required
  • Our unique design fits babies 10-35+ pounds

Verified reviews


Great for Nightime for little ones…

I bought these at the beginning of my pregnancy and love them! I use the hybrid shells for during the day and the AIO’s for night! Love them! the extra soaker inside makes it a perfect match for night. These diapers are money savers, environment savers, and stylish too! I have tried other cloth diapering systems and GroVia works best for our family.UPDATE: I loved these diapers when my daughter was very small and new; now that she is almost 9 months and drinking more; she has a much more saturated diaper. These diapers no longer work as night time diapers but are good for regular day use… for our family. I still love the product and they have retained their asthetic appeal to me; I just don’t feel they are absorbent enough for night time anymore.

Leanna Sharon, WV

Used for 5 months, already getting holes

I really liked this diaper at first! It was trim-fitting, and the stretchy side panels seemed to fit my daughter comfortably. Now after 5 months of use the elastic in the leg holes is very stiff and, what’s worse, the cotton has developed lots of tiny holes along this elastic edge. I pre-wash my diapers in cold and then do a warm wash and rinse. I use Tide Free & Gentle. After reading the warranty on GroVia’s website, I’m hesitant to contact them because they seem to be real sticklers about washing instructions, and I’m sure there’s something I didn’t do right.

Becky Green, OH

Great! Easy to use!

Love that it has organic cotton for the parts that touch baby’s most sensitive areas. I have yet to have a leak out of the sides in this diaper (always a positive thing ;)However, i do think that if you let enough liquid build up it would seep some through the outer layer (so just dont use it overnight) Be aware that the snaps are the opposite of what you are used to doing with a diaper… I think they work just fine and have no trouble with that design at all but I know some people (esp maybe dads who dont typically diaper…;) may have anissue.Overall, very pleased withthis product.

Hollie Toledo, IL

grovia AIOs are awesome

these diapers look great and work perfectly. the side snaps make for a trim fit. may take a little getting used to, but nothing you can’t handle. i love that there is no stuffing involved, and i love the feel of the organic cotton vs microfiber for every day use. i’ve never had a blow out and only experience leaks if i go too long between diaper changes or if daycare snaps them on the wrong setting. i bought them for ease of use at daycare, but quickly bought more to replace my prefolds with covers, and my gdiapers that were used at home. i love the one and done aspect. they are thoughtfully constructed and well made. however, be aware that cotton is a natural fiber and will wear more quickly than microfiber and does stain easier. 90% of my stains can be lifted by sunning for a day, and the only wear i have is a few small first layer holes in the leg gussets after months and months of use by twins. it’s to be expected, they are diapers, often worn, often washed, and not indestructible. overall i love them.

Mattie Decker, IN

Not for children with chubby tights

THis is OK diaper, I mean it is high quality diaper. I think Peachy Green is better quality but this is close. I have few issues with Grovia. First these are over 23$ and still made in China. I can get some USA made stuff with comparable quality. I cannot help but say it is way to high mark up on these products. They cannot convince me that diapers would be 40$ or more if made in USA, it is not that good. I have used it for really long time and still do at work and they really do not last and are average product.As far as performance goes it is fairly good if you change about every 2 hours, so it is good for that. My biggest problem with these is they leave red marks on baby tights and belly. It does not seem to bother baby but I am kinda not to comfortable with that.If you want to support American company and have 23$ to spend on a single cloth diapers, do not buy these, they are just not worth it and so many so many other options are available. If you want diapers made in China there is a lot of very hight quality stuff for third of what Grovia’s cost all around the web.

Stefanie Mineral Ridge, OH

Great cloth diaper

I love grovia and was excited to try out this one. It is very soft and great fit. Only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because of leaking at night time. I bought this hoping to solve our night time leaks problem and unfortunately it did not hold up to DD at night. I still would recommend this diaper to my cloth mamas.

Marian Rexmont, PA

The Most Impractical All-In-One

I really wanted to like this diaper, it’s very modern looking and extremely trim-by far the smallest diaper I own. I actually ordered a grovia cover but this is what I got instead. That was when I first started cding so I didn’t really know what I was buying to begin with but then decided to keep in since it would be nice to have an All-In-One for Dad or babysitters. This is probably the worst all-in-one for what I had in mind. There is a flap on the inside that needs to be positioned before putting on baby along with a second snap-on doubler for extra absorption. I have only ever used it with the snap-on doubler and even still I can’t go a minute over 2 hours or it leaks. The closure is opposite most cloth diapers and the biggest issue I have is that everything is soaked with urine, often getting on my baby’s shirt or waistband. I would never consider using it for an overnight diaper. Also, I’m used to the stay-dry lining on my BumGenius 4.0’s where the poo can literally be dumped into the toilet, no sprayers or scrapers needed. I usually try to use this diaper after baby has just had a bowel movement so I don’t have to deal with getting poo out of all the different “hiding places” due to all the flaps. Also, it almost never falls right off if he does happen to have a bowel movement and I don’t have a sprayer or scraper since it’s not usually an issue…what a pain. The only reason I am even considering holding onto this diapers (instead of reselling it) is that it *might* be a good newborn diaper.

Kathryn West, TX

Not for a super-soaker

My little one is a super-soaker and this diaper just didn’t do the trick. It worked well for a short period of time but was quickly leaking. Needless to say, I didn’t even attempt to use it for nap-time or over-night. It is very trim though, and I am able to use it during times that my son isn’t drinking (and therefore peeing) a lot…

Whitney Ouaquaga, NY

Doesn’t fit my baby

I used prefolds and covers for my son’s newborn period, then bought half a dozen OS diapers to try once he hit 12 lbs. The GroVia AIO is the only one that I had to remove from my rotation because it isn’t working for us at all.The pros for GroVia: the print I bought (robots) is adorable, and I like that the diaper is made with organic cotton. It is also very trim.The cons: this diaper is the only one that I just cannot get to fit my son correctly. It leaks every single time (after being fully prepped). After 5 or 6 leaks, I’ve given up on it. Also, the side snaps are a little more challenging to use than front ones, although I’m sure if I loved this diaper otherwise, I’d get used to them.That being said, different diapers work well for different babies, and this one might be great for a kid with a different body type.For those who are interested, the other diapers I compared this one to, in order from my favorite to least favorite, are Alva pocket, BG Freetime, Blueberry pocket, Swaddlebees Simplex, and TotsBots AIO. Ultimately I wound up filling out my stash with more Alvas, because at $5 versus $20+, you really can’t beat the bang for your buck, and honestly they work every bit as well as the more expensive ones.

Alexis Allenport, PA

Trim and absorbent

These are very soft absorbent diapers, and for cloth a very trim fitting diaper. Like other reviewers mine have tiny top layer holes along edges of leg elastic. It does not affect f unction at all and really is no big deal….all organic cotton will do this . I have followed very good cd wash routine and my diapers started doing this pretty early on…only along leg elastics and elastic in the back. I do prefer the bumgenis elemental bc it fits my baby better. The grovia is very stretchy high quality fabric and easy /convenient to use. It dries a lot faster than the elemental. However, the grovia is really 2 pieces the doubler snaps in and can come apart in the dryer whereas the elemental is truly all one . As far as longevity….10 of my grovia were given to me by someone who bought them used. So this is the third child to use them and they look just as good as the one I bought new. They will last. I don’t use them overnight however I have done it a couple of times with no issue I just put a fleece stay dry liner on top and added a thin hemp doubler. You would have to do that in any cloth diaper overnight. I have not had issues with leaking. If you aren’t sure and want organic cotton all-in-one, get one grovia and one elemental. I have heard the elemental gets holes too but so far mine still look new. Cotton stains however rinsing cold and using either liners or a diaper sprayer help and any stain left comes out perfectly by laying to dry in the sun. I did replace relaxed elastic in 2 of the 10 “old” ones given to me….however I assume that a previous owner put them on high heat in the dryer, as all the others are fine. You have to use low heat it is more gentle to elastic and the waterproof lining will hold up best using lower heat. I do wash on hot I just dry on low.Update: since cottonbabies has changed the design of the elemental, I prefer Grovia. The exposed PUL on the new style elemental was a deal breaker for me, and I like that the entire inner of Grovia is covered with soft cotton. My baby is older now and I can use the Grovia as a pull up, by pre-snapping the sides. They are so stretchy and she can step into the diaper and I can pull it up, so it is very easy to put on. I don’t like so much awkward fabric in the elemental how you have to fold it up before putting it on, I get a smoother fit with Grovia. I am expecting another baby and the Grovia will be a lot trimmer on a newborn since you can remove the snap in doubler, so the diapers will fit both kids great 🙂

Meredith Broken Arrow, OK


But I think all in ones aren’t for me. Seems like a waste since this diaper will be on her for 20 minutes and its time for a new one. Fits nice though but definitely bulky like all clothe diapers.

Isabel Latham, IL

I want to love it… but the fit is just strange!

I want so badly to love this diaper. It is so trim, so absorbent, and comes in such a wonderful variety of covers. However I do NOT like the side snaps. They just fit strangely- I feel like they are either too tight or too lose, and the excess fabric is just hanging out on the inside of the diaper pressed against my baby’s skin… if GroVia turned this diaper into a front snapping diaper, it would be excellent. Until then, I’ll stick with my old style bumgenius elementals! The side snaps and front rise are just too strangely fitting for me to love. I have one of these diapers and won’t be buying more 🙁

Cathryn Pearlington, MS