GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad

GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad

Want only soft, IMO-Certified Organic Cotton jersey touching your baby?s skin? GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads are truly pure and natural. A ?two-ply? design speeds dryer time, true elastic leg gussets contain messes, and a waterproof backing keeps your GroVia Shells clean and dry. Snaps perfectly into place from 8-30+ lbs. Pairs perfectly with the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell. 2 per pack.

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Verified reviews


Super absorbent & water resistant

I love these much better than the pocket diaper. The leg gussets help contain everything in the "poop pocket". Very absorbent & no leaks.

Blanca Shallowater, TX

Love the absorbency & fit …. Hate the dry time

It almost pains me to only give 4 stars because I absolutely the fit and overall function of these soakers. They are made from very soft organic cotton, very absorbent by themselves but also have the option of adding boosters under the first layer for even more absorption power, and they don’t stain horribly. With the shells they make for a nice trim fit diaper that allows for easy dressing on my tall & skinny son. But they take FOREVER to dry, maybe it’s partially my 8yr old dryer’s fault but it takes at least 3 cycles to dry 8 soakers (that’s over 2 hrs!) and sometimes they’re still damp. Even in my mother-in-law’s much newer gas dryer they still take at least 2 cycles to dry.

Rachelle Keota, IA

take AGES to dry

These take FOREVER to dry in the dryer. My pocket diaper inserts are at least as absorbent for pee and dry MUCH faster. I don’t really like how there is a narrow layer on top of the wider layer (both layers are connected at the snaps). Seems like it would be less comfortable for baby. I do like that they snap into the diaper, which is far superior to the type of all-in-two that you “tuck” into teeny-tiny flaps on each end.

Margot Munford, TN

Good Soaker Pads

In general I really like the GroVia diaper system. They don’t leak pee at all and they definitely contain solid poop. The soakers will leak newborn poop onto the inside of the shells so you will need to wash the shell if your baby has a big poop and it’s still runny. The cons for these soakers are that they stain easily and they take forever to dry. Minor irritations for me so I’m happy with the system.

Greta Dividing Creek, NJ

Love GroVia CD products!!!!

I love all of the GroVia CD products…and this is no different. The soaker pad is VERY soft, excellent quality, very absorbent, and dries fast! No complaints here!!!!!!!!

Keri Raisin, CA

Great Soakers

I really like the Grovia soaker pads for several reasons. They are so simple to use and slim yet still have amazing absorption. They do take a while to dry. If I place them in the dryer they usually have to go through several cycles to get dry and if I’m sunning them to dry they can be out from sun up to sun down and still not dry.

Kimberly Colona, IL