GroVia Organic Shell Set, Seaside

GroVia Organic Shell Set, Seaside

GroVia is a modern, one-size diapering system that is a revolution in cloth diapering. The innovative shell design minimizes diaper waste and cost. Its unique, innovative waterproof shell and organic cotton soaker pad minimizes waste and cost.The GroVia shell set comes with 1- organic soaker pad. When your soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh, dry soaker pad. GroVia is designed so that the outer shell may be used for multiple diaper changes. Most GroVia system users will find that using 2-4 GroVia Shells are enough per day, although newborn babies may need more. GroVia will fit most babies from 8-35 pounds.

Main features

  • Organic cotton
  • Smaller diaper loads
  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash

Verified reviews


Absolutely awesome

Let me start by saying that I have used quite a few varieties of cloth diapers before I came across Grovia. I used Bum Genius, which was very bulky and hard to fit your baby’s clothes over. Additionally, if you need a clean diaper you have to use another diaper, you can’t just change out the inserts as the pocket remains wet from the urine. I also used prefolds, which were also very bulky and the wetness stayed against my son’s skin. He was constantly crying because he was so uncomfortable and his skin was red and raw from his urine. I next tried the g-diaper which was a real step up. I had the choice to use cotton liners or disposable liners which was convenient when I am out and about. A few of the frustrations I had with it was that the insert would not stay put and therefore it leaked. Additionally, the diaper is not adjustable which means I had to buy different sizes (meaning more money..not exactly economical). After months of trying all these different varieties I decided to use the Grovia diaper and I can’t begin to say how easy and wonderful they are to use. They are much trimmer than the BG and prefolds, the snap in cotton liner is VERY easy to use allowing me to cloth diaper even when I am out and about, the biosoakers work fabulous as they have an adhesive to stick them to the shells and the legs are gusseted preventing leaks, and the diapers are adjustable so I just had to buy one set. I got an AMAZING deal from Costco on-line of: six diapers, 20 biosoakers, 6 cotton liners, the Magic Stick (which is very easy to use and really works to prevent diaper rash), as well as a sample pack of Tiny Bubbles, Grovia’s new detergent for their diapers. I also purchased the flushable disposable liners that allow you to line the cloth diaper and flush the poop down the toilet. Our diaper pail has never smelled fresher!!The only negative to the diaper is that they flaps that you can fold the tabs under come undone pretty easily since the velcro is uber sticky. However, if you own a needle and a thread it’s an easy fix, or you can return them to Grovia and they will replace it free of charge. BTW: I did end up returning one shell because the velcro came apart and Grovia replaced it and even gave me a prestamped envelope to return the old diaper. They have an awesome customer service department.If you are considering trying cloth, I would highly suggest this diaper. It’s worth every penny, and I can guarantee that it will save you quite few as well!!!

Nanette Ypsilanti, MI

Good but smelly…

Pro’s:-Once the liners for this diaper have been primed, they are quite absorbant. I have not had any leaks.-The construction of the diaper is very good. These have my favorite snaps and I love that the liner snaps into place.-Velcro is great for quick changes, my husband apreciates not having to line up the snaps.-They are very trim between the legs and the liners have a wide backside to them which is great for girls who pee a lot…My daughter.-they work GREAT with the Gro-baby disposable liners.Cons:-The liners are on the rough side, and once they are wet they feel VERY wet. For some reason, (and this is since I’ve had them and not the result of a terribly stinky potty) they STINK! They smell fine when they are clean but the second my kids pee in them I become very aware of the smell. I have several other types of liners and do not have this problem. These create the most pungent amonia smell I have ever experienced in CDing.-While these work very well for girls, they are not so great for boys as they get narrower toward the front. They tend to bunch up around the genitals and are not very comfortable for him. I would like to have more of an hour glass shape to them since I use them for both of my kids.

Maryann Frankfort, ME


This diaper does not fit my infant very well and so it always leaks when she pees. I have been using it since she was about 11 lbs and I just can’t seem to get the fit right. Maybe it is not meant for such little babies. I like the bicycle print and the snap closures. The closures keep the bulk down so I actually really like the fit around the waist. It is the fit around the legs that I don’t like. The inserts that came with this diaper also don’t seem very absorbent so I usually put in different ones to help prevent leakage. I would recommend the bumgenius all in one diapers over these. Grovia does make a great cover diaper though.

Martina Nicolaus, CA

Doesn’t work as well as I thought

When I first bought these diapers I was very excited to use them. Once I did I was disappointed.Pros- not as bulky as some diapers, and they are really cute, I have not had leak when he is awakeCons- When the inserts get wet the shell gets wet as well and the odor is strong. I don’t feel the insert was designed well. Its a great concept but not very functional. I put my son down for a nap and he woke up soaked. The sheets were soaked as well. He is 9 mos old and the first and only time this happened is when I put this diaper on him. These are the only diapers I have besides the prefold diapers so now I make sure to put on a prefold before a nap.I just recently ordered bumgenius and thirsties. I have been using disposables for overnights since my son is a heavy wetter. I am hoping with the new diapers I can eliminate the use of disposables. I know for sure the grobaby diapers won’t work for that purpose.

Dana Lumberton, MS

Great once you’re used to it!

When I first got one of these diapers, I shoved it in a drawer after a failed attempt and thought I would never use it because the side snaps were so much more challenging than front snaps. Well I’m so glad I gave it another chance a month later! For a slim or average build baby/toddler, this diaper offers a great fit with great absorbency! I can’t comment on its use for chunkier kids, but the snap configuration allows the thigh opening to be more generous and the waist tighter. Grovia recently had users post toddler pics on their facebook wall, and there were some 3 year olds comfortably wearing this AIO!We always use the included snap-in booster for our 15mo old, but it doesn’t make the diaper bulky. If I know my son will soak the diaper, I fold the doubler back on itself so there are three layers in the front and only one in the back. In fact, this configuration is my favorite to use after swim lessons (I guess pool water tastes better than sippy cup water).The reason for four stars rather than five is that I think side snaps aren’t as easy or intuitive for care givers who are accustomed to disposable diapers. My husband is totally fine with the Grovia AIO, but I would never send it to daycare or grandparents (both of whom are fine with the Grovia AI2 in either snaps or hook & loop).

Jasmine Hamilton, IN

Love it!

I loved the Gro Baby diaper system and was sad when they changed over to gro via. But i bought one shell set to try it out and they have made great improvements! I would definately reccommend!

Bobbi Lexington, NY