GroVia Wetbag – Blue Birds

GroVia Wetbag – Blue Birds

GroVia WetbagWet bags are a necessity when cloth diapering! Water resistant and colorful they close with a drawstring and toggle. These wetbags are perfect for day outings. They hold 3 to 5 diapers and measure 12 x 12 inches. Just throw in the wash with your diapers.Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Main features

  • Washable, Water resistant and colorful, they close with a drawstring and toggle
  • Keeps diapers tucked away while busy mom and dads stay on the move!
  • Packs up small and is easy to use with elastic cord and gusset
  • Small Bag: Perfect for day outings in diaper bags
  • 12″ x 12″ – holds 3 to 5 diapers

Verified reviews


like a mini pail liner

I have 3 of these wet bags, and I do like them. I mostly use them as mini-pail liners for day care, as we have a small garbage can we need to line with a fresh bag daily. They hold 5 of the grovia diapers which is perfect for a day at day care. I also keep one in my diaper bag which is good for 1-2 diapers. What I don’t like is the bag doesn’t completely close, i.e. no zipper so if you really wanted to you could arrange leaks. I have a planet wise bag for when no leaks or higher volume of diapers on the road will happen. Colors are great, and I haven’t had any trouble with seepage.

Nadine Mohave Valley, AZ

blue bird wet bag

Got this very fast! I love it already, just need baby now! I will write more when he gets here and I can actually use it. 🙂

Adele Petroleum, WV

eh, could use improvement

cute bag, the drawstring is awful though. after one wash it stopped working properly. it does hold in moisture though.

Isabelle Lyons, NE

Great bag.

This bag works very well for taking along in the diaper bag. It holds about 5-6 diapers (insert+shell). There is no smell from the diaper bag. The rope and closure are durable and seals in the smell very well. Great take everywhere diaper bag. Great grovia quality.

Julie Reyno, AR

Favorite wetbag!

Love these wetbags! They are the perfect size for about 4-6 diapers (depending on the type of diaper). Folds up nice and small too so it doesn’t take up much space in our diaper bag. They dry faster than any other wetbag we have as well. We have the older version (with elastic) and the newer (with a non-elastic drawstring)– I have found that the newer bags are easier to close. Both though do a good job of keeping the smell and moisture contained. Great bags!

Lillie Ville Platte, LA

Great for bottles too!

I use a Planet wise bag for my diapers, but I bought two of these for diapers, used bottles and dirty clothes. I send empty clean bottles in the bag and the the Grandma’s put the used bottles back in to send home. No mess in the bigger bag a lug back and forth. I put dirty clothes in them and use them for dirty diapers if it is a short trip away. My mother in law wanted one to use for a knitting bag. Many uses! Will have them for many years!

Allene Hialeah, FL