Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool – Durable Construction – Non-Slip Surface and Feet – Lightweight – 200 Pound Capacity – Made From Sustainable Materials – 7 Inches Tall x 14 Inches Wide

Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool – Durable Construction – Non-Slip Surface and Feet – Lightweight – 200 Pound Capacity – Made From Sustainable Materials – 7 Inches Tall x 14 Inches Wide

The Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool represents Ginsey’s commitment to a safer and more environmentally conscious world. Made out of pesticide free sustainable bamboo, our Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool can hold up to 200 pounds. It employs stiff, gripping bulbs on the bottom of its feet allowing your little one to stay planted on top while the stool stays firmly on the ground. Plus, it only weighs 1 pound, meaning it’s a lightweight solution to fostering exploration and independence in your child. They can carry it around while investigating all the tall and exciting corners of the world!

Main features

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool is made out of durable and sturdy wood that can hold up to 200 pounds. Unlike other stools made from cheap material that breaks and cracks under trivial stress, our step stool can easily handle your child and whatever mayhem he or she decides to throw at it.
  • NON-SLIP FEET: What good is a step stool if your child is constantly losing his or her balance because it’s sliding around on a slick floor? The Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool employs stiff, gripping bulbs on the bottom of its feet allowing your little one to stay planted on top while the stool stays firmly on the ground.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY CLEAN: Weighing only 1 pound, our Wooden Step Stool is a fantastic lightweight solution that fosters exploration and independence in your child. The physical design was made specifically with young hands in mind, allowing your child to carry it around while investigating all the tall corners of the world! Plus, cleaning is easy. Simply wash with mild soap.
  • MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Pesticide free and made from sustainable bamboo, the Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool represent Ginsey’s commitment to a safer and more environmentally conscious world.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool. Product Dimensions: 7 inches tall x 14 inches wide.
  • Multi purpose
  • Wash with mild soap
  • pesticide-free

Verified reviews


Perfect hight, nice design.

My little boy likes to wash his hands himself. His Baby Bjorn stool is just barely (I mean, barely by a half inch!) too short for him to reach the sink properly. This stool (at a comparable price) is a couple inches higher and puts him at just the right hight for the sink.NOTE ABOUT THE DIMENSIONS:The dimensions here on Amazon say that some part of it is 9″. I assumed this part of the measurement was the hight –I don’t know if it is or not but whatever part it is referring to is incorrect. (Either way, this stool still works perfectly for us.)The ACTUAL dimensions (that I measured myself) are 7″ tall x 14″ wide x 8″ deep(at the very deepest part of top of stool). Just for comparison, our Baby Bjorn is 6.25″ tall.This stool is very stable and my kids have never toppled over on it or toppled forward when reaching for something. I also like that it is made from bamboo and is environmentally friendly.Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs a 7″ tall stool for any reason 🙂

Marcie Beedeville, AR

Love the product but One of the legsis wobbly

I purchased this becausei wanted a little bench for my daughter (22 months) to sit on whe she puts her clothes on. It’s really good looking, perfect height, and i like that it’s made of eco friendly bamboo. My daughter also uses it as a little table to put her books on, and sometimes she’ll climb on it but that’s not the primary use. My one complaint is that the product arrived with one wobbly leg that i have to readjust every couple days. For the price i was expecting a perfect finish. Other than is it’s just what i needed.

Sheri Wallingford, IA

Wish it was a big taller but it is nice

This is a really nice looking stool. I use it all over my house and my son uses it too (he’s 2). My only issue is the height- I wish it was about 2 inches taller. Other than that it is great and looks a lot nicer than the usual step-stool. The quality seems great so far.

Emily Townsend, MT

Great bathroom stool

I originally bought this to sit with my child while he takes a bath, however it sits a little too low to be comfortable for me. However, the stool itself is a great quality and value I cant wait until he is old enough to use it!

Alison Moorcroft, WY

Sturdy and looks great

We use this for our 2 y/o and she loves it. Mainly used for handwashing time in the kids bathroom that doubles as a guest bathroom. I’m not a particular fan of the plastic, bubblegum pink, princess or other character foot stools that our on the market. They’re so cheaply made and yet so expensive. This stool will be useful even when the kids grow up because of the look of it and quality of the product. Also, love the fact that it is eco friendly.

Johnnie Windsor, PA

Good Stool

This is a nice, solid stool. More attractive than the kiddie ones. Seems very sturdy and allows my son to reach the counter to wash his hands.

Mildred Defiance, PA

High Quality Wooden Stool

This stool is very well constructed/finished and overall a great buy. An added plus is the fact that it came w/ rubber grips that slide easily along the tile. The plastic stools have a tendency to make a scraping/dragging noise (which is why I was looking to replace them). I’m relieved and happy to say that the Growing Up Green Wood Stool does not have this issue. I liked it so much that I purchased several for my kids to use around the house.

Traci Woodstown, NJ


This is a great step stool, I use it for my son to wash his hands and use the bathroom. This is for my guest bathroom so I wanted it to look nice and not stand out and this is perfect. It is well constructed and is just simply beautiful. I would by more if I needed them, the best stool ever. Not to mention, my son loves it.

Alta Pacolet, SC

Solid quality

We keep this in the bathroom and haven’t had any issues iwth water or warping. Super sturdy – and looks so much better than all the plastic ones out there!

Hilda Lehigh, OK

Solidly built; perfect for my two-year-old; nice looking

This little step stool is perfect for our just-turned-two-year-old to use at the sink in the bathroom. He also loves to carry it over to the washing machine and watch me put clothes in. It is solidly built, and heavy enough not to tip over, but light enough that my son can carry it short distances all by himself. The legs have little rubber pieces on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. The wood is beautiful, and will still be nice to have around once my son outgrows it, unlike the themed plastic kids step stools.We did need to buy a faucet extender so that my son can reach his hands into the water by himself, but I still think this stool is a good height; if he were to take a tumble from it, barring landing in a weird way, I think he would be fine after a couple of kisses to make it all better 🙂 If it were taller, it would be more difficult for him to get up by himself, and it might be more dangerous for him, in terms of injuries from falling from it (he’s a toddler, he’s bound to fall off eventually, though he hasn’t yet).

Sheryl Donaldsonville, LA

small but handy stepstool

I really like these small wooden stools. They are useful for a variety of things besides just being step-stools. We use them to hold space heaters up above the carpeting, as an extra step up onto tall stairs, etc. I would suggest that the packing include more bubble wrap on the bottom of the box to protect from droppage. However, we have ordered several of these stools and use them all around the house and closet area. They are well made and very pretty besides being useful. Be sure to read the size so that you know what you are getting – they are not tall stepstools, but they are very nice wooden additions to your home.

Leeann Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Stable but not very high

Beautifully made, solid. A rather low stool however. Unfortunately, too short for my daughter to reach the sink to wash her hands.

Socorro Palmyra, MI

Another great product from Growing Up Green

I just wrote a positive review for this company’s potty seat insert as well. Same material (which is aesthetically pleasing in the guest bathroom) and just as durable. I didn’t give it five stars ONLY because I would love to see the same stool with a "step" added to it. My son is shorter than the average kiddo and it would be helpful when he wants to wash his hands if he had one more step to get him a bit higher. All in all a great product.

Ida Idaho City, ID

good quality but much smaller than i expected

even for a child this is very very small. i think it needs to a little larger to be useful to me. I should have paid more attention to the dimensions.

Lindsay Midkiff, WV

Perfect for 3 year old; mine uses his to put on his shoes

This is a great little stool. It’s well constructed, attractive, and my son loves it as it’s just the right size for him to put his shoes on. I was trying to figure out how to get him to put his own shoes on, and bought this as encouragement. It worked great! I put it right by our bench that we use to put our shoes on and he likes to put his shoes on just like us. Very reasonable price as well.

Brandy Bismarck, AR

Great “potty” stool

I purchased this for a stylish "potty" stool in our bathroom. I wanted something that was not ugly bright plastic and that blended with our home decor. My house has already been taken over by toys the last thing I want to look at is more kid colored things in my bathroom. It looks great and is very functional. My two year old uses this to help reach the potty with no issues. It came assembled which was an added plus. Have had it for a few months now and it still looks brand new.

Melanie Alberta, MN

Good quality

I like this product a lot. It’s cute and good quality. It’s sturdy, though since it’s for my toddler use I am going to add some skid pads to the bottom to makes sure it doesn’t slip (not that it does, I just am extra cautious).

Frances Fillmore, IN

Functional step stool that’s looks really nice (probably not for messy areas though!)

I really wish all kids items were this combination of functionality, affordability, and aesthetics…generally speaking if you want the first two it’s most likely going to be plastic (& look plastic) – or you’ll have to sacrifice one to get the third.Not so much with this – it’s not super expensive but well worth the difference – depending on what you’re looking for. I actually picked this one out originally mainly because of the difference in height – this one was just a few inches taller than the others I had seen & since my son is still very young I figured this would be the most useful now. And it’s literally just right for my 18mth old son to reach the water in our bathroom (which has the older/shorter counter heights – not the higher one as that in our kitchen). So I can stand him up on this & let him wash his hands. And it looks great – a lot nicer than I expected. Which is nice since my son uses what is also the guest bathroom…not that the bathroom isn’t already littered in kid proofing & other sorts of plastic bits…Also – I briefly saw something mentioning assembly when doing a super-quick skim of the reviews – mine came assembled – all I had to do was remove the paper label.Very stable too – can easily hold myself or my husband (160lbs) – but that’s to be expected of a wood step stool.I bought this &Bumbo Step Stool, Blue- because we needed something for the kitchen that could be kicked around without damaging either our toes or the actual step stool – or whatever else gets hit in the process of me not noticing it on the floor as I hurry through the kitchen area. They’re both great…would recommend this one to anyone who doesn’t want another piece of plastic in their living areas.__________________________________________After a few months of use I figured I should update this. While I still love this step stool I have learned that it is a real pain to clean when it comes to something like a gob of toothpaste (at least I hope that’s what it is – toddlers seem to ooze grossness sometimes – so I’m just going to go with that). The top of the step stool (the ‘step’ part) has ridges – as you can see in the pics – they’re very tiny & narrow…dry stuff (general dirt & dust & cheerio crumbs & all that good stuff) is no big deal – but if you use this somewhere that can get a bit messy I suggest either wearing shoes or finding a different step stool. It’s definitely not something you want to try & clean icky gooey stuff off…not like the bumbo one which you can just chuck under the water & scrub & you’re done.Also – if you’re looking for something slightly taller than this I suggest theSuperior Performance Inc Educational Products – Folding Stool 11 In. – Blue. It’s super easy to fold open & shut and the perfect heigh for kitchen counters (or higher counters in general). My son is 2.5 now (and about 32-34″ tall) and that’s the one we use in the kitchen – along with the pull-away faucet sprayer thing…).

Natasha Eastport, ME

step stool

My Auntie love it she uses it as bed stool to get up and down but I thought it was bigger maybe just the picture. The wood grain is nice and it is well made/sturdy.

Tania Township Of Washington, NJ

Sturdy stool

I originally bought this to sit on when giving my son a bath, but we use it as a step stool, as well. It’s a solid little stool and looks nice.

Camille Mount Solon, VA

Highly recommend

Great quality and perfect fit for our toddler to reach our pedestal sink. The price was far less than most for the quality.

Whitney Tangerine, FL