GRY 6 Panel Play Gate

GRY 6 Panel Play Gate

This play yard North States is a great choice for parents who spend time outside and need to keep an eye on baby while gardening or enjoying the sunset. The weather-resistant plastic allows it to stand up to Mother Nature and most toddlers up to the age of two. But it’s not only meant for outdoor use. It can just as easily be set up inside for a few hours of entertainment while at the grandparents’ or permanently at home. When the six interlocking panels are connected, the size-adjustable device boasts 18.5 square feet of protective play room. If you decide to purchase the two-panel extension kit (sold separately), this play yard can increase to 34 square feet. Imagine the possibilities! This play yard is durable and lightweight for easy portability (a carrying strap is even included), it is easy to clean and it offers quick access to baby. Should you want to prevent baby from getting into something not meant for him or her, you can also reverse the play yard’s setup. For instance, placing it around the Christmas tree or outdoor plants can keep children away from trouble. The Superyard is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), assuring you that it’s safe for your little ones. Panel dimensions (individual): 30″(W) x 26″(H) Space between each panel: 2.25″ Diamond holes: 1.25″(W) x 1.5″(H)

Main features

  • Complete your chores with peace of mind knowing your child or pet is playing safely
  • Durable, weather-resistant plastic allows for indoor and outdoor use
  • Self standing design
  • 26″ tall interlocking gate panels can create an enclosed play area
  • Can create an enclosed area of 18.5 square feet

Verified reviews


“Must Have” for Babyproofing!

We now own two of these gates/yards. We originally purchased the yard to wrap around our stone wall/fireplace. The wall was too “freeform” to use regular 90-degree and straight-edge padding, so we figured by snaking this yard around the fireplace and entertainment center we’d pretty well babyproof the whole living room. Currently we are using one gate to block off the bottom of the stairs and one at the top (we’re in a rental home and cannot bolt the sturdier ones to the wall). We use them as a deterant and NOT as a “babysitter.” Our daughter is always supervised, but it’s nice to have a “split second accident preventer.” In other words, it would take her some time to move the gate and go around it, by which time we would have caught her red-handed. Our first gate made it through a cross-country move with “Break and Dent Van Lines” with no issues…if only all our items would have been so durable. Anyway, well worth the cost for a variety of uses!

Alba Fort Walton Beach, FL

Very Good Within its Limitations

Welcome to the toddling/scootching/crawling years, where you can’t ever get a break unless you have some way of keeping junior from getting away.The SuperYard is a foldable rigid-plastic fencing system for creating what we called back in the day a play pen. It’s designed to be reconfigurable for a given area, so that the enclosure can be made to fit odd spaces. It works for indoor and outdoor areas, and the optional extensions can be used to make rather large enclosures quite easily.We bought this as a replacement for the Pack-N-Play type portable play yard. Our son, at 10 months or so, had clearly outgrown this smaller type yard, and was quite unhappy at the limiting horizons of its opaque blue walls. The SuperYard has been a very good, albeit not completely perfect, solution for providing some portable play space that requires somewhat lighter supervision than a freeplay in an open room. Our son’s now closing in on 14 months and this has been useful for that purpose.It’s not 100% easy to set up and reconfigure, and there’s a reason for that. The extra difficulty with piecing the “end” sections together means it’s nearly impossible for a tot to open or close this by their lonesomes. It takes some strength and adult wile to open the sections and bend the connectors at various angles to thus reconfigure the overall shape. There’s a slight trick to negotiating the opening mechanism in a panel, but once you “get it”, it’s easy enough. I suspect many of the comments about difficulty of set-up were written by those who had just set the thing up for the first time or who don’t move it around a lot and who have forgotten “the trick”. We’re on our fourth month of using ours, and it’s very easy now to open and close the corral, as we call it (perhaps in part because we do it frequently).One of the big advantages of this type of arrangement is the shape of the enclosure can be changed. I think some of the comments about this being unstable are either from those who are unrealistically expecting a completely rigid structure, or those who may have assembled it in a way that the shape is unstable. If you put a 120 degree angle at each of “joints” and form at least a hexagon (with the basic model) or an octagon (with the model plus one extension), you get an incredibly stable structure. I can demonstrate this by putting my full 200+ lb weight on the edge when it’s open, in which case there’s considerable flex, versus when it’s closed in an octagon shape, in which case it barely gives and I can practically do a push-up on it.Of course the whole thing can slide — it’s made out of plastic and it’s not attached to anything! Your little bruiser may be able to push it around a bit, but your average baby isn’t going to get very far. If the structure is set up in a way that it’s got some sort of limiter (a wall, for instance) keeping it from moving too far, this really ought not be a problem. The idea is for creating a play yard you can set up easily an in a variety of places, and anything that’s fixed permanently is not going to serve that purpose. That’s your trade-off with this type of yard versus a smaller crib or similar yard.The expectation for this should be as a semi-temporary safe play area. I would recommend it for creating a “safe” play zone in an otherwise unsafe area — an unchild-proofed room or outside (where we use it from time to time). It is not to create an undersupervised area, except perhaps for a quick deposit of your tot while you go to the bathroom or answer the door, etcetera. We use this in the room that has our computer — despite our attempts to childproof this area, it’s pretty impossible given the requirements of computer cabling. The SuperYard has at least made a part of this room safe enough.As for being able to climb over it — there may be some prodigious children who can scale this using the lattice work as foot-rests, but I strongly suspect they can scale other things as well. Our little guy can pull up on the frame, and it occasionally slips a few inches, but I don’t know a lot of toddlers coordinated enough to know how to climb a fence AND who have small enough feet to use the rather small lattice openings. (If you want to be extra sure, just put the kid in some shoes, which will make it impossible to use his toes to grab the lattice holes.)I do recommend getting at least one extension, as the extra two panels nearly double the available surface area options, and if you don’t need them you can literally just fold them over without having to detach them.The portability has been excellent — once you get the knack of how much pressure you need to collapse the sections, it folds up like an accordion, and there’s a carrying strap that doubles as a restraining strap to keep the folds together while under transport. Folded up, it takes up about as much space as the smaller Pack N Play but at about half the weight.Where this has been less than ideal has more to do with our kid than the product. He doesn’t like being left alone in it, but neither does he like being left alone in any of his other confinements (e.g. crib). The fact that he can see out the SuperYard is a big help; with the old Graco PackNPlay, the opaque sides meant he couldn’t see a parent even if quite close. So while he objects to being set down alone, a little distraction with a forgotten toy and the reassurance of being able to see the parent through the “wall” usually suffices to make us both happy.

Tammy Princeton, TX

what a great play-yard!

I recently purchased this yard when my twins ((now nearly 8 months old)) started to become mobile.I have yet to baby-gate my entire house, but I have super-yard’ed the family room! I have it shaped as a square, and have those alphabet puzzle peice foam squares inside, to protect my carpet. The boys enjoy being able to actually see through the holes, and be able to play with many of their toys ((rather than being confined in a pack n play)). It is pretty sturdy if used properly, I mean if I or any other adult were to fall on it, obviously it would collapse. It DOES fold, but not at all compactly, and I would say that it would most-likely take up my entire mini-van trunk if I were to travel with it… so if you are looking for a compact on-the-go type of play-yard, look else-where. I do like that you can configure it to fit an oddly-shaped play area, or even remove/add panels ((sold separately which we did not buy)) to make it larger or smaller. Also, due to it being plastic ((very well rounded I may add, no sharp edges!)) we will be able to start bringing it outdoors as well now that the weather is improving!I also am planning on purchasing another one to use to “gate off” 2 over-sized entrance ways to my family room. My husband believes if we screw 3 hooks ((with the full hole, not the 1/2 hole) to either side of each door frame, and then attatch those strong zip-ties to the hooks and the holes in the gate, that it will work. Of course, this will do damage to our walls, but it is the only solution I see fit with such a large doorway ((please note that these are NOT meant for stairs, or doorways. They are NOT baby gates… this is just a creative suggestion I thought I would mention)). And, one of my friends owns one, and used it to surround her christmas tree last year, which I thought was an AMAZING idea!I think that once our boys master crawling, and eventually walking that the super-yard will prove even more valuable than it is now!

Gracie New Orleans, LA

most effective childproofing tool

We purchased this the moment i saw my son fell and landed flat on the floor hitting the bottom corners of our entertainment center & computer table. It gave him a bad bruise on his forehead, and worst of all a very traumatic cry of his life at 8 months. Now that we enclosed our entertainment center along with our computer table with this gate, we not only protected him from some more bad falls, but also kept him away from other stuffs (cds/dvds, remote controls, powersurge outlet and so on) we don’t want him to play with. Definitely, a very sturdy gate that won’t just fall apart when pulled or tagged by my son, now 14 months. It doesn’t even encourage him to climb up on its diagonal shaped railings, no matter how much he tries to. I say, its much cheaper too to invest on gates rather than on childproofing device with adhesives that don’t actually work, and other devices that are not only childproof but adult proof as well. A great investment for a lifelong use.

Adelaide Wampsville, NY

Love it!

We bought 3 sets… family is buying them also. Great idea for when you have to keep the little ones in a safe space, our twins love being and playing in it

Delia Kilmarnock, VA

The Indoor Arena

We love this thing. I read the reviews before I bought it and thought it would be tough to "unravel" but it wasn’t bad at all. I expect a new product not to just pop right into position, but it formed a hexagon rather easily. That’s the key—no assembly required! My daughter is 7 months old and when she pushes herself up on her front arms and tips over onto her back, she occasionally bonks her head on the "wall" of the pen. She gave herself a nice red spot on her head when she hit the "hinge joint" part of the pen that concerned me, but it wouldn’t be very effective if it wasn’t sturdy. The mesh lattice walls seem to have a little give in them. To remedy it as best as I could, I have placed stuffed animals or larger toys in front of the corners. I still think that her rare head bonks are a good trade off for other huge catastrophies that would be occuring daily in or house. She doesn’t protest to being put in it because she has a sense of freedom and scoots all around and is still be able to see us. And we can keep an eye her as well. It is the perfect size as not to intrude on living room space but big enough to hold her ever-growing little body and a ton of her toys. We bought a second one for upstairs and we’re going to try to connect them together for outdoor occasions.

Leola Shunk, PA

Just what I needed for this stage…

My son is getting around pretty good now and I wanted to be able to contain him a little. I put this with the extension kit around his Laugh and Learning Home by Fisher Price and he is able to play while I get a few chores done. It is open enough that he does not feel too confined and seems quite content to play in it for a while. A good purchase that can be used in multiple ways.

Sharon Cleveland, TX

Great corral, bad fence.

We bought 2 of these, and used them to block off the computer desk from the rest of the family room, and to block off the 7′ wide archway between the kitchen and the rest of the house. We soon found that while these are very sturdy and adaptable, they are tall enough that they are a hassle to step over. At least once a week, my husband or I will catch a toe or scrape a shin stepping over. So if you intend to use this fence as a corral, either indoors or out, this is a Great Buy. If you are planning to use it as a fence to block off a wide opening, pay the extra money for the metal version with the gate. you (and your toes) will be much happier.

Nelly Bucoda, WA

A life saver!

When our son started rolling into chairs, we knew we needed something to keep him safe. This play yard fits great in our living room, yet there’s plenty of room for him to roll around in all directions. Also, I like that it’s see-thru. You can see your baby (and he can see you) from across the room. I don’t care that it’s not the most attractive thing. It was affordable and it does the job. And when our son starts crawling, we can completely close it and know that he won’t be able to sneak off. One suggestion I would make to the manufacturer though would be to pad or provide padding around the bottom, about six inches high. My son falls asleep with his head on the edge all the time (NOT very comfortable), and when I move him away from it, he wakes up. It’d be nice to not have to move him.

Madelyn San Marino, CA

Great product to keep your little duffers safe.

We bought this play area to keep our 15 month old daughter safe while we worked outside. She loves it and plays well. It is easy to set up and tear down and takes a matter of seconds. Best of all, is that it is very light and easy to carry, as well as having an excellent carry strap.

Lorrie Jennings, OK

Keeping Toddlers Safe and Happy in the Great Outdoors

Superyard XT is an excellent product for child containment, providing exactly the protection a parent desires for outdoor play. It isn’t a very large gate- even when fully extended, it covers an area only about the size of a medium to large playpen. But it offers enough space to keep one or two kids (and their toys) safely occupied.Superyard XT holds up well and I have left it outside during harsh weather conditions with no problems. It is very easy to clean and to transport. The panels fold together and the carrying strap makes the job even easier still. The panels do not fold completely flat- they do have some thickness, so don’t expect this gate to fit into a tiny space. It needs at least enough space to accommodate the thickness when all six panels are folded together.The panels on Superyard XT are not very tall and because of this, the gate is good only for toddlers and other kids up to about two years of age. As children get older, they will be able to climb over the walls of the gate or possibly knock it down, making it impractical as a containment device. But the shorter height has one clear advantage: It makes it easy for parents because it can be stepped over. There is no need to dissemble the panels or open the gate to get inside.Superyard XT is solid and sturdy but consumers must be careful to position it properly. The gates cannot be placed in a straight line because the design of the gate diminishes its effectiveness when used in this manner. Each one of the joints has to be bent in order to become sturdy. Placed in a straight line, the gate cannot resist pressure and it will fall over with the slightest push.The only complaint I have with Superyard XT is the small space it covers. With the limited space, some people may have difficulty fitting even two kids inside the closed walls of the gate. Depending on the number of toys your kids have, one child might be all that will fit. This is why I strongly recommend purchasing an extension kit. This kit consists of two additional panels and while this doesn’t sound like much, it increases the area substantially and it makes the gate capable of handling two kids with no problems.Overall, Superyard XT is a very good gate for child or pet containment. I brushed it off when I first saw it because it seemed like another useless product with limited use, marketed solely to take our hard earned money. But now that I own the Superyard, I cannot imagine life without this containment device. It offers kids a place to play where they are well- protected, giving parents some much needed peace of mind.

Patrice Pyatt, AR

Keeps baby or puppy safe with ample room to play!

This product is a godsend! I use it on a carpeted area for our 7 month old infant, so she can crawl around to her hearts content and be safe from wall outlets, small objects, etc. I am also planning on getting an extension, to make her play area even bigger. The ‘Superyard XT’ is also great for puppies, and more humane than crating them for hours. My only complaint, and it is minor, is that the gate that opens (so you can get in the ‘Superyard’) is awkward and somewhat difficult to work. There should be an easier swing open type gate on this thing, so that mommy or daddy can quickly enter and leave the play area.

Kelly Goshen, OH

Love It

This has system has given me peace or mind. I know my grand daughter is safe while she is entertaining herself. Great product, very study.

Shanna Sugarloaf Shores, FL

A definite must for parents

This is one of only a few products my husband and I would buy again with no hesitation. We bought it over a year ago (with the extension) and have used it every day since. When my daughter outgrew the octoganal arrangement, we just opened it up and have used it to block her from the kitchen and other dangerous areas. She is not a climber yet, so I do NOT recommend using it in this fashion if your child is. It will tip over, the circular formation is the sturdiest. We haven’t had any problems with pieces breaking off or the plastic being brittle and we adjust it almost daily. Highly recommended.

Mallory Derby, NY

Gloria Grana Babb

This is a stay-at-home mom’s lifesaver!As my little boy (now 9 months) has become moremobile, this product has helped tremendously.It has broadened his world but in an enclosed space.We keep his play yard in a corner within the superyard, in the children’s playroom.He never gets tired of it. He can play with his toys,while I check my email, do the laundry and watch him at the same time. He loves it!He can crawl or cruise within his area and can see me whilehe plays. It’s great that you can adjust the individual pieces.I recommend buying the extra parts to have a larger space for baby to roam in. It never hurts to have extra, in case one breaks. Great product! We have great fun playing in it together!

Rhoda Mason, MI

Good idea, way too expensive.

We got the superyard (or, as I call it, the "Steel Cage Death Match" yard) to contain our child in the living room and den while we are working. This is our experience. Your mileage may vary.Plus side: The fence itself is robust and basically indestructable. In it’s four or five sided form, it’s very stable, even against toddler rage! ("Attica, Attica!") The sides can be taken apart, to make smaller areas.Minus side: the folding and locking mechanism is very stiff, and I was afraid I was breaking it at first when I was opening it up. So far it’s not too much of a problem. The whole system is pretty heavy, and not nearly as portable as they try to tell you. Also, it’s pretty clunky and large, so once it’s up, we keep it up. The major downside is the price. Ack.

Imelda Ixonia, WI

Great Multipurpose Enclosure

I got this from a friend whose son had outgrown it. It has been wonderful. We use it both indoors and out. Outdoors it’s good for keeping and busy infant or toddler in one place so you can do yard work or relax without having to chase them around. It is especially handy in the backyard since we have a pool. I just put a few toys inside it with my son and he’s happy for a while. We don’t have a playpen so we use this inside as well when we need to make sure he stays out of harms way for a few minutes. We even use it for the dog when she sleeps inside at night because otherwise she chews on everything in the house while we’re sleeping. It folds easily and stores great under the bed.

Geri Franklin, MA

gate and play yard

I was initially given this product as a gift for my 9 pound chihuahua. It’s great in the sense that it contains him very well. He is very active and likes to jump very high, but he can not jump over the gate. He tries to push the gate in attempt to escape but the gate does not move. The gate is high enough so that he can not jump over. It contains his crate, wee-wee pad and food bowl with plenty of room for him to play around in. I bought a second one to use as a gate to keep him from going up our stairs. Very sturdy product and we plan on using this also when we have kids. One drawback is the gate is a little difficult to open at times in case you want to just walk in. But I guess that is the good thing also so who ever you have inside can’t get out.

Karyn Sipesville, PA

Good product. I’d recommend it to other parents.

It did exactly what I purchased it for. My baby never actually stayed in the enclosed area (absolutely hated it!) but I was able to use it for other purposes which was great, such as enclosing the fireplace. The floor stickers, or whatever they’re called, to keep it in place left sticky residue on my hardwood floors which took some effort to remove though.

Rena Opp, AL

Works great

I recommend getting the extension that goes with this gate to make it big enough. Our baby never liked to be penned in anywhere, but we use it to gate off the “band area” of the basement. It doesn’t need to be connected to itself to function well. If you do plan to connect it in an enclosable shape, it takes a little getting used to the connection mechanism. My husband has no problem with it at all. It’s very versatile, and I recommend it.

Faith Millwood, WV

It works, But I am not sure its worth the $

It holds position nicely. I feel comfortable that my 10 month old isnt going to tip the whole thing over due to it being substantial in weight.But when it comes down to it, I dont know if I would buy it again for more than 35$.

Linda Marietta, IL

A must have!

This was great for helping me keep an eye on my little one while I worked. I was working from home, and most days I was upstairs and on the computer. Once she could crawl, she started crawling toward everything dangerous. The litter box, the stairs, plugs, you name it, she found a way to get to it. I bought this and it was great! We even purchased the extension kit, so she basically had the whole room, yet was contained. My oldest son even liked to get in with her to play so she was never "lonely".I also used this outdoors a lot during summer months. My family is big on campfires and cookouts and this was a great way to ensure her safety, yet not have her confined to a play pen!

Autumn Mulhall, OK

Keeps doggies out of baby stuff

We bought this play yard when our son was 2 months old and we LOVE it! It keeps his toys, books, blankets, etc. in a clean space away from our curious doggies. It’s a great, roomy size and not too hard to put together or take down. It can be configured into different shapes and easily moved.

Maggie Zebulon, GA

I wish I had bought the Playzone

We bought this instead of the Playzone because it was cheaper. We bought the Superyard XT to use as a playpen area for our son. The Superyard is fantastic when it comes to size and it very sturdy if you mount it to the wall or bolt it into the floors but we prefer not to put holes all over the walls or into our concrete slab. So we did not get to enjoy the gates fullest potential.The Good:1. Very tall2. Has options available to make it sturdy and permanent in placement.3. Able to see though the gates, great for both parent and child.4. Easy to fold up (with some elbow grease)5. Very Very easy to store away.6. White color, very nice can match just about anything.7. Somewhat easy to wash (not like the plastic walls on the Playzone – you just wipe clean), we had to take the gate into the yard and rinse it off with the water hose.8. If it is not bolted into the walls it is quick and easy to take down for more space verses other products such as the Playzone are pretty permantent once in place (they are just too big and bulky)All in all I gave the Superyard XT 4 stars because it has options to make it as sturdy as the more expensive ones out there, but the more expensive ones do not require screws, or holes to your home to complete the job. If you want to use the Superyard as an extensive gate to block entranceways this gate is fantastic in every way. If you are buying to use as a Playyard, then buy the Playzone if you have an extra fifty bucks.

Millie Abita Springs, LA

Multiple uses

I recieved this as a shower gift and began using it when my daughter began to crawl. It was better than any play yard because there is much more room for toys and for baby. As she grew (and the number of toys as well), I purchased an extension to make the area bigger. It was great for both indoor and outdoor use. We also used it to block the large open area between our kitchen and family room that no other gate would be large enough to cover. Now that winter is here and she is running about, we are using it to block our wood(pellet) stove to prevent any accidents. We also plan on using it around our Christmas tree again this year. Other reviews have complained that it is not sturdy or difficult to set up. I have never had a problem and it folds up and stores easily. Well worth it for it’s versatility.

Florine Lublin, WI

Multiple Uses!!!

I began using this when my first daughter began to crawl. I liked that it was bigger than any playpen or playyard and could accommodate my growing daughter as well as her toys. It is easy to put together and I purchased an additional section to make it even larger. We have used it at home, at the beach, in the yard and as a barrier for both the Christmas tree and pellet (wood) stove to keep our little ones safe.

Alison Hermitage, TN


This gate is an indispensable thing in our household. We have twins and it seems to keep our kiddos as well as all their stuff in one place. They can’t stay in here for too long, but it’s great for when we need to cook and can’t have them by our side. This is the best gate!!

Melissa Barney, ND

it will NOT make a regular octagon

it will NOT make a regular octagon, even if you have 8 panelsthe problem is, it only opens to certain angles, and 135 degrees is not one of themit only does 90, 120, and 150(but 120 degrees is good for a hexagon, just don;t think if you have to have any old number of panels, you can make any polygon you want, you can;t.. additionally the SQUARE, which you can make with the 90 degree angles, are not very strong and not recommended by the instructions, especially if you are thinking, i can have use 8 panels to make a square, it will be very flimsy in the middle of the straight junction.. they specifically say DO NOT do that, have 2 sides joined at a 0 degree angle.. basically a hexagon is about all it really works for.. though a 4 sided square works, it isn;t weak, it is just tiny..)so you can HAVE an 8-sided fencebut the angles will have to be half 120 and half 150 degreeswhich is more of a square, just with bent sidesnot a real regular stop-sign type octagon!@#$plus it;s a little flimsyand (no matter what the shape is) there is no way to have an easy open/close gate, you have to either step over it or take a side apart every time [very hard]when i bought it, the store guy said ”oh what kind of dogs do you have..?”hmALSOwhen your kids get to about 18 months or so, they can either move the sides, by walking while pushing on a side, which changes the angle you had it set to, or just lifting it and crawling undergood for babiestoddlers, not so mucheither fix it to the floor somehow, or accept that they will escapedogs might do that tooespecially just dig under or root it up with their nose and go underwle

Della Ellettsville, IN