Guava Family Lotus Plush Quilted Sheet

Guava Family Lotus Plush Quilted Sheet

The Plush Quilted fitted sheet is designed for specifically for the Lotus Crib mattress and ads additional softness and comfort. It has a soft velour surface and quilted polyester padding to keep your little one happy, and is easily removable and machine washable. – Soft padded velour surface – Machine Washable – Recommended age: 12 months and older – Flat pocket design w/ velcro tab slots to fit the Lotus Crib Mattress

Main features

  • – Soft padded velour surface
  • – Machine Washable
  • – Flat pocket design w/ velcro tab slots to fit the Lotus Mattress

Verified reviews


Super soft, fits perfectly!

I review far less than I should, but since there are only a handful of reviews for the quilted sheet I’m hoping this is helpful.First off, the sheet is amazing and far exceed my expectations based on the reviews here. The "mattress" for the Lotus Crib is pretty minimalist from an adult’s perspective – my baby could care less. Still, I liked the idea of adding some additional comfort, so I opted for the quilted sheet rather than the regular crib sheet.SO glad I did.It isn’t poofy per se, rather it is like a quilted velveteen fabric. When I first put the baby down for a nap with the new sheet, he rubbed his face on the fabric and passed out in a few minutes. The sheet is a very snug fit (pretty sure no parent would want a bulky quilted sheet for a baby;-) – they recommend it for 12mo and up, but I feel very comfortable letting my 9mo old sleep with it. It is not so snug, however, that I struggled to put it on the mattress…not sure what others were experiencing there. It’s fitted, but in no way was it challenging to get on.As for the washing instructions – here again, I’m confused about others’ feedback and am wondering if Lotus altered the product a smidge. It says wash cold and dry on low heat. I had no problems here. On the off-chance I experience some shrinking in the future I’ll happily update this review, until then – heck of an addition to an already awesome crib.

Estelle Clementon, NJ

Love this quilt!

I bought this for my travel Guava crib, and it works great! Very soft and thick for comfort! Love it!

Sonia Shelbyville, KY

You need this with the lotus crib!

Its definitely necessary to go with the Lotus portable crib because the mattress pad is so thin that this gives it added plush.

Arlene Lydia, LA

I wish it fit my bed!

The first sheet I received wasn’t sewn properly so the batting was exposed. I contacted Guava Family (all Guava Family products carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty), and they sent me a new one! There are only 2 guys who answer the phone – they really are a small company, and they really do treat you like family. I’m not sure they anticipated that the Lotus crib would do so well, since they’ve sold out of the sheet. (The Guava Family site says it’ll be available in June.) 4 stars for the sheet (it’s comfy but quality control at the manufacturer should have caught the hole); 10 stars for Guava Family’s customer service.

Shanna Brookfield, NY

Great addition to the Guava Lotus crib

This is a necessity if you are using the Guava Lotus Travel Crib. My little guy loves the softness of this sheet and it adds a little more cushion to the mattress.

Kitty Nageezi, NM

tough to get on

these are very tough to get onto the mattress for the lotus. the elastic makes the mattress fold up and makes the most frustrating part of the lotus even MORE frustrating. the sheet is very soft though and adds a little more padding to the mattress which is on the thin side. the problem is more with the pack and play itself than the sheet.

Frances Starrucca, PA