Gumdrop Full-term Natural Scent Pacifier Blue

Gumdrop Full-term Natural Scent Pacifier Blue

A baby can be put at risk with an unsafe pacifier and the possibility of loose bits of silicone. That’s why they created the GumDrop. The GumDrop is a safe, soft topped pacifier that’s already been designed to fit your baby’s face – even in the face of tubes and cannulas, so you will never have to modify the shape. And its perfect for side-lying without the hard plastic bases of most other popular pacifiers. GumDrop rests comfortably against your baby’s delicate skin, offering a silicone-covered, curved surface and a familiar nipple shape that babies love. Our GumDrops also come in a soothing Vanilla scent that can calm the fussiest of babies.

Main features

  • Completely encapsulated with silicone – soft against baby’s face.
  • Single-body construction won’t come apart
  • Modeled after the most commonly used baby bottle nipple and pacifier shapes
  • Meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for pacifiers.

Verified reviews


Great pacifiers

My daughter was put on the soothie binky at the hospital when she was born. I had a hard time keeping up with them since you couldnt put a holder on them. I found these online and thought the idea of having a vanilla scented binky was interesting. Plus it has the same nipple shape as the soothie. Another thing that makes the gumdrop better is it’s shaped like a regular binky, it’s not round so it wont squish your babies nose down.And anyone interested, the vanilla scented ones arent strong enough to disrupt your baby. It’s a very light pleasant scent.

Julia Ibapah, UT

Wonderful pacifier!!

Not only is this pacifier made in the USA, it is affordable, durable and adorable. I recieved some of these at the hospital and once my baby had gotten to the pacifier stage, he loved this one! I had such a good experience with this brand that I had to buy a bunch more. We have them all over the house now for whenever baby needs one. I highly recommend this brand. They do not smell like rubber like other pacifiers nor do they have parts that will come apart in the sink or dishwasher like others.

Lolita Mantua, UT

Excellent Product

This is an excellent product. Very soothing for the baby. Highly recommend for babies between 2 and 9 months of age. My baby prefers no other pacifier.

Dale Idleyld Park, OR

very similiar to smoothies…but different

Although this is not the only one of its kind on the market, I believe it is the original so I chose it despite it not having the ability to be “prime” and avoiding shipping and handling was not an option. The product is fine, but my daughter will not take it…however we have tried 3 other kinds and she will not take them either. This pacifier is very similiar to the smoothie but instead of completely round around the baby’s mouth it has a curved cut out for the nose. I guess this make a difference to my daughter at least because although she will not suck on it she tolerates it enough to chew on it for a couple of minutes unlike the others.

Natasha Leon, VA

Good quality

My son will be teething soon and thus far he has rejected every brand of pacifier that we have tried. The GumDrop is well made with good quality silicone. It fits my son’s face perfectly and leaves room for his little nose to breathe. He prefers licking on it and chewing rather than sucking… but at least he isn’t spitting it out! I ordered a vanilla one as well and he seems to prefer that one over the unscented.

Maxine Burt, MI


When our daughter was first born we used this pacifier on occasion when she was fussy (the hospital gave it to us). We got a soothie as a gift and she didn’t like it at all. This is the only pacifier she would take. It fit her mouth much better than a soothie (or other pacifier) and she could easily hold it with her hand at a young age because it is lighter (than the soothie). I highly recommend it. It’s easy to clean too!

Iva Manchester, IL

Best Newborn Pacifier

Love these for newborns. They are the perfect size and they have a better shape than the hospital provided soothie paci’s.

Eva Pricedale, PA

These are just “ok”

I exclusively breastfeed so I thought I would try these since they are supposed to be better for breastfed babies. But these fall out of my newborn’s mouth constantly. He much prefers the MAM’s and is able to keep them in his mouth longer.

Pansy Holt, MI


Unfortunately it didn’t work for my newborn. She doesn’t like it or any others for that matter. She only took the Soothie a few times.

Brandi Bemus Point, NY

gummy-good but he won’t take it

My husband and I both liked the gummy texture and are tempted to chew o it ourselves. But our little breastfed baby has never liked it. Seems baffled and could never keep it in his mouth.

Maricela Cochrane, WI

thinner and lighter than other pacifiers

This pacifier was recommended to me by a lactation consultant because they are thinner and lighter than other pacifiers. Unfortunately, my son just won’t take any pacifier.

Miriam Amity, AR

Only pacifier my child will use!

This is the only style pacifier that my son will use. We have tried others, but he will only take this one. It is light weight and shaped like his bottle nipples and contours to his face. Great pacifiers.

Winifred Peel, AR


My daughter loved these after recieving them in the hospital instead of the soothies that hospitals offer. I was breastfeeding and told the nurses not to give her any pacifiers but they continued to do so any way and it did not disrupt her latch on. After coming home from the hospital and having several other brands of pacifiers, these were the only ones she would take. They are cute colors, and lightweight. They are also cheaper than soothies. I have bought a whole bunch of these and recommend them to anyone who’s baby likes a soothie.

Chelsea Mount Olive, IL