GumDrop Full-term Pacifier, Vanilla Scented

GumDrop Full-term Pacifier, Vanilla Scented

This GumDrop pacifier is for full-term babies. Mango orange color, vanilla scent that calms even the fussiest of babies. The pacifier is curved to fit babys face and is half the weight of other silicone pacifiers. Its single-body construction wont come apart, and the soft silicone covers entire surface, so the pacifier rests comfortably against babys face. Modeled after the most commonly used baby bottle nipple and pacifier shapes and meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for pacifiers.

Main features

  • loved by babies everywhere
  • soft uni-body silicone construction won’t fall apart
  • lightweight and soft
  • comfort curved to fit baby’s face

Verified reviews


Smells so nice!

I was a little bit wary of buying a scented pacifier, but I was hoping that it would entice my pacifier hating son into using it. He will be teething soon and thus far he has rejected every brand of pacifier that we have tried. The vanilla scented GumDrop is well made with good quality silicone. It fits my son’s face perfectly and leaves room for his little nose to breathe. He prefers licking on it and chewing rather than sucking… but at least he isn’t spitting it out! I ordered an unflavored one as well, but he seems to prefer the vanilla.

Cynthia Wayan, ID

Best pacifier!

This was the only pacifier my son would take. And I like it because it is rubber and he just chews all over it now and I don’t have to worry about hard plastic hurting his gums.

Paulette Chadron, NE


Love these!! Best newborn paci’s out there. I love the shape and I really love the scented ones. My daughter loved these when she was little and they were the perfect size for a newborn.

Melisa Florence, AZ

Great pacifier!

I switched my daughter over to this from the original soothie and she had no problems with the switch. The scent is light and pleasent, not overwhelming. And you can still smell it even after several boils and washes. Great deal for a great pacifier.

Concepcion Shepherd, MT

Hard to find

These are hard to find! Dont be fooled. There are similar pacifiers that are harder and slick. These have more of a ‘rubber’ feel and are much softer.

Gilda Mansfield, MA

Only pacifier my child will use

My infant will only use this pacifier, and I routinely recommend it to parents who have tried other pacifiers and their child doesn’t not take to them. I like that the pacifier is all in one piece and that there aren’t any hard parts to be uncomfortably places if lost in bed or the car seat. This pacifier does not leave marks on the face, and the cut out makes it so the child’s nose isn’t covered.This pacifier is difficult to find in retail stores, but can be ordered in bulk from the supplier. My only complaint about this pacifier is that ordinary pacifier clips do not work with this pacifier.

Rosalia Batavia, IA