Gunamuna Gunapod Wearable Blanket Natural Collection, Petunia Pink/Cocoon, Small

Gunamuna Gunapod Wearable Blanket Natural Collection, Petunia Pink/Cocoon, Small

The Gunapod is the first major overhaul in the sleep sack market in 15 years. A smarter wearable blanket. This soft and cozy fleece baby sleep sack has a simple-yet-ingenious layout of zippers and snaps incredibly easy to adjust into many configurations, means baby is more comfortable and mom’s life is easier. The mama creators behind the gunapod wearable blanket know a thing or two about middle-of-the-night diaper changes and sleeping-baby-transfers. Their experience is your gain. The gunapod is safety meets usability. Plus front zipper and shoulder snaps. The unique all around zipper allows simple diaper changing. Baby remains dressed and warm and minimally disturbed, no need to undress baby to change diaper, unzip the outside from the bottom as high as necessary without limitations, simple and fast. Temperature ventilation by unzipping in many combinations. The Gunapod allows for easy dressing/undressing, leave bottom open for free movement of feet, oversized fit with large armholes and a super plush fabric for ultimate comfort ideal for use outside of crib in car or stroller.

Main features

  • 80% Viscose/20% Cotton
  • Imported
  • For kids between 3 to 9 months
  • The size of the item is 21 x 29″^Unique all around zipper allows simple diaper changing^Oversized fit with large armholes and a super plush fabric for ultimate comfort^Temperature ventilation by unzipping in many combinations^Can leave bottom open for free movement of feet

Verified reviews


Light Weight Option

When the weather warmed, the traditional sleep sacks got way to hot causing several midnight crys. He wasn’t hungry but when I lifted him, his back was completely damp. We tried no sleep sack, but that was a disaster too. So we purchased this lighter weight sleep sack.The sleep sack is perfect for warmer season. Lighter weight but not so light that the fabric fills flimsy. All of the zippers seem a little excessive, but I am sure I will be happy for them when our son starts standing and what not. The sack is pretty tall which means it will last longer. I don’t think we will be going back to the old Halo ones. ever.

Sonja Woods Cross, UT

Simply the BEST Sleep Sack out there

I bought this after several of my “Aden + Anais” sleep sacks suffered broken zippers. I have the heavier weight Gunapod and love it, I would have saved a ton of money on the A+A and just got these if I knew they existed. The fabric is lighter and more breathable than the heavier (blue & white stripe) version but still has a nice weight and feel to it. The perfect amount of blanket for an air-conditioned room. The zipper system is simply brilliant. You can literally get your little one in and out with your eyes closed. No looking for zipper ends to match up in the dark.

Beatrice East Taunton, MA

Worth the expensive price tag

Very comfortable feeling material. There are 3 types of gunamuna gunapod blankets and this is the only one I have tried. They others look like they might be a thicker, warmer material. This one is light–perfect for my summer baby! If you are looking for something to use during a cold winter then this is not the sleepsack for you.The zippers are awesome. Not only can you get the sleeper on baby in many different ways but you can allow airflow if needed. I leave the sleeper unzipped in my daughter’s crib so when its time for bed or a nap I can lay her right down on the sleeper and zip her into it. This has come in handy the few times she fell asleep on me or right as I put her down. I can zip her into it without bothering or waking her up.Washes well.We will definitely be getting more!

Vickie Mondamin, IA

perfect sleeping sack

Bought this for y 12 month old daughter, she loves al the room she has in it and is facinated by the dots. When she grows out of it her little brother will start wearing it. It is very durable, easy to put on/take off, keeps her comfortable and looks very cute

Lakeisha Harmon, LA

Love my guanmuna sack!

I have several Halo sacks which are good but I was looking for one that was heavier without it being fleece and had more versatility. This one fit the bill on all things. It has so many different zippers to let the feet out or venting it was super flexible in that mode.The material feels like a comfy old sweatshirt so its warm but not over powering like the fleece sacks.I love the colors although the chocolate looks more like a washed out black.Pro: Versatile product, many different ways to use and get your baby out/in the sack. Sweatshirt material, especially soft and super comfy. Zippers are super durable no issue with them splitting. Product is strong and very well put together.Cons: the only one I have is so small in the grand scheme of things. The Chocolate polka dots fade really bad. They use to be black more then brown and have faded to a really light black, I never saw chocolate brown in the dots ever.I love this product and really wish it came in an XL size for the next size up!

Martha Centerville, TX

Gunapod Sleep Sack

I am a huge believer of sleep sacks for babies! No blankets in the crib, please! My husband’s older brother died of SIDS, so we keep up to date on potential causes for it, including suffocating by blankets and crib covers. The thing that stands out for us on the Gunapod Sleep Sack is that it allows lots of ventilation for your child through various zippers (so yes, you can keep the feet out of the blanket). Overheating for a baby is also a known potential for SIDS and since we will still be going through another winter before we transition out of a sleep sack for our little one, this is perfect! This definitely gives us piece of mind.

Glenda Demorest, GA


Super soft, gets even softer in the wash.Love all the zippers – easy to access baby. Easy to put it on after she falls asleep with minimal distruption.I found it to be true to size.

Gwendolyn Sumatra, FL

Cute, but not plush

I like the idea of this opening in various ways. We almost all have kids that start acting like going to bed means the end of the world, so having different ways of getting kids inside their sleep sack really helps. Another bonus is having a sleep sack be friendly for walkers (or new walkers like my one year old).The con for me is that I admit I picked this because of the modern design along with the multiple openings AND the “super plush” fabric. Yeah, this is a really thin jersey and doesn’t offer the kind of warmth I’m looking for during the winter times.I’m returning because the large really is for a toddler and my babe needs a medium. However, since i need this for wintertime in our snowy German village, I’ll be going with Swaddle Designs next where we purchased her lovie blanket/woobie. That is what i think of with the “plush.”

Antonia Byesville, OH