Gund Baby Tinkle Crinkle Rattle Toy

Gund Baby Tinkle Crinkle Rattle Toy

Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle & Squeak Worm – Primary

Main features

  • Artist designed
  • Surface washable
  • The world’s most huggable plush

Verified reviews


Cute Baby Toy

This is colorful, soft, and makes lots of fun sounds babies love. I would recommend it to anyone for their baby.

Maude Traver, CA

Will last a while….

I know the dimensions are listed, but for some reason I was surprised at how big/long the caterpillar is. Because it is not like a big stuffed animal (long and thin) it was very easy for my 4 month old to hug and hold. He can easily pull it to his mouth to bite on it. He’s almost 6 months now and can focus on one area or another…it is still big for him. So I can see how for the next few months, he’ll still be interested because it is big and he can do more and more with it. my 2 year old niece visited and latched onto it and began imagination play.

Nola Kiowa, KS

I play it with more than he does.

I think there was so much written about this that my head probably over rated it and now I’m discontent. My kids doesn’t even look at it unless I’m on all fours like a dog and carrying it in my mouth. But, really, I don’t think he’s looking at the worm at all but thinking, "Mommy has gone bow wow wow crazy." It’s soft and not even cute. Just, it is. That’s it. No magic, just what you see people. If what you see on the screen isn’t making you scream and yell, it’ll probably get the same reaction. You want more, prepare to crawl and bark.

Nola Memphis, MO

My Baby Loves It

This little worm has been great for my little one. She loves that that head and tail rattle while she can squeeze the red and blue to get crinkle noises. The squeakers are two different pitches which is also fun. I just washed mine for the first time and aired it dry. Still works great. We are very happy with our purchase

Haley Angeles, PR

It’s a cute toy

My child loves this toy so if it is good for them it is definitely worth 5 stars. On amazon the price is right as well.

Dixie Canaseraga, NY

Great but don’t know where Crinkle comes from

We received this product and our little one really likes all the colors and the squeaking noise but I’m not sure where the "crinkle" part comes from because our product must be defective. There isn’t any crinkle but we can live without.

Yvonne Louisville, TN