Haba Ballino Clutching toy

Haba Ballino Clutching toy

Haba Ballino Clutching toy Haba’s clicker clacker ball has bright primary colors. Made of European hardwood from sustainable forests, it is colored with a nontoxic water-based stain. Product Dimensions (inches): 3.27 (L) x 3.27 (W) x 3.39 (H) Age: 6 months and up

Main features

  • Infants love this colorful, classic wooden toy
  • Bright rattling ball made of wooden discs
  • Fun clicking and clacking sounds that babies enjoy
  • Great toy for first grabbing
  • Made from high-quality wood and multiple layers of nontoxic coloring for years of safe play

Verified reviews


Aesthetically Pleasing, Not Much Much Fun as a Toy

I bought Haba’s Ballino for my daughter sometime just before she turned one. As a huge fan of anything ball-like, I thought it would capture her fancy.The toy itself is essentially 6 wooden pieces strung together on a very thick rubber cord. Each piece is separated by a small wooden ball to give even spacing. The pieces can be clicked together, and because it never forms a perfect ball, ballino can be rolled on the floor but will go in a fairly random direction. I thought this aspect would pique my daughter’s curiosity, but it did not.The first day she received it, she played with it a little, but it has been virtually untouched since then. I assumed perhaps she was too old for it, but having read the other reviews on Amazon, I don’t think this was the case. Since this toy is too large and awkward to be chewed or easily manipulated by the hands of a young baby (6-9 months), and doesn’t have any entertainment value beyond rolling it a bit for a baby older than 9 months, it becomes less a practical toy with possible play value and more a pretty and rather pricey bit of toy box decor.It is pretty and well made. It will probably last forever – or at least a few decades until the rubber cord dry rots. But if I had it to buy again, I would absolutely pass it up. There are far better toys out there with much more long lasting play value. In fact, Haba’s plain wooden balls have received far more play time than this fancy and seemingly more interesting toy.

Alexandria Ferndale, NY

Not a favorite, but hopefully one day…

I recently purchased 4 Haba toys for my 9 month old. He seemed interested in Ballino the first day, but hasn’t spent much time with it since. His favorite is Trix which he plays with for a long time, taking it around the house, banging it on furniture and, of course, chewing on it. He also really likes Flapsi because there are interesting things to look at, it makes a neat sound when he flaps it and he likes chewing on the head and tail. He doesn’t spend much time at all with Haba’s Triangle, but obviously every child will have different preferences. I am still very happy to have tried them all and hope that he will go through different stages when he will find them all interesting. Right now he is mostly interested in inspecting EVERYTHING in the house which is why I purchased more toys! But I think I’m just going to have to let him explore awhile!

Dona Artesia, MS

Oh, how I love the Ballino…

We love this toy. Well-made, well-designed, and fun. Great for older infant who is learning to use both hands together, as it is a little large to grab with one hand. Not much fun for chewing on, but fun to roll. Highly recommend.

Leonor University Park, PA

Surprisingly it works

This is just a few wooden discs tied via a rubber band. I was very skeptical at first. It actually works. My daughter is glued to it. When you play catch; it does make clicking sound. She likes to grab it and play with it for long times. I hope it is made of good quality paint.. as she chews a lot too. Count less hours of fun and price less smiles.

Cindy Neihart, MT

Nice grasping toy

This ball is very well made, tennis ball sized. A bungee cord holds it together giving it the ability to bend from side to side producing a nice wooden clak. My 7 month old has had this for a few months and she definitely likes it. I admit I thought it was a bit of an odd shape for a baby to pick up but my daughter doesn’t seem to care and has no problems with it and even seems to enjoy the unusual build of it. She still sucks on the ball although you would think that would be hard too. It looks fascinating when it’s spun like a top. I imagine she will continue to like this ball as she grows and can start to really participate in rolling it about. As for us adults in the house, we find ourselves absently-mindly holding it and softly clacking it from one side to another- ahhh… baby toy therapy.

Gena Laurens, SC