Haba Clutching Toy Sunni

Haba Clutching Toy Sunni

The Sunni Clutching Toy has been expertly designed to help develop clutching and grasping skills. The “rays” wiggle around when shaken about, making a fun rattling sound to delight your child. The vibrant colors are a non-toxic, water-based stain. The Sunni is recommended for ages 6 months and up

Main features

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  • Made of solid beech wood and colored with a non toxic water based stain
  • Includes a built in bell for rattling purposes to highten the level of fun that this toy already brings
  • Also the “rays” wiggle around when shaken about, making a fun rattling sound to delight your child
  • Baby toys recommended for ages 0 – 12 months
  • Made in Germany

Verified reviews


Sheer Delight!

This is a delightful toy! The colors are wonderful, the size is perfect for me for therapy for rheumatoid arthritis in hands, and well, it just beams!Haba toys are well-made, and this is no exception. It’s wood with a quiet jingle bell and sturdy elastic cording covered by the wood, so you can bend it satisfyingly.The colors just demanded that I order it–they are my favorites! And the smile helps with therapy. It’s great.

Trudy Post Mills, VT

I like it more than my son does

This toy is so precious. I love the sweet face and bright colors. Besides, who doesn’t like a little sunshine! It has a very soft bell in the back, so the noise is very faint (almost hard to hear, really). It spins like a top, and that is fun for both baby and parents to watch. My son can grab the sun rays and gnaw on the rays a little (they are a little bit wider than most actual teething toys). We got it for him when he was 5 months old, and he will play with it for only a short amount of time before being ready to move on to something else (we’ve had it about 3 weeks now). I do catch myself spinning it around on the floor while playing with it, so obviously it’s pretty mesmerizing for one of us. 🙂 Overall, I probably wouldn’t purchase it again because it is a little expensive for how infrequently he plays with it, but it would make a sweet “you are my sunshine” gift for a mom-to-be.

Rosella Cloverdale, AL

this was cute but it came scuffed

It’s a good size, about the size of a large palm and the "rays" are very flexy and cute for baby – when i showed it to Babe before I tucked away in her christmas stocking, at 4 months she seemed intrigued and ready to mouth on it 🙂 will update with how she does with it long term….I would recommend to the seller to at least place it in a bag upon shipping – it was just out in the open in a cardboard box with other items and got little black markings on the face. I was able to rub most of the marks off but ….still… shipping 101, people! I don’t think it’s too bad to the point I feel like sending it back in so I’ll be lazy and hold on to it. the bell on the inside is very faint-sounding. I wish it was a little more ear-catching for Babe.

Gena Murrayville, GA

Paint washes off

This little toy was so adorable, so I put it on my daughter’s wish list for Christmas. My mother bought it for her. You couldn’t really hear the bell. Just wasn’t very loud, but kiddo did like to chew and suck on the sun rays.Unfortunately, the paint started coming off the very first time we washed it. We didn’t soak it in sink-full of water or anything. Just a wipe with a soapy rag, quick rinse, dry.What is the point of a baby toy that you can’t clean? Babies are disgusting little creatures!

Darcy Port Alexander, AK

Sunny smiley

Finger like shapes good for chewing. Bright colors so easy to find. Can be spun for interest. The magica toy was loved a bit more, not by much tho. Nice smiling face.

Sue Chunky, MS

Good for little hands and teething gums.

My son had just turned 6 months old when I purchased this. It was our first Haba toy, and after exploring several of them in stores, I decided the size of this toy was best for our current needs. Many of the other Haba toys seemed too large and didn’t seem to have enough "nubs" to chew on for a baby my son’s size/age. At first, this toy didn’t seem like much of a hit. He would hold it and attempt to put it in his mouth, but usually tired of it quickly and wanted to move on to something more stimulating. As he approaches 7 months old, he’s really starting to take an interest. His gums are swollen and he’s in the throws of teething now, so this toy has gained new respect in our house. It’s small enough that he can hold it, but also has enough ridges that his clumsy hands don’t drop it easily. He usually fits two of the sun rays in his mouth at a time to maximize the gum surface area he’s reaching. There is a small bell in the center of the sun- it doesn’t jingle as much as I’d prefer (my son likes lots of bells and whistles with his toys), but it’s a soft, pleasant sound nonetheless.

Jaime Moneta, VA

Love it for multiple reasons.

I originally bought this wooden toy for my 1 year old little girl because we needed a new teething toy and it is just so cute! Also, it is made by Haba (always a reliable company). Now that we’ve had it a while, we love it for multiple reasons:- The tiny bell inside jingles, but it’s just loud enough to hear if you are holding it –in other words, it’s not at all annoying.- It’s durable. We’ve had it for about 4 months now and it still looks like new. The paint has not chipped off despite my daughter’s constant gnawing/gumming.- Non-toxic- The “sun beams” move around so she can twist them and pull on them.- When we put it on a hard surface, it spins around like a top would. She thinks this is hilarious.- Highly entertaining (for my baby at least). She will sit and play with it for 15-20 minutes at a time and she carries it all over the house.I’d recommend Sunni to anyone!

Patti Crosbyton, TX

One of our favorites

I have yet to meet a teething baby who did not love this. The rattle is bright and fun. The different sized sun rays are perfect for chewing on. The rattle part isn’t very loud but that doesn’t take away from the toy. We love haba products, very well made and hold up!

Casey Hosston, LA