Haba Croo-ak Clutching Toy

Haba Croo-ak Clutching Toy

Croak, croak goes the frog. This cute frog Soft Rattle is all about looking, clasping and listening. All wooden parts threaded on to an elastic band.

Main features

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  • 5.2 in L x 2.68 in W x 2.68 in H
  • Materials: Beech wood. Non toxic, water based stain.

Verified reviews


Loving the frog….

Very cute. It is easy for my granddaughter to grab, she seems to love the face and I love the noise it makes. I really don’t like toys that are loud or abrasive to my ears, this is gentle and fun. It is easy for her to grab and manipulate at 4 months.

Stacey Cedarville, AR


I thought it would be WAY bigger than it actually is. Its only a few inches tall. My baby does like it though, and he loves to suck on and chew on the arms and head. Good quality. I dont think I wouldve bought this knowing how small it really is.

Lena Post, OR

My son loves this toy

I took my son to the toy store to pick out a toy, and this is the item he picked. He loves shaking things (he’s 10 months) and it makes a pretty great sound. The core of the frog is elastic, so when he’s older he’ll be able to stretch the toy a bit too for additional entertainment. I like that the HABA toys are made in Germany to EU standards; it makes me feel better about him constantly putting it in his mouth. I don’t know how educational it is, but he certainly seems to enjoy it and it seems as though it will last a long time.

Rebecca Jarratt, VA

Baby’s Favorite Toy!

Amazingly, this froggy is my 9 month old son’s favorite toy. He has a mountain of toys to choose from, and he always picks his froggy friend. He loves to shake it like a rattle and chew on it’s arms. This toy is a lifesaver and I would recommend it to everyone.UPDATE: My son is now 2 years old and he STILL loves this happy little frog. I saw some reviewers mention that they were concerned about the arms possibly being a choking hazard, and I would like to say that they are still as tightly attached as they day we got it! This toy is definitely going in the keepsake box for my son! it’s so well made, I’m pretty sure my future grandchildren will play with this toy!

Elvia Bens Run, WV

Very cute

I feel weird saying that it’s only three-stars for education, because at four-months, isn’t everything educational to a baby?Anyway, this toy is very cute, but it is small, so check the dimensions before you order if you’re expecting something bigger. It’s a little expensive, but worth it to me. like the design and the bright colors. My daughter enjoys chewing on wood, and I enjoy knowing that she’s chewing on something made to EU standards, so it isn’t nearly as likely to be toxic as her plastic toys from China.

Sherri Mackinaw City, MI

Everybody loves it!

This is the absolute cutest baby toy ever! We love the way the wooden pieces clack together and the sound the little balls (hands) make when you twirl it around. Babies love chewing on the balls, so the shape must be perfect for little teethers as well. The face is pleasant, and the colors are vibrant, but not overwhelming. A simple gorgeous favorite for sure!

Shawn Hampton, CT

Great toy.

This adorable toy by Haba has lasted well through two different children and over 6 years of play. I love how Haba uses quality paint. It never chips (unlike Melissa and Doug).

Bridgette Sipsey, AL

Very nice clutching toy

I bought this and the moby toy and didn’t realize I was getting practically the same type of toy (clutching toy) but just two different animals. I don’t consider this a “rattle” because well..it doesn’t! The wood just makes a claking noise as it is shaken back and forth (not very easily by a baby) and it’s just as much of a “teether” than the moby is and for that matter any toy. Don’t get me wrong it is a very cute clutching toy but I was expecting to get exactly what it says a “wooden teether and rattle”

Isabella Hubbardston, MA