Haba Klick-Klack Rattling figure

Haba Klick-Klack Rattling figure

It clicks. It clacks. It makes you laugh! Wooden parts threaded on elastic band. Material: beech wood. Dimensions: approx. 3.5` x 2`. Recommended for 6 months and up. Made in Germany.

Main features

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  • Looking
  • clasping
  • listening:The rattling figure stimulatethe senses!
  • Made from Beechwood.
  • Non toxic
  • water based stain.
  • Made in Germany
  • Since 2010 HABA holds the PEFC quality label
  • which is synonymous for sustainable and responsible forestry.

Verified reviews


Fun for me….

I really like this toy and my son is liking it more as he gets bigger. He’s a big boy and still his hands were too small at 7 mo. to grasp this thing so he’d just get frustrated and throw it down. Now at 8 mos. he tries to play with it a while longer before throwing it down but it’s still too big for his hands, he did get it in his mouth the last time though. At least he’ll probably be interested in it when he can finally play with it how he wants.That said, I love playing with this thing. It makes the most pleasant clacking noise and rhythmically snaps back and forth. If your the type that likes to click pens compulsively like I am you’ll love this thing.Update: 9 months old and he enjoys this thing a lot. He can clack it and he munches on it like crazy. I check it for wear and it and his mouth seem to be holding up without any damage.

Amparo Potts Camp, MS

Fun rattle!

Even my two year old likes to play with it! You can strech it out a little too. Overall, very happy with the holiday present for my then 5 month old!

Shelly Gridley, IL

He loves it!

This toy is well-made. It is easy for baby to pick up and handle and he likes the noise that it makes. I love the bright colors. I’m glad I bought this!

Abby Burlington, IN

More then Expected

This little rattle is fantastic! I love the noise it produces. My son doesnt have big enough hands to rattle it himself yet but he listens when my husband and i do. such good quality it could be handed down through generations.

Maribel Bowden, WV

Everyone in the house loves this toy!

I bought this for my daughter’s first Christmas (she was 5 months at the time). She has loved this toy from day one, and so does my son (he’s 3) and, I admit it, so do I. The colors are vibrant. It’s the perfect size for little baby hands. It’s quality (I can’t tell you how many times this things has been dropped on our wood floors, and it still looks brand new). The best part though? It makes the greatest klacky noise ever. Every time I see this toy I have to pick it up and klack it!

Miranda Ben Lomond, CA

Nice looking toy

Very cute and nice looking in person. Makes an appealing sound for little ones. Small enough for little hands to grasp but too big to stick all the way in their mouth.

Ann Middleburg, VA

High-Quality Haba

We can’t get enough of Haba toys and this one is no exception. My infant daughter loved shaking and clacking it.

Frieda Morley, MI

He will like it better…

Once he is a little older. He is only 4 months and can’t put his hand around it as of yet!

Rosalyn Millwood, NY

Fun sound, bright colors

My baby likes the clacking sound the disks make, but she’s at an age where she wants to bite everything and this is too big to get in her mouth so she kind of lost interest.

Polly Hornitos, CA


It is ok. Smaller than I had anticipated but overall decent for my ten month old to play with when we are out and about.

Octavia Arcata, CA