Haba Kringelring

Haba Kringelring

Your child will absolutely love the classic HABA Wooden Baby Rattle Ring Made in Germany from sustainable beech wood, this beautiful toy is both environmentally friendly and durable. The flexible wooden teether and the smaller wooden rings attached to it are expertly designed to help develop clutching and grasping skills. With your child’s safety in mind, we only use a non-toxic, water-based stain on our toys to give them the bright, vibrant colors that kids around the world have come to love. The Kringelring is recommended for ages 6 months and up. It is approximately 4″ across. Clean the HABA Kringelring wooden rattle easily by simply wiping with a slightly damp cloth.

Main features

  • Clutch toy made of beech wood
  • Wood is colored with a water based, non-toxic stain
  • Baby teething toy and rattle
  • Recommended baby toys for ages 6 months and up
  • Made in Germany

Verified reviews


Love the rattle sound – wish it entertained longer

This was the first toy that my baby was able to hold. It is light and small (maybe three inches across, about the size of a bracelet), perfect for two month old hands. I put it in her hand, and she was able to shake it. The toy is easy to stick in my diaper bag. What I love about the toy is the nice, soft rattle sound. It’s really pleasant and not annoying like other toys. When the baby started teething, she enjoyed putting it in her mouth, and I was glad it is made of wood and safe dyes.I only wish she played with it more. Although she always takes it from me when I offer it, the ring doesn’t hold her attention for long. For the price and the two minutes she will look at this toy, I’m not sure it is worth buying. The only portable toy that has ever been able to keep her attention is chewing on the rubber Sophie giraffe.

Marlene Cole Camp, MO

Baby LOVES this ring, Mom loves what it is made out of

This ring was the first toy our baby grasped at 2.5 months of age. I held it up for him, he grasped it and stuntedly shook it up and down then attempted to put it in his mouth. A month and a half later he still goes for this ring and chews on it, shakes it and tries to pull it apart with both hands (one on each side pulling outward). It is well made and I feel confident I am giving him something safe to play with. This ring, the waldorf maple teether ring and Sophie the giraffe are his favorite three items to chew on and we highly recommend all three to ensure variety.

Whitney Silver Bay, NY

Paint comes off

Our baby loves this… but mama not so much, because quite a lot of the colored paint has vanished from it after just a few days of use. I like that its made of wood, would be the best ever if it was just natural wood. I was concerned about the paint coming off and tried to return it, but could not. I also tried contacting company that made them, but did not get any answer. Great idea, but worried about where that paint went!Update 9/15/2012 Still not reply from company on why paint comes off…

Colleen Utica, OH

Colorful, Well-Made Rattle

This is an attractive, well-made rattle that makes a pleasant sound when shook. My infant daughter likes it and so do I. I am pleased with the Haba line of toys.

Christa Froid, MT

this was my favorite toy for my son

he LOVED it…however, as soon as he started getting teeth he made marks in the wood and paint started to chip off. not as durable as i thought it would be.

Marcie Maxwell, TX

Best Rattle Around

This is a great rattle. It took my son awhile to get the hang of it, but once he could grasp it, this rattle became his favorite. And I like that he can’t hurt himself with it like he can with some of the other Haba rattles.

Latasha Cross Plains, TN

Child Loved It!

Bought this for my child when an infant. My hubby thought it was dumb – just a ring. But my kid proved him wrong – one of his favorite infant toys!!!!!!! Simple, yet perfect. Perfect size for little hands to hold, bright colors, rings make just enough noise (without driving mom & dad batty), and SAFE! HABA is a trusted brand in our house.

Emilie Ribera, NM

Great teether toy for babies who love to grab and manipulate objects.

Our baby boy was constantly moving his hands and grabbing things to manipulate them – as opposed to babies who just grasp an object and shake it – so this teether toy was perfect for him. We tried several plastic teethers and he just didn’t want to hold them for very long and didn’t care to put them in his mouth. This was the only teether he consistently enjoyed grabbing and putting in his mouth.

Alissa Buford, WY

Depends on the baby

Our kid (at 5 months) was very unmoved by my great show of generosity in purchasing this toy (ingrates). He’s a big baby (85th percentile length/weight) with big appendages, but it’s a little big for his hands and it’s too big for his mouth, really, so he’ll shake it, look at the blue rings, and then throw it. He mainly wants to mouth everything right now, and if doesn’t make neat noises or go in his mouth, it’s a total bummer. It’s a beautiful little toy, but I got disappointingly little mileage out of it.

Gale Alden, IA

Fast delivery, like next day. Wow

Love these toys for the baby.our baby is very young but just learning to grasp and we are prepared well

Lorraine Belvidere, NC

Okay as a backup toy.

When I was picking toys for my 4 month old daughter, I thought this one looked like a winner. All of the colors, and the interesting shape, plus those other two rings–doesn’t that look fun?Eh.My daughter isn’t really impressed.She likes the triangles better. I thought theTriangle Rattlelooked kind of boring, but it had such high reviews I thought I would give it a shot. Turns out my daughter is crazy about the triangles. I think it’s partly because this toy is wider around than the triangles are, so it is easier for her to hold the triangles.If the triangles are not available, my daughter will hang onto this for a few minutes. I suspect she will probably like it more as her hands and mouth get a little bigger.I’m still glad we bought this, but if you’re choosing between this and the triangles and you’re purchasing for a young child, I’d recommend the triangles. Even though this looks more fun.

Barbra Bellville, OH

High-Quality Haba

We can’t get enough of Haba toys and this one is no exception. My infant daughter loved playing with it from 3m up.

Roxie Accident, MD

Quality rattle

Great quality, exactly as described, HABA is a great company. I’m not afraid to let my little chew or suck on this rattle.

Shawn Snow Camp, NC

Love it!

I love the quality of this toy. The colors are so bright and eye catching. My baby boy starting playing with this when he was about 5 months old, he really likes it a lot. That being said he likes his other 3$ rattle just as much, but I like this one a lot better.

Judy Marion Center, PA

Another great one!

I’ve become a big fan of Haba toys lately. With all the stuff made in China its nice to see some quality made toys! This is an adorable little teether that has some added little rings that make it a cute jingly noise…but nothing overly loud & annoying. Easy to clean and maintain – durable and a kids favorite…you can’t go wrong!

Tonya Sellersburg, IN

Awesome toy for 3 month old

This toy is perfectly designed for grasping by little fingers and for biting. Even though it is simple, it is the best rattle out there and holds my daughters attention for ten minutes at a time. It also gives me some piece of mind that she is not putting plastic in her mouth.

Carol Telogia, FL

Baby’s Favorite Toy!

This toy keeps my baby very entertained, especially when he’s in the car! He loves to shake it and make the rings rattle, it’s a very pleasant sound. It’s colorful and VERY well made. I feel comfortable letting my baby chew on the wood and it is a snap to clean! What a wonderful way to get introduced to the world of HABA toys! I highly recommend it =)

Tina Lunenburg, MA

Not made in China, plus my baby loves it!

My wee one chose to play with this before any other toy we put in front of him. Love that’s it’s German made and safe because it’s in his mouth all the time! Go Haba!

Eloise Edinburg, TX

Favorite toy

I’m a foster mom, and I’ve bought this rattle/clutching toy for two of our babies over the past year. They have both loved it. One is 5 months old and enjoys picking it up, passing it back and forth between her hands, holding it with both hands, and shaking it to make it rattle. Our last baby was 3 months old when I bought this toy, and it remains her absolute favorite. It will make her stop screaming in the car when nothing else will, and she has discovered new ways to play with it as she’s grown (she’s now 6 months old). I like that HABA (a label of Habermaas) uses wood from sustainable forests and non-toxic, water-based stain.Note: The product description says this toy is suitable for age 6 months and up, but our babies have enjoyed it at 3-5 months. I don’t see any way for younger babies to hurt themselves with this toy, although certainly older babies will be able to do more with it.

Noemi Pleasant Valley, NY

My baby simply didn’t like it

Yes, my baby didn’t like it, he prefers more Sassy Talk & Fold Phone and Sophie the teether. I was really anxious to purchase this Kringelring toy, It looks really nice and light, very colorful , a little thick. However my son has had it for 5 months and has shown no interest at all. He will hold it for a few seconds before throwing it away. But to say the truth it is very well-made, colorful, and nicely finished wood with natural material.

Ann Fredericksburg, IN

Too cute

My little one really liked this toy. I got to teach her colors by pointing them out along the ring. The colors are bendy and the loose rings are fun to jiggle around. Definitely a baby toy. By the time she was 12 months old, she had moved on.I still like it.:-)

Tamika Buxton, OR

Pretty toy, not that interesting

My baby didn’t seem to like biting on this toy (there’s no give, just hard wood) and quickly lost interest.

Sharron Newton, GA

Good teether, fairly interesting to baby

I bought this for my son around 3.5 months old. Initially, he only liked to watch me roll the rings around it. He didn’t want to hold it himself, though he had plenty of other toys that he did grab and play with. He just didn’t much care for this one. At about 4.5 months he started holding it and “clutching” it himself and plays with it most days, though it still isn’t his favorite. On serious teething days, it does get more play and chewing.

Bernadette Beallsville, OH

THE teether.

I didn’t realize the colored pieces were not solid, and it’s hard to tell from the photos. They aren’t loose enough to pinch little fingers, but still add an additional element to the toy. The sound is nice when rattled, and the colors are bright and cheery. The simple design is perfect for my baby who gets over stimulated eaily. It’s pleasant sound has a calming effect. This is the best little teether I’ve found.

Angie Lincoln, AL

Baby loves her Kringelring!

This was our baby’s favorite Christmas gift. She is 5 months and enjoys clutching it and teething on it. She also discovered that it’s as much fun to bang against things as it is to shake.It meets our parental granola standards since it’s not only wooden but also made in Germany where there are higher safety standards for children’s products.

Louisa Pittsburg, MO

Quality toy but my son doesn’t like it

I was really anxious to purchase this toy since it had so many good reviews. It looks really appealing, very colorful and basic but fun. However my son has had it for 2 months and has shown minimal interest in it. He’ll hold it for a max of 10 seconds before either throwing it or just dropping it to grab something else, even from the first time he saw it. I purchased it mainly for teething purposes and thought it would also be a good rattle that wouldn’t drive me crazy with a loud jingle. I think this might work well as a teether for babies who prefer a hard surface to chew on. I will say that it is very well-made, a smooth, nicely finished wood with natural-looking but bright paint. This toy would last through multiple children.

Sandy Roxbury, PA

Attractive, high-quality, possible pinch hazard

This is a high-quality, attractive teether. The only thing that worries me is that the small colored pieces are a potential pinching hazard. They’re flexible and whenever they flex back together, if baby’s lip or skin happens to be in one of the small openings…ouch.

Kristina Lima, OH

Baby Loves This!!

This was a wonderful teether for our little one. It was just the right size to easily grip, he was fascinated by all the colors and moving rings, and I felt good about letting him chew on it, knowing it wasn’t covered in toxic paint or leeching plastic chemicals. 🙂

Eva Versailles, NY

Excellent quality and baby loves it

Perfect clutch toy. It was one of my baby’s first teethers and perfect because she could hold onto the round shape easily. One side is solid wood and the colorful part is made of pieces that fit tightly together. The change in texture was very interesting to the baby and the colors fun to look at. The two loose blue circles move around and when baby shakes the toy, they clack satisfyingly. It’s perfect simplicity. She played with it for a long time and it has been a favorite. Held up beautifully. A quality toy and I like that it’s wood.

Laverne Tunbridge, VT

Rated top toy by my boy!

My son enjoyed gazing at this toy before he could even grasp. Now he’s one, and it has been his favorite toy for months. It’s a sturdy toy and looks like new. It was well worth buying.

Sheri Valparaiso, IN