HABA Motley Pacifier Chain, Multicolor

HABA Motley Pacifier Chain, Multicolor

This classic HABA pacifier chain with colorful shapes and patterns will entertain your baby and keep their toy or pacifier within armOs reach. The durable nickel-free clasp easily attaches securely to your child`s clothing, carrier or stroller. Pacifier not included.

Main features

  • Never lose your child’s pacifier or toy ever again with this high quality pacifier chain. Made from beech wood colored with non toxic water based stains its safe for anyone. The nickel free clip allows for extra durability and support
  • Attach to childs clothes, high chair, carrier, stroller or even mom’s purse
  • Recommended for ages 0 – 12 months
  • Made in Germany
  • Received Parenting Magazine Mom-Tested

Verified reviews


Beware if your baby sucks on everything

I loved the look, the feel, everything about this chain until this weekend. I bought at christmas for my son, he is now 4.5 months (2 months later) and teething, puts everything in his mouth and sucks on everything. Well the wetness caused the wood to crack on three beads, I noticed it in time, a small bit of pressure with my fingers and was able to break all three beads into pieces. I am so glad this didn’t happen when my son was playing with it, easy to choke on these pieces. If you use this item makes sure to check often for cracks!

Ginger Homer City, PA

cute wooden chain

We had the old Haba pacifier chains (the ones that detach in the middle) and was surprised by the short length of this one; but we found out that this is the new standard length.Our son uses the Mam pacifiers, the ones without the little ring. A good way to attach them to the chain is to remove the silicone ring that comes with the Mam holder (usually comes free with the pacifiers) and put it on this one. So, all the pacifiers can be easily attached / removed.However, with the european style pacifiers (the ones with the ring attached) this holder takes 30 sec. longer to attach. To get the pacifier off, it’s a different story, and depends on how wet the little cord gets!We’ve had it for a couple of months, and the cotton cord is surprisingly sturdy and shows no wear!The clip is slightly loose since our son realized that he can detach it just by yanking it.

Ginger Raccoon, KY

Cute and SAFE!

This pacifier chain is adorable and we get lots of questions about it. I love that it’s also safe for my baby to chew on when he decided the chain is more interesting than the pacifier attached to it. Great product!

Janice Mapleton, KS

Excellent Chain!

Great pacifier holder… I’ve tried so many and this one is by far the best. Had 2 for my first son, and now getting 2 more for my 2nd son!! 🙂 They love them and also helps as a toy 🙂

Annabelle Mount Sterling, WI

Two Years Later, Going Strong

Bought 2 of these and have been using them in rotation for 2 years or so. It’s perfect for when you are at the beach or soemwhere where you want your kid to keep the pacifier in the mouth instead of picking up random objects and sticking them into the mouth. In the backyard, the leash helps keep the paci from being lost in the yard or dropped into the dirt. Also keeps the pacifier from being lost in the piles of toys in the playroom so we all know where it is when it’s needed.I get compliments on it all the time…how cute it is. It is starting to show its age…the (wooden) beads are starting to crack at the edges, and the colors are not as bright. I will be happy if it lasts long enough for my son to get out of the “drop anything on the floor as soon as you are done with it or if you find something momentarily more interesting” phase.

Iris Moscow, ID

Durable and good looking

I have no idea how some reviewers have had the experience of this item breaking or chipping. My son has been chowing down on it since he was 3 months old and it is still unchipped (paint and wood). Haba has very high quality products, because unlike the US the Eu has very strict guidelines on what the children’s toys and items should be like. I think that maybe it was bad luck for these reviewers.It is a clip and a toy as well. My son is now 10 months old and he still plays with it.

Julie Canton, MN


I bought this for my son, because I love the Haba products and needed something to keep my son’s pacifier nearby at all times. the first one I ordered was the construction one. it was too bulky and not long enough. so i returned it and ordered this one.. it is great. my son loves it. one thing to be careful of is clipping the skin. i would absolutely recommend this.****Update – 02/19/12 – This goes in the tub with my son nearly everytime he takes a bath, and only one bead has broken. This has held up for nearly a year of soaking in water.

Angelica Bound Brook, NJ

Cute pacifier clip

I get many compliments on this pacifier clip. Very durable and it does its purpose.

Elisha Hazleton, IA