HABA Rattling Caterpillar

HABA Rattling Caterpillar

Enjoy farm fun on the move with the Horse Buggy Book. The buggy book is always entertaining, whether out and about in a stroller or on car trips! One each double page, there is a special spot for the wooden figure to fit. Perfect for 10 months and older.

Main features

  • Your child will love HABA’s Rattling Caterpillar!
  • Attach to your stroller or infant car seat to keep your child entertained by grabbing, rattling or pulling at the toy!
  • The Caterpillars body bends and clacks against itself to make a subtle and soothing rattle sound.
  • The ring at the bottom can be used for grabbing or attaching other toys.
  • Recommended for ages 0 and up

Verified reviews


Dangerous toy

A lovely and well-made toy, yes, but not safe for babies who like to swing/rattle/shake things (which I assume is every baby). My baby liked it at first, was intrigued by the colors, but soon started to whip it around at which point it became essentially a weapon! The design–long and wooden–makes it especially dangerous. I can’t believe they’re marketing this as a baby rattle!

Augusta Dickinson Center, NY

We Love The Clicky-Worm!

This is the first toy that my daughter actually grasped in her hand (hence the high educational rating). I think that was approaching 3 mo? Can’t quite remember. By 4 mo, she had discovered that she could make the little worm click.The toy is a worm made of a bunch of wooden beads and disks strung along a nylon-coated red elastic (much like a hair elastic). It’s stretchy enough for a baby to pull on, and tight enough that it all goes back together when you let go, but not so tight as to risk pinching fingers.I have it hanging from her car seat handle bar (which, by the way, is totally against the rules, so you shouldn’t do it… I’m just a bad mom that way) and it makes my daughter really happy when we go out with the stroller wheels. The little handle is just the perfect size for her little grip, and she gets a kick out of making noise. She also appears to love the texture on her gums, because she chews and slobbers on the ring all the time.This is definitely a favorite toy and the premium price is totally worth it to me because it is non-toxic and very high in quality.

Mandy East Montpelier, VT

Great little rattler

This little toy is so cute and unique, we get lots of compliments on it. My DD love is .

Patti Richgrove, CA

My son is loving this…

It really keeps his attention. He loves making the disks flip around. It is fun for the both of us!

Courtney Washington, NJ

Something other than plastic

My baby loves this…we hang it from his play gym to keep it interesting. It appears very well made and gives him a new texture/weight of toy to play with.

Louise Berkley, MA

A cute Haba toy

You should feel good about purchasing Haba toys, and the rattling caterpillar is no exception.This is a great toy to hang from a carseat or bouncer. My daughter is very interested in the sound it makes when you pull on the ring and the pieces make a clacking noise. She likes to chew on the caterpillar – it’s great for teething. And since it’s a Haba toy, you don’t need to worry about lead or unsafe paints.

Maricela Summit Hill, PA


This is one of my new favorites! I bought the green toy clip to clip it to my son’s car seat. The colors are vibrant, and the sounds the wooden pieces make when it’s yanked on are pleasant. Everybody stops to admire it and asks where we bought it. It clips anywhere so it’s secure and we don’t have to worry about losing our precious Haba toy!

Serena Leoti, KS

The finest wooden toy we own!

We have several wooden baby toys, but this is the best one we own. It’s superb quality, and has given our son months of use and play. He was 3 months old when he received it. It fascinated him when we attached it to the bar of his bucket carseat…it was used like this for months.After that, it’s been a favorite in his toy bin. He’s 15 months old now and still likes to play with it. It’s still in new condition- the finish is intact and despite lots of chewing and pulling, the elastic is still taut.

Jodie Hampshire, TN

my daughter loves it

I bought this for my 3 month old daughter> she cant get enough of it. I like that its make of wood and not plastic plus its small enough for her to hold on to it.

Reva Sayreville, NJ

Great quality but not long enough to be played with.

This toy is beautifully made and great quality. Nothing short of what you expect from HABA. Unfortunately, I had to return it because I purchased this with the intention of attaching it to my baby’s infant carseat handle. No matter where I positioned it on the handle, it was not long enough for her to hold the toy in her hand. She would get so frustrated because it was just beyond her reach that it would make her cry. It was only long enough for her to grasp the ring and didn’t really make much of a clapping noise when shaken. I really wanted her to enjoy it, especially because of the teething ring on the end, but this didn’t work for me and what I intended to use it for. I know that if the elastic band was made any longer, it would be a potential hazard for babies.

Hallie Bosler, WY