HABA Sunshine Mobile

HABA Sunshine Mobile

These smiling flowers brings sunshine into your child’s room. They can be delighted and soothed with cheerful faces as they slowly drift off to sleep.

Main features

  • Bright colors for a child’s room
  • Excellent haba quality
  • Made of cotton/polyester
  • Recommended for ages 0 and up
  • Great gift

Verified reviews



I bought this for my daughter’s room and we love it! Quality is excellent and it really brings the room together. Well about 4 months ago our string snapped 🙁 I called Haba up and they sent out a replacement right away. I have to say their customer service was the BEST I’ve ever dealt with and I highly recommend their products and service to everyone!

Dorothea San Miguel, NM

Pretty and entertaining

I love that this is a simple visual mobile, no noise, no nothing. I hung it using an eye hook in the ceiling above the crib – had to add a chain to make it hang low enough.

Christy Waterfall, PA

love it!

this mobile looks even better in person. it is made of quality materials & it shows. i looked all over for a mobile that just made sense to me. by that i mean a mobile where the objects/characters are facing my baby & not me. this one has happy smiling faces for my baby girl to look up at. if youre thinking about getting this mobile go for it!

Margo Sasser, GA

I didn’t want the same thing as everyone else…

I didn’t want the same themed room as everyone else, the same character mobile as everyone else and after designing my baby’s room meticulously (yes, I’m one of “those mommys” the ones that truly care about the aesthetics) it took a lot of searching to find a mobile to hang over her crib that would not take away from the rest of the room. This mobile was perfect! So pretty to look at and just the perfect addition to a not so typical baby room.

Betsy Girvin, TX

The most fascinating for my 2 month old

This is truly fanstastic. I bought 2 other fancier mobiles and had to return them as my little girl adores this one. She kicks and coos as I give it a whirl for her. I absolutely recommend this adorable product.

Johnnie Channelview, TX

Really cute!

This is adorable. Bright, beautiful colors, great size. Just wish it came with something to attach it to the ceiling or crib, not just a string. Despite the string, this is wonderful and am glad I got it!

Mari Rosedale, MS

Simple mobile, big smiles

I bought this mobile for our little girl to hang over her changing table. I wanted something that didn’t require batteries, but something that would require her attention and help develop her senses.She absolutely loves this mobile. From the time I hung it up, at around 7-8 weeks, she was mesmerized by it, and now at 12 weeks she giggles and “talks” to the flowers. She loves it when you spin it around for her and will happily coo at it while being changed. It’s great for parent/baby interaction together.I wish I would have thought to hang something like this over my son’s changing table when he was younger.I will say that the only drawback is that it doesn’t have a hook to hang it, so you have to find a way to secure it to the ceiling. Right now, I have it thumbtacked up there, which is working fine, but once she gets older and is able to reach it, I’ll have to hang it more securely.

Ivy Schiller Park, IL


Baby havent arrived yet but i got her this mobile, i really love it. its simple but very unique. i think when she grows out of the mobile stage , she will still enjoy this. i can see this as room decoration. i cant wait to see her reaction. me and my husband both said that we wish we were little baby to stare at this cute thing from the crib.

Dana Menard, TX

Happy faces looking down at you!

My daughter still loves this mobile and she’s 13 months now. It’s so cute with all the flowers with happy faces that she can see when she looks up. We have it over the changing table because it’s a great distraction. Definitely recommend it.

Mallory Grand Bay, AL