HALO Big Kids SleepSack Lightweight Knit Wearable Blanket, Pink, 2-3T

HALO Big Kids SleepSack Lightweight Knit Wearable Blanket, Pink, 2-3T

HALO SleepSack Big Kids: Helps kids sleep safe and sound. The HALO SleepSack Big Kids becomes a trusted bedtime routine, providing the secure feeling your child needs to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night. It is a warm cuddly blanket they cannot kick off; ensuring little ones sleep well and stay covered throughout the night. With its unique foot openings, the SleepSack Big Kids wearable blanket allows for greater mobility while children are awake, but also keeps little feet covered and warm while sleeping. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. 100% polyester lightweight knit. TOG: 0.5. Meets federal regulations for children’s sleepwear. Size 2/3T fits 34-40” tall, and 4/5T fits 40-46” tall.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets.
  • 100% polyester lightweight knit. TOG: 0.5 Size 2/3T fits 34-40″ tall, and 4/5T fits 40-46″ tall.
  • Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but cannot be kicked off so child stays warm all night.
  • Foot openings for mobility when awake. Room to tuck feet in at night.
  • Sleeveless to allow for ease of dressing and freedom of movement.

Verified reviews


Great new product! No more cold toddlers!

For those toddlers that haven’t transitioned to a big bed yet, this is a great blanket option!I just bought this for my 2.5 years old. She has not transitioned to a big bed yet and after 6 months of waking up all the time just to put a blanket on her, I couldn’t WAIT to buy this!Product: Just like a traditional sleep sack but now has feet openings for more mobilty for walkers! It’s very easy to put on and zips up really well. (Wish they made an adult size!)Fabric: The fabric is SUPER SOFT and keeps my daughter warm all night.Uses: Sometimes when my daughter goes to sleep she’s too hot after her bath so we don’t put this on till later. I actually can easily put this on her while she’s sleeping and she doesn’t wake up!The arm holes are big so her arms slip in quick and the legs are easy too.We have two of them! (I might try to squeeze into one of them and take a nap!)

Elnora Coolidge, TX

Brilliant idea- Size very inaccurate.

Brilliant idea, however sizing is way, way off. I got a 2t/3t sack and expected it to be a bit large for my two year old who is in 2T- however it is huge on him! It is even a bit long on my four year old. However it fits my six year old perfectly…

Ashley Orchard, IA

Great SleepSack for big kids, just order size carefully

I really like the whole idea of a SleepSack for older kids and was thrilled with the quality and design of this product. And the Monster Truck on SleepSack is super cute! I received the size 2-3T for my 2 1/2 year old son to review. I love everything about it with the exception that it’s huge on him. So I would highly recommend that you purchase this if you want to avoid using blankets and go the safer route with a SleepSack. Just order a size DOWN from what you think. 🙂

Lynette Southside, WV

My daughter loves it.

My daughter is currently 20 months and wear size 2T so I decided that we were going to get the 2-3T. When we received it it was slightly bigger than we expected but still worked out ok.She hates being under covers but with the weather getting cooler I would prefer if she is since I have no intention of turning the heat on right this very minute. This blankets her wonderfully and keeps her warm without me having to worry that she kicked her covers off. She doesn’t realize it but she’s under covers with this. I love the fact as well that she can walk around in it but at night I can fold it up and she can be tucked in.I also love the lightweight fabrics. She loved being swaddled as a baby and the Halo Sleepsacks were of that thicker material so this works out in the summer months when you don’t want to be overly hot.I highly recommend getting a SleepSack and I’m very happy that they decided to make them for bigger kids.

Stefanie Carthage, AR

Keeps him warm

Bought this for my son who doesn’t seem to stay under blankets. It has kept him warm and wakes up less. It is a bit large on him and he’s a large child 30 lbs and 36 inches.

Susana Crandon, WI

Good sleep sack

I really like this sleep sack for my daughter who outgrew her other one. It’s nice for summer and the design is great. I didn’t rate it 5 stars because night 2 of using it the zipper came undone (I had read this in previous reviews, but thought it might be a fluke, it’s not).

Terra Anniston, MO

Perfect for summer

I love this for the easy, durable on & off. My little guy loves it for the monster truck on the left lapel. I just have a hard time in the morning talking him into letting me take it OFF of him!

Mina Calabasas, CA

They should call it Sleep Saver

Since I am one of those parents who frequently checks the monitor to see if the baby is covered up. My 18 month old tosses and turns a lot, but if he’s wearing his sleep sack I know he’s warm and covered and I can sleep worry-free. He also doesn’t wake up because he’s cold, so we both sleep better.

Clara Wyoming, WV

Good alternative to blanket for toddler

My daughter won’t keep her blanket covering her in the crib, so this is a good alternative. I would prefer it without the feet, though. Her feet stick through the holes too easily while she sleeps and her feet get cold. It doesn’t seem to bother her, though.

Kate Mill River, MA

My son loves it, but it’s getting pilly quick.

I wish this was 100% cotton, I think then I’d be in love. My son, almost 2 refuses to sleep in one spot and has moved to a big boy bed to make room for his little brother. This footed sleepsack was the answer to mom & dad getting sleep knowing our son would be able to get back into his bed since he LOVES LOVES LOVES sleepsacks. He may wear them to college. My only complaint is the synthetic fabric which is already pilling. I wish it was 100% cotton, but I could not find on on the market with feet holes and in a summer weight fabric.

Sherri Bartlett, NH

Good blanket

I have been buying many different size blanket from Halo since my baby was born and he grew up with that. The blanket not only keeps warm but also safe for active child moving around. This is even better than the Feece one because it can be used for the summer. Highly recommended.

Carey Egan, SD

We love it!

My kiddo has been wearing Halo SleepSacks since she was an infant. When she was little, getting into her SleepSack was a key part of our bedtime routine, and she loved to kick her little feet in it. I’ve purchased several SleepSacks and Swaddles as baby shower gifts. I really love them! But infants grow into toddlers, so when my girl started standing in her crib and taking her first steps, we graduated to an Early Walkers SleepSack. And of course, we are now on to the Big Kids size. Little Miss just graduated to a big girl bed (I’m so grateful that we got a convertible crib), which means all new bedding. But full size bedding is HUGE for this little person, so she gets all tangled in her sheet and kicks off her comforter. Though the weather has warmed up (it’s April when I’m writing this), it’s still chilly at night, so she needs SOMETHING to cover her up… the Big Kids SleepSack keeps her warm, but has feet holes so that she can walk around in it when she wakes in the morning. She has been requesting “no socks” lately at bedtime, so the holes are also great because her little feet don’t get too hot. I got the 4-5T size because I’m frugal and I want her to be able to grow into it. She’s 2 and is wearing 3T clothes for the most part. The sack is pretty big, but I was expecting that because I got the bigger size. She can still walk around in it, which is all I care about!

Eunice Weston, WV

Love these!

If you have a mover and a shaker like I do, you’ll be happy with these. My daughter still sleeps in these at 2 1/2 and will probably continue to do so, since she moves like crazy at night. The few times we’ve had her sleep without them she has interrupted sleep because she gets too cold when her blankets come off. I’m sure eventually she’ll settle down (or stop waking up), but until then, these knit sleepsacks are essentials. You can put fleece PJs under them in the winter for warmth, and short sleeved ones under them in the summer to be cool. They are just perfect!

Paulette Troy, OH

Sleep Safe with Halo Big Kids SleepSack!

I’ve been a fan of Halo since we had our third son. They have really brought swaddling and sleep a long way. No more worrying about how to keep baby warm in spite of it not being safe to have blankets in their beds! What do you do when they start walking though? I know my little guy didn’t want to be in a sack anymore. Introducing the Big Kids SleepSack! Now their little feet stick out but otherwise it is all the same things you loved about a wearable blanket! Such a great invention! We have the blue. I only caution you to not size up they run just a tad big so stay to your true size (unlike you would with jammies!).*disclaimer I received a product to review however this is my honest opinion. You can see my full review at astheygrowup.com.

Frances Eden Prairie, MN

Really nice

Very nice sleeping bag. We had GroBag for long but decided to change to these with open feet so my son can be more comfortable. He loves his new sleeping bag, easy to pun on and take off. Very soft and it’s good for summer time.

Stephanie Mashpee, MA

too big

good quality but runs big for the size. my sons wears 2-3t and this one was huge on him even after washing it. so i could not return it. but will sure used when fits.

Liza Bruce, WI