HALO Newborn 100% Cotton Blanket Gift Set, Blue Sheep

HALO Newborn 100% Cotton Blanket Gift Set, Blue Sheep

Keep baby safe and covered all night with the Halo SleepSack Swaddle and Wearable Blanket Set featuring one solid color size newborn (fits babies 6-12 lbs) SleepSack swaddle and one size small (fits 10-18 lbs) SleepSack wearable blanket with sheep print. The SleepSack swaddle uses fastener strips to secure the swaddle safely in place. The SleepSack wearable blanket eliminates loose blankets in the crib for safe sleeping as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Its sleeveless design reduces the risk of baby overheating and rebreathing into the sleeve. The inverted zipper zips from top to bottom so it’s harder for your baby to unzip and it won’t catch on your baby’s chin. It also makes it easy to change your baby’s diaper without disrobing him or her. The “Back is Best” embroidery reminds everyone to put your baby on his or her back for sleep.

Main features

  • The halo sleepsack wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib for safer sleep
  • It’s the wearable blanket that carries the recommendation seal from first candle and SIDS alliance; blanket reduces the risk of re-breathing or the inhalation of carbon dioxide, which has been associated as a possible cause of sudden infant death syndrome
  • The halo wearable blanket allows your baby to stay safe, warm and cozy all night long
  • The original halo sleepsack wearable blanket now comes with a removable, adjustable swaddle feature this 2-in-1 sleepsack swaddle helps infants to be swaddled from birth
  • It also allows you to move the feature down for arms out or remove it completely when no longer needed to use the sleepsack wearable blanket alone

Verified reviews


Great product, but too expensive

This is a great swaddler and sleep blanket. They are well made, hold up in the wash, and work well as swaddlers (disassemble before washing though). However, for what you are getting, it should cost half of what it does, in my opinion. If it was more affordable I would give it 5 stars. I have only found it less expensive here than in other places though.

Hallie New Waterford, OH


I received the newborn set at my baby shower. There was a noticeable difference in my son’s sleeping when we started using these, probably when he was 2-3 weeks old. The swaddle feature stayed secure all night, and we knew he was warm and cozy. When his little arms started escaping around 4 months, we still used the sack, and bought bigger ones as he grew. I think we stopped using them around 13-14 months, when he could cover himself with his blankie. I wish they were a little cheaper–I ended up using my sewing prowess to lengthen one that was too short for him so I wouldn’t have to spend $20 on one. Cheapskate or thrifty??? Judge me all ya want, but it worked for us!

Shelley Koosharem, UT


I love Halo sleepsacks. I am very concerned about keeping a safe sleep space for our daughter. I love the material and the breathable cotton. These are awesome, but to be blunt, the swaddle sucks. We used it at first and it really helped our daughter get to sleep because she startled herself with her arms and woke herself up. However, the swaddle rode up near her mouth throughout the night. We ended up getting less sleep because we kept having to get up and adjust the swaddle. Even if you follow the directions perfect the swaddle rides up over the face. I’m surprised it has not been recalled. I am giving this 3 stars because we took the swaddle wings off and just used the blanket sleeper, which we really like. Just be wary of this swaddle. It is not safe. It is also a pain to wash. I like this set because you get 2 sizes, which is nice.

Cheri Lafayette, TN

Very good product

I really like this Halo sleep sack. It has been working great for us during nights. Our baby sleeps very well when she’s swaddled in it. I ordered the second sack, because my husband just loves the fact that our baby can’t get out of it at night. The only thing I’m not crazy about is velcro on the actual swaddling part. If you undo it, but leave the “wings” on, your baby can scratch herself. So you have to completely remove it, and then put it back for the next night, and it’s not very easy to remove it when the sleep sack is still on your baby. I feel that other similar products did a better job by putting the velcro on the tabs that can be closed just by themselves, so the baby is still in the sack, but can’t scratch herself.

Antonia Phelps, WI

Great Concept, Poor Construction

Our son sleeps better when swaddled, but at 2am I’m way too bleary-eyed to tangle with a square swaddle blanket, and he easily wriggles out of blankets anyway, so this is a good alternative.Pros:
• It is so simple: put on the sack like a vest, zip it up, wrap the flaps, and velcro. I can handle that even at 2am.
• The zipper ends at the feet, so you can change a diaper without unswaddling baby.
• It’s safer than a blanket–no worries he’ll wriggle out of it, get it over his face, and be unable to breathe.Cons:
• The velcro is just poor quality. After about 6 weeks of using it nightly the velcro isn’t sticking well, particularly the little tabs at the bottom of the wings.
• This pack comes with two sleep sacks but only one has the swaddle wings. The wings are removable, so I assumed I could attach them to either blanket, but the larger sleep sack doesn’t have the velcro to attach it. We tried just wrapping our son in the wings one night, but woke up to find that since it wasn’t secured to his back he’d wriggled it up around his neck. Dangerous!
• It takes surprisingly long to dry in the drier, which isn’t a huge deal but can be frustrating if you’re waiting for it to dry so baby can go to bed
• I wish it was a more lightweight fabric. Because this is two pieces (the sack and the swaddle wings) baby ends up with three layers over his chest (there is also a satin lining with printed instructions on the back of the wings). It’s summertime now and our son wakes up pretty hot sometimes.
• I wish the wings weren’t detachable. It has two large velcro squares on the back and then little tabs on the sack that you thread through holes at the bottom sides of the wings to keep it from creeping up. I wish it was just one piece sewn together instead of messing with all this velcro.
• It would be great if this had a slit where you could thread a harness between the legs. When we put baby in his swing in this we have to unzip it and pull one leg out in order to fasten the harness between his legs.As you can see, I have more to say about its cons than its pros, but the simplicity and security of this compared to a blanket keeps me using it anyway. If they’d made it of better materials and sewed it as one piece I’d give it five stars. In spite of the cons, if you baby sleeps better swaddled it’s worth it.

Edythe Horntown, VA