HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Soft Pink, Newborn

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Soft Pink, Newborn

The HALO SleepSack Swaddle replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, it helps him sleep better, too. Its adjustable swaddle wrap immobilizes your baby’s arms to prevent the “Moro” or startle reflex. And, it is the only 3-way adjustable swaddle that adjusts to your baby’s sleep style. Swaddle arms in, hands-to-face, one or both arms out to ensure baby’s best sleep and an easy and gentle transition to the SleepSack wearable blanket when it is time to stop swaddling. Used in hospitals nationwide, the Halo SleepSack Swaddle is the #1 choice of hospitals and is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Its strong adjustable fasteners ensure a perfect fit and resist breakouts for more secure swaddling. Plus, its innovative zipper, unzips from the bottom allowing your baby to stay swaddled for easy diaper changes. HALO also proudly supports non-profit organizations like First Candle/SIDS Alliance. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. Discontinue swaddling when the baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap. 100% cotton interlock. TOG: 1.5 Size newborn fits 6-12 lbs, size small fits 13-18 lbs.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 3-way adjustable swaddle that adjusts to your baby’s sleep style. Swaddle arms in, hands-to-face, one or both arms out to ensure baby’s best sleep and an easy transition to the SleepSack wearable blanket when it is time to stop swaddling.
  • Used by hospitals nationwide as their swaddle of choice for safe sleep education. “Back is Best” embroidery reminds caregivers to place baby on his or her back.
  • Strong, adjustable fasteners ensure a perfect fit and resist breakouts for more secure swaddling. Unzips from the bottom allowing baby to stay swaddled for easy diaper changes.
  • Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but cannot be kicked off so baby stays warm all night. Recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. Discontinue swaddling when the baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap.

Verified reviews



I agree with the other poster who said this needs to be recalled. We used it fine with our newborn for a while, I actually loved it. However, one afternoon I found it bunched up around my 1 month old daughters neck! She is a real squirmer and easily would break out of regular swaddles so I thought this thing would be a good idea but it turned out to be too dangerous. I also filed a complaint with the government consumer safety agency. I’m using a SwaddleMe now and it works much better, it can’t bunch up around the neck. I heard a Woombie is good too.

Ruby Slate Hill, NY

Waste of money

I’m not saying that the quality of the item is to blame, just the concept. If you need to swaddle your baby, use a swaddle blanket. This serves no purpose after you no longer need to swaddle your baby. A blanket still is a blanket!

Cherry Tarrytown, GA

Not like the other swaddle sleepsacks

I have been using these sleepsack/swaddles since day one. I bought a cream and blue one off the same listing and the cream one has the velcro attachments between the swaddle and the sleepsack, which i like. The blue one’s swaddle is sewn onto the swaddle, which makes it hard to use the sleepsack alone once you stop using the swaddle. And the material is also much more stretchy, which allowed my baby to break out of it or lift the arms up. So be cautious that even tho they are under the same listing, they were different, which is annoying. And the sewn on kind i found tobe not so useful.

Monika Mineola, IA

SUPPOSE To Reduce SIDS..What a Joke!

I have a few complaints about these sacks.1) The swaddling wings are constantly ending up on his face! That’s one of the major ways SIDS occurs is covering a babies face!! I follow the directions that are sewn into the inside of the swaddle wings and it still ends up on his face.2) The swaddle wings are only sewn to the sack in certain spots so my son slips his little arms through the holes where the wings aren’t sewn on and gets his hands stuck and screams.3) Even though the material seems light, they are too hot! My son is a pretty cool baby (his hands a feet a freezing most of the time) and he ends up sweating in these so much so that the sleep sack is soaked with sweat. I have to turn the air conditioner down so low I almost cant handle it and let him sleep in the sack in just a diaper so he will be comfortable in his sleep sack. Over heating is another factor with SIDS and these things overheat my son big time!I’d say the sleep sacks without the swaddle wings would be fine or if you wrap the swaddling wings around babies chest and leave babies arms free then these aren’t so bad. Unfortunately my son needs to be swaddled to sleep and these are just dangerous! Do not trust your baby swaddled in these things unless you can supervise them 100% of the time they’re in it!

Flossie Danville, NH

Sizing of “wings” way off for newborns

My newborn is just over seven pounds, and the newborn size is rated for 6-12 pounds. The “wings” (part you swaddle with) are very oversized for her, to the point where there is no Velcro left in order to close it once I have her wrapped up. I have also had issues with the product bunching up over her face, I assumed this is due to the poor fit, but it seems others had the same issue. This product is also very overpriced, especially since it seems I wasted my money on something that isn’t functional.

Guadalupe Two Rivers, AK

Easy Way to Swaddle Your Newborn

This swaddle sack makes the business of swaddling seem quick and easy. Even clueless dads like myself can quickly learn how to use it. Our baby boy loved it, and we never had any issues with it. Unlike the traditional swaddling he never managed to figure out how to untangle himself from this one. 🙂 The cotton material feels soft, and it was easy to wash. Overall, we are very happy with this product and would recommend it to other parents of the newborns.

Latisha Jacobson, MN

Useless and Dangerous — Do Not Buy

I’m a huge fan of swaddling and wish I had done it more often and earlier with my first son. For my second son I invested in more swaddling blankets, including this one. This is by far the worst of all the blankets I’ve tried. First, it doesn’t get tight enough to actually swaddle. I even tried it again when my son was clearly too big for it and I still couldn’t get the arm straps tight enough for him to actually be swaddled. More concerning the swaddle band, because it is too loose, easily rides up while your child is sleeping to cover his mouth and nose. Extremely dangerous. If you want a good swaddling blanket, I highly recommend theThe Miracle Blanket Swaddler formerly known as the Amazing Miracle Blanket – Solid Blueinstead of this one. If your child is too large for the Miracle Blanket then I recommend trying theThe Woombie Original Swaddle Blanket, Bubblegum, 14-19 Pounds. Ultimately, do not buy this.

Karyn Lytle Creek, CA

Two different styles of Halo swaddle sack

My first experience with Halo swaddle sacks was with the one that comes in the sleepsack/swaddle sack gift set:Halo Innovations Cotton Newborn Gift Set – Blue SheepThat one has a swaddle that is detachable using velcro tabs, whereas the swaddle on this item is sewn on. I happen to prefer the detachable swaddle because we sometimes use the sleepsack by itself (e.g. during nursing), and then the swaddle is just extra material, but it’s really not a big deal either way; the swaddle can be used either “arms in” or “arms out,” so you’ve got options.The fabric is a fairly lightweight cotton, although I would love to be able to find something even lighter for warm nights.

Josefina Millburn, NJ

Way too big

My 5 month old is still swaddled, and oddly enough, she seems too small for it (we even own a size small). The sides that are to be wrapped around the belly/arms are too long, so the velcro barely even works. The left side (that wraps around first) pretty much tucks all the way underneath her back, and the right side (that wraps around second) wraps all the way around to her back, only leaving maybe an inch of velcro contact. Needless to say, it isn’t secure enough to keep my little one from working her way out of the swaddle. She also gets her hands up and out of the bottom of the swaddle wrap, causing it to bunch up around her face, neck, which she then ends up chewing on and waking herself up.I bought mine from Target, on clearance in June/July 2011. Maybe that is why? It is a small, cotton, pink swaddle. She is 25 inches long and she fits ok length wise, but to wrap her tightly at all, it’s waaaay to big for her. Seems strange to make a swaddle so loose since the purpose of a swaddle is to be tight.Also, mine does not have any velcro fasteners on the bottom like the other commentators. Not sure why but ours are apparently different.

Angelita Leland, MS

great product

This has been a great buy for us–originally we had the smaller size and our son was too long for it, so we moved up to this one. He’s 3 months and we have had many 6 and 7 hour stretches of sleep because of this sleepsack. He will fight the swaddle initially, and sometimes get an arm out, but we wholeheartedly recommend it to our friends!

Monica Big Run, WV

Small is too small.

I gave the review 4 stars for a great product. However, I subtracted a star because the small is too small for our 5 months old, weighs 13 lbs and 23 inches long (small for his age). He can’t stretch his legs out and looks very uncomfortable. Halo does not make a swaddle blanket larger than small (took off another star for that). I’m lucky that we were able to last as long as we did. My friend’s kids sized out at 3 months. Yikes!

Tracey Shannon, AL

Nice, But Not My Favorite Swaddle

I’ve tried 4 different types of swaddle sacks/blankets and this one is easy to use, and wraps baby securely. Being able to unzip the bottom makes changing simpler. The cloth is soft and heavy cotton. However, it is hard to get it really snug and cloth tends to end up loose around the neck/face.Pros:Soft, good quality fabricEasy to use, bottom zipper for diaper accessArms are held securely – she’s only gotten an arm out once so farCons:It is not as snug as some other swaddles. It can actually be quite loose around the face/neck and will sometimes ride up around baby’s mouth. This may be because it seems too wide – my baby is 2.5 months and 14 lbs but the smallest size still seems wide for her.It is a nice heavy cotton, but 3 layers of it make this swaddle a bit too warm depending on the night.I also really like the Summer Infant Swaddleme, which allows you to wrap baby more snugly, and is lighter weight. However the Swaddleme is not as easy to use, and I often have to re-swaddle after changing.

Erin Lexington, NC

Our family loves these.

Halo sleepsacks are the best. We have several of them that we use for my son who is 3 months old now. Until about 2 weeks ago these were the only swaddles he wouldn’t break out of. Now I think he’s no longer interested in being swaddled so we are cutting the swaddles off and using just the sleep sack part. These were great for swaddling though. They can be tightened easily and we never had any issues with them bunching up or causing any distress to our son. In fact, he slept more peacefully when swaddled than when just covered with a blanket. We’re sticking with this brand!

Lesa Smyrna Mills, ME

Handy and quick, with a less restrictive wrap!

We switch between using the Halo SleepSack and theSummer Infant SwaddleMe Appliqued Cotton Knit, 7-14 pounds,Owl. The Summer Infant SwaddleMe provides a much tighter swaddle and leaves a lot less room for baby to kick their legs or move around. The Halo leaves a lot more room for baby to kick their legs and because it’s zipped up to the top they can’t kick the swaddler off. The swaddle portion does a good job of being like a hug around their arms and shoulders without being super tight. It really will depend on your baby (and sometimes on what day it is, or what color they’re wearing, or whether Mercury is in retrograde) on which style they want to wear to sleep in. I know my little one will sometimes fight the Summer Infant and love the Halo, and sometimes it’s the opposite. They both work great, and as she grows up I think the Halo will work better because baby’s want less constriction as they get older, so when it’s time to go to the next size up I think I’ll stick with Halo!

Elsa Rudy, AR

These are must haves for infants

I swaddled my baby for 4 months and the Halo SleepSacks are by far the easiest to use, easiest for nighttime diaper changes, and healthier for hip development. Highly recommend every new mom has at least 2 of these in both NB and Small

Mable Union, MI

Only swaddles my newborn couldn’t break out of!

I love these swaddles for newborns. They are great quality and my two boys have not been able to break out of them. The only thing that I don’t like is how much fabric they have- I stop using them in the Texas summer because my son gets too hot.

Vickie Fort Ransom, ND

Not the tightest swaddle

For parents with infants that make it their business to squirm out of their swaddle, this product can be slightly frustrating. My 3 month old son REALLY wants to put his hands in his mouth at all times and there just isn’t enough velcro on the swaddle to securely fasten his arms down when he’s wearing this. I really do love the zipper/leg design though which gives his legs lots of room to move. This is especially handy when he has gas and likes to kick his legs around to help get it out. I also like how when he’s wearing it the zipper it on the bottom. Especially nice when it’s hot outside to allow for some extra ventilation in the swaddle. I just wish they’d put velcro on each “wing” rather than just one to ensure a very snug fit. I like this product but there are some design improvements that could be made.

Verna Harford, NY

Good idea

This is a good idea, and I like how it’s sleeveless. The Velcro is really loud and very strong. I like it even without actually bundling.

Essie Kechi, KS

Not good enough for my Houdini

I wanted to like this swaddle sleepsack, but it simply did not keep my little man swaddled. Plus, the velcro is loud and further wakes a baby.

Lynette Millboro, VA

Better once you’re baby is older than 3 months

We found our new son was busting out of the Summer velcro swaddle by 3 months. He was too strong. We have transited to this now that he is older and it works like a charm, especially at night!! YES!Pros:-keeps the kiddo from busting out for the most part-the swaddle doesn’t ride up on the kiddo face provided you use the velcro closures on the bottom-I LOVE the fact that the zipper zips DOWN not up. No scratching baby-you can peel off the velcro swaddle and it’s a wearable blanket to reduce sidsCons:-We tried using this when we FIRST bought him home from the hospital. Using this was NIGHTMARE because you have to change newborns soo many times and accomodate for 2 hour feedings. It was just easier initally to use the simple velcro summer swaddle that allowed you to change just the bottoms or old school swaddle blanket. 2am is not a time where you want to mess with putting your newborns arms in the swaddle “dress”.-We only started using this after 3 months once he started busting his legs and arms out of the velcro Summer swaddle-it’s more expensive than other swaddles out there but well worth the price for a full nights rest!

Janell Lagrange, ME

Great for 3-6 months old who still need to be swaddled

The swaddle me sleep sack is great for babies who have outgrown other sleep sacks and who still like to be swaddled. It still fits my son who is 15 1/2 pounds and 4 months old. Best of all you can take the swaddle part off and use the sleep sack by itself once your baby outgrows the swaddling. I just wish they made a medium size one for when he gets bigger. The zipper makes it easy for changing in the middle of the night as well.

Linda Hillview, KY

Warm, snuggly and comforting to our little one

Our baby was a NICU baby and was used to being swaddled when she slept. We didn’t want to deal with swaddling her every night at home and were thrilled to find this sleep sack did the trick. Our baby refused to sleep without it; as soon as we put it on, she was lights out. It washed well, too, although we would recommend line/hang drying as we’ve had other sleep sacks shrink in the wash.

Whitney Welcome, MN

Fabulous Sleep Solution

My daughter used these when she was little and it calmed her instantly. The HALO swaddlers were a part of her sleep routine and she started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. I owe a lot of her sleeping success to this swaddler!I recently bought this new HALO swaddler for my little boy and love the improvements. The velcro straps have been removed and the pieces are now sewn together. The slight downside of the newer model is that the length seems to be too short. My little one’s toes reached the end pretty quickly. He was only 6 weeks old when I had to come back and buy a small.For those who have little Houdini’s like I do I have a solution to help keep their arms down – it has worked for both of my kids anyway! We open the swaddler up, lay a swaddling or receiving blanket inside after we’ve folded it in half diagonally (think a downward facing triangle), lay the baby in the swaddler as you normally would, take one corner of the blanket and pull it snugly over your child’s arm and under their back (they should be laying on it), repeat this for the other side, zip it, and swaddle tightly as normal. This will keep them snug and secure, guaranteed!

Wanda Chicken, AK


my son hated this. tThe look of terror on hi face was heart breaking. It was like a straight jacket for babies. Now if your newborn loves to be swaddled I can see this being helpful. Neither of my boys did.

Alexandria Minnetonka, MN

Great for keeping baby warm and secure

My baby girl loved to be swaddled, but also wanted her hands free. The Halo SleepSack worked better for her than a regular swaddle blanket after awhile because it was an easy way to make sure she had that snug swaddled feeling, without having her hands trapped. I love the weight of these sleep sacks – not to heavy, but heavy enough to keep baby comfortable in winter and summer. The zipper is great, because it ensures the blanket will stay on through the night. Also, love the fact that the baby has enough room in the sack to kick. I’ve purchased several sleep sacks. My baby is now five months old, it’s the middle of the winter, and she still sleeps very soundly in these sacks. Every baby is different. My older son loved another type of swaddle blanket when he was an infant. But, if your baby enjoys the freedom to move, yet still be swaddled, this is an excellent choice.

Dora Burlingame, CA


I have a fleece version of this and wanted a cotton one for summer- but this shrunk to almost 3/4th it’s original size 🙁

Christine Decatur, TX

Not a helpful swaddle/sleep sack

The swaddle version of this sleep sack is not useful at all. It’s not sized properly. The swaddle arms are way to large and not in proportion. The regular sleeveless sleep sack is great. This is a pass and is still sitting in the drawer unused.

Christi Darlington, PA

By the time my baby fit into this, swaddling wasn’t needed.

I like my regular Halo sleepsack, but my baby wanted to be swaddled. So I tried this one, but honestly it’s way too big for a small/medium newborn. By the time my baby was big enough to go in it without absolutely swimming, he was passed the swaddle phase. Even if he wasn’t, I don’t think the swaddle part would have been nearly as tight enough. There’s lots of velcro, but I had much better luck with a SwaddleMe. I would use it without the swaddle part around baby’s arms, but it’s just so much fabric.

Aimee Forestville, NY

Love this product!!! Wish I knew about it earlier!

I bought a Miracle Blanket and receiving blankets in hopes of using those. I had a Halo sleepsack, but it was for a larger sized baby. I was SO happy when I found out they had the ‘newborn’ size with the swaddler attachment. My little guy is not even 8 lbs yet, so this is PERFECT for him. We like the sleepsack portion of it, so easy to unzip and even take off if you need to clean up your baby a little bit more after a diaper change. He likes the swaddle portion better than the Miracle Blanket, because it’s easy to position above the arms and even below the arms. It also gives the baby more room to move his/her arms around instead of right by his side, like with the Miracle Blanket.There is also pretty darn secure velcro straps to the bottom on the swaddle attachment and at the back so it won’t slide up and down when your little one moves and wiggles about. This helped me tremendously with my fear that any portion could slide up to his face area obstructing breathing, as the Miracle Blanket sometimes does.We found out after the first night that if the climate is pretty warm in your room (we don’t have AC but it’s around 70 degrees in the room) to just put the baby in a side snap shirt or onesie with short arms and no legs. The sleepsuit is warm enough for the baby without all the extra clothing underneath. Plus the swaddle portion will keep his/her arms warm.My little one also likes sleeping in the sleepsack portion during the day time and in his Graco pack ‘n play napper portion. During the night we use the swaddle portion in the Arms Reach co-sleeper. I would recommend to buy at least 2, just in case one gets soiled, you have another on hand.

Aline Cave City, KY

Love Halo Cotton Sleepsacks. The best!

Love these sleepsacks. I now own 3 of the cotton Halo SleepSacks. They are the best because of the breathable cotton (better than fleece) and they wrap tightly without ruining the fabric like other sleepsacks. My only complaint about th sage pin dot that I purchased this time is that the cute embroidered detail on the edge of the swaddle wings becomes entangled in the velcro and it is a bit of a pain to pull off every time. Wish they just left off the embroidered edge, or did something more practical as an edging. But not a huge deal. Love their product, my son sleeps so much better in a sleepsack!

Gail Butler, NJ