HALO SleepSack 5-Piece Bumper-Free Crib Set, Caterpillar

HALO SleepSack 5-Piece Bumper-Free Crib Set, Caterpillar

HALO SleepSack 5-Piece Crib Set Designed with whimsical prints, the HALO SleepSack 5-Piece Crib Set will help create a beautiful and safe nursery for your little one. The American Academy of Pediatrics and leading safety organizations warn against the use of soft, loose bedding and bumpers in cribs. Instead of potentially dangerous comforters and bumpers, this unique five-piece crib set contains only those things your baby needs to sleep safe and sound from the start: one HALO SleepSack Swaddle, size newborn; one HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, size small; two fitted crib sheets; and one coordinating crib skirt. This lovely crib set helps you create and beautiful and safe nursery for your baby. View larger Set includes coordinating SleepSack Swaddle and SleepSack wearable blanket. View larger Keep Children Safe And Comfortable All Night Since 2005, The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended the use of wearable blankets for safe sleep. Unlike regular blankets, the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket is worn over your child’s sleepwear, so it won’t be kicked off. This means your child stays safe, warm, and comfortable all night. The inverted bottom zipper lets you change diapers easily, so there’s no need to undress your baby. For comfort, its sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating, while the “Back is Best” embroidery reminds all caregivers to place babies on their backs to sleep. Recommended By Hospitals And Safety Organizations The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket is used by more than 1,250 hospital nurseries in North America to teach parents safe sleep practices. The sack design allows room for your baby’s legs to move freely to ensure proper hip development, and has been approved as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It is the only wearable blanket to carry the gold seals from First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. HALO’s Mission: Help Babies Sleep Safely HALO’s founder Bill Schmid and his wife lost their first born to SIDS. From this tragedy, HALO and its mission were born. For over 15 years we’ve been educating parents about safe sleep practices and have supported non-profit organizations such as First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested the use of wearable blankets. Today, HALO SleepSack wearable blankets are a trusted choice of hospitals, and are used throughout North America to help babies sleep safely from the start. HALO SleepSack 5-Piece Crib Set Includes: 100% Cotton 2-in-1 Adjustable HALO SleepSack Swaddle, size Newborn (6-12 lbs.) 100% Cotton HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, size Small (10-18 lbs.) Two 100% Cotton Jersey Fitted Crib Sheets Coordinating Crib Skirt

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • No loose blankets or bumpers, for safer sleep
  • Includes 2-in-1 adjustable SleepSack Swaddle that allows for swaddling arms in or arms out to ensure an easy transition to the SleepSack wearable blanket when it is time to stop swaddling, 100% cotton, Size newborn fits 6-12 lbs
  • Includes a HALO SleepSack wearable blanket that replaces loose blankets that can cover a baby’s face and interfere with breathing, 100% Cotton, Size Small fits 10-18lbs, #1 choice of hospital nurseries and used to help teach parents about safe sleep
  • A favorite of parents, this set has been awarded the 2012 Parent Tested Parent Approved, NAPPA and Cribsie Awards
  • Includes two, 100% Cotton Jersey fitted crib sheets; one solid, one in coordinating print, plus one coordinating decorative crib skirt

Verified reviews


great set for your newborn

as described, the product contains:- 2 fitted crib sheets- 1 crib skirt- 1 zipped, wearable blanket (swaddling style)- 1 zipped, wearable blanketi like that the fitted sheets are made of cotton knit which tends to not contain formaldehyde like most sheets, though i don’t know if baby sheets use that chemical to reduce wrinkling. but it’s good to know that this product most likely does not contain unnecessary harmful chemicals. and the stretchy fabric is convenient.the crib skirt is not made of cotton knit, so not stretchy, but i don’t like to use one anyway.the swaddling wearable blanket could be helpful for those who have trouble swaddling, but i found the velcro to be too unwieldy, thus making the whole thing more complicated to use than simple swaddling. besides, i get a better, tighter swaddle with regular baby blankets.the regular wearable blanket is fantastic to keep the baby warm.overall, this is a good all-in-one set for your baby’s bedding needs.

Marlene Mystic, IA

Great Products – Good Value

We have been using Halo SleepSacks for our 2 year old since she was old enough to roll over. They are a terrific product, which made us eager to try the full Halo Safe Sleep Crib Set. The set includes a small SleepSack, a small swaddle, 2 jersey knit fitted sheets and a bed skirt. While most parents will need to buy more SleepSacks and swaddles than what is included, having just one of each makes the most sense so parents can try them out and see what they like. We have tried many swaddles and ended up likingKiddopotamus & Co. Organic Cotton SwaddleMe – Ivorythe best, but Halo’s swaddles are very good.The fabrics used on all the items in this set are soft and breathable cotton. I much prefer the fabric Halo uses in this set to the cotton flannel and fleece some manufacturers use. The swaddle and SleepSack will keep your baby at a good temperature in a properly kept 68-72F room. The Caterpillar motif is attractive and suitable for both boys and girls (and happens to match the paint in our nursery).Overall, I’d recommend this crib set if you like the colors available and want to try both the SleepSack and Halo Swaddle (or already use them). The whole set is offered at a decent price point and the quality of Halo’s products is among the best in non-boutique baby sleepwear.

Maryellen Comer, GA

The Halo system is fantastic- snuggly, safe, and very cute

My squiggly daughter is 8 months, and I feel so much better zipping her safely into a sleep sack than letting her get all tangled up in blankets. The soft fleece washes well, and the zip system is clever and easy to change her. The sheets and the crib skirt are really cute, and match the colors in her room, but would work equally well for a boy! The whole package is an excellent product.

Allene King, WI

a practical baby bedding set

I know everyone likes to buy those bedding sets with the bumpers and baby quilt you are cautioned not to use because they are a suffocation hazard. The sets are super cute, but you only end up using the bed skirt and the fitted sheet and everything else goes in a closet.This set might not the traditional bedding set, but it actually the most practical since you (or the potential new parents) will actually use EVERYTHING in it. I got the yellow/green set with cute little bugs on it that was pretty unisex for my daughter. The sheets are the t-shirt kind of sheets and very soft. It has 2 sleep sacks as well, a newborn one and a small one. The newborn one also has flaps so you can swaddle the baby if that is what they prefer (my daughter hated that, so we just left her arms out.)Over all, this would be a great gift, and if you are a mom making a baby shower registry, a much better option than the traditional bedding sets.

Lina Fredericksburg, IA

I sleep better knowing he is sleeping safely

I really love the idea of these sacks. Having seen enough specials on SIDS, I know my critical ABC’s Alone, Back, Crib. But there is still something cold about not wrapping your baby in something comfy. This having been my first baby in three years, I was thrilled that this product was available. This set also includes a swaddler, an easy way to put together the baby burrito that newborns love but that I’ve never been able to master. The bottoms unzip making it easy to change diapers. They are also machine washable but do shrink down some. There is always the next size up when it becomes too snug. This gift set comes with the swaddler, the next size up sack and a sheet set making it an ideal gift/sample set for new moms. My only complaint is they’ve gone a little far with the neutrals. Though, I will continue to use these for bedtime, I’d love to wrap my boy in something tough looking like navy or brown. I would use the product outside the crib more.

Jayne Block Island, RI

Finally a crib set with no bumper!

I love that this crib set comes without a bumper! With my first child, I ended up not using most of the things that came in his set. All I really wanted was a colorful crib skirt and a few sheets. These sheets are so soft! I never used a sleep sack with my first child, but my second absolutely loves hers! When I ordered this, I didn’t think I would use the swaddle blanket or sleep sack, but we have used both with my daughter.

Antionette Middle Village, NY

Excellent Product

I was very excited to see that the Sleep Sack is now offered in a crib set. I am not a huge fan of the bumpers, but I hated how plain and ordinary the average crib looked without anything fun! I also love how soft the sheets are. My daughter loves cuddling up in her crib!!I am also happy to have the sleep sack, and the one with the swaddle. My daughter loves them.This is a great product. It is made with great quality. I have not had a single complaint yet!!

Nellie Genesee, MI

We love this set!

I was pleased to find this crib bedding set on Amazon. The design is really cute and is great value, it has everything I will need for my baby when he eventually transitions into the crib (and I am not paying for bumpers that I am not going to use)! My newborn (3 weeks) loves to be swaddled just now and the swaddler is easy to use and I have had very few breakouts. When he does get out, the material stays away from his face. My friends with older babies swear by their wearable blankets, so I anticipate getting a lot of use about that too once he has outgrown the newborn swaddle stage.

Natalie Alamo, TX

Adorable bunper-free option

This is the perfect starter set for any new mom to get her on the way to safe sleeping. The SleepSacks are perfect for keeping baby warm and snug without overheating or risk of suffocation and the cotton jersey allows for a snug fitting sheet, plus you get a cute bedskirt to complete the look.

Ella Echo, LA

Everything in this set is useful

I bought two of these sleep sets while pregnant, when a Babies R’ Us store closed and had 90% off the handful of items that were left. I bought them for the sheets only, because I knew I would go through those.My baby is now about 10 days old, and I can see that this set will be useful. In each set, you get the following items:- Two crib sheets: These get peed on if there is a diaper leak, so it’s good to have several, for late night sheet changes. These are 100% cotton of light T-shirt material, and feel soft and good quality.- A crib skirt: This actually is kind of useless. It keeps under the crib from getting too dusty and makes things look matchy, but that’s about it.- Swaddle sack for a newborn (up to 12 pounds): a sleep sack with flaps on the side that come in and velcro together to pin baby’s arms to its sides: Babies like having their arms confined, because it reminds them of being in the womb. They also have a startle reflex, and will flare their arms out at any sudden noise or movement, and while falling asleep or dreaming. This can wake them up. Swaddling with a blanket is kind of hard to do, you need a blanket that is the right size and weight, and if the blanket comes off, then you have no swaddle and a loose blanket in the crib. They swaddled at the hospital, and it’s recommended to do until the baby starts rolling, at which point it’s important for the baby’s arms to be free, so it can lift itself if it’s on the stomach. Unless you are a natural at swaddling (I’m not), you will probably scope out swaddle sacks after attempting to swaddle a few times. Halo is a major manufacturer for sleep sacks, so having the set lets you try their brand to see if you like it. The particular one that comes with this set, I found to be a bit heavy fabric. I air condition to 80 degrees. For a baby born in Texas in August, I worry the sleep sack is too hot. Certainly, I wouldn’t put a onesie or any other clothes under it. But, if you have a winter baby or live in a cooler climate, maybe it’s a good weight for you. And, actually, my baby, born one week after due date, grew out of swaddling in about a week, but the time to grow out of this is different for every baby. Anyway, having the swaddle sack saved me a frantic trip to the store to get one when I couldn’t get blanket swaddling down. To anyone who complains about Velcro on the sleep sack snagging in laundry, just put it inside a zippered pillow cover to wash it. That’s what I do with anything fragile or something rough like this that could snag my other clothes.- Sleep sack for an infant (10 to 18 pounds): a sleep sack without arm flaps: As soon as his head is big enough that this can’t slip over his face, I am going to use this with my baby. This is a safe alternative to a blanket. You can put the baby in it, and there is no way for the baby to get tangled in the item. The alternative is tucking a blanket in at the foot of the crib, so that it only comes up to baby’s chest, but I think once baby starts rolling, that sleep sack is safer (and with hands free, baby can move around some after a roll, and be OK). This is the same material as the sleep sack, but because it’s only one layer, this seems much more practical and could be used alone in summer or over a onesie in winter.All in all, this is a practical set of items for a first baby. The price on Amazon is slightly cheaper than buying sheets and sleep sacks separately, and the sheets are good quality.

Jeannie Cornish, UT

Great quality and value — perfect baby shower gift

HALO Sleep Sacks need no recommendation as they are well known for their quality and performance (and rightfully so). So to include them in a set with crib sheets is quite genius. The sheets are great quality, very soft and durable. This particular theme (green) is my favorite: pleasing color scheme and really adorable animal characters. I’d say this set is a must buy due to its exceptional value, which also makes it a wonderful baby shower gift!

Marissa Boulder Creek, CA

Nice basic set for the new little one

This set has been passed on to friends (lots of new babies this year) and for those whose little ones are backsleepers (mine never was) it’s been a great set.Basic bedding, comfy SleepSacks, and a reminder that newborns and shortly there after do not need a ton of bells and whistles to get through the first few months. Just an easy way to sleep.

Alexandra Mcpherson, KS

We love SleepSacks! Safe and easy!

I love the fact that Halo has put this set together as a safer alternative than traditional sets, which normally contain a bumper and loose blankets. So many people are against bumpers these days, and it’s a waste to buy a set with a bumper if you’re not going to use it!I have been using a SleepSack with my daughter almost all her life, and putting it on has become part of our bedtime routine – “diaper, pajamas, SleepSack and bedtime!”is what I sing as my hubby brings her to me from her bath. We started with swaddle blankets when she was born, which I never quite mastered. I wish I had known about the SleepSack Swaddle – it would have made sleep time much easier and I wouldn’t have worried about the swaddle blanket coming unraveled and getting in her face. We loved the regular SleepSacks for many months, but now we are on to the Early Walkers SleepSack (not included in this set), which has holes for little feet to poke out, and we absolutely love it. In the morning, my daughter gets to snuggle in bed with us, and then toddle off to play, still all cozy and warm in her little sack. Love it!

Kimberlee Guild, NH

Nice package for new parents

This set includes a Halo sleep sack, a Halo swaddle, two crib sheets and a decorative crib skirt. The light green color with yellow, blue and green designs is gender neutral. the butterflies, caterpillar and bees on the sleep sack and swaddle are very cute. Having a couple of crib sheets on hand is handy for new parents. With this set, all of the critical sleep items are included.I think it would make a very good gift. However, my only concern is that in order to give it as a gift, one would need to make sure that the green crib sheets and skirt would match the decor the parents plan for the nursery. Because of the yellow and blue accents, it could fit in a room with any of those colors.Overall, a nice combination of quality Halo sleep products.

Gabriela Leonard, MI

Nice set for a growing baby

This is a nice set of crib accessories for a growing baby. We used the swaddle for our baby when she was smaller, and at about six months we switched her over to the “sleepsack” which fits slightly larger babies. The only thing we were less than thrilled with was the sheets, which were a little too tight to full cover the sides of our standard crib mattress. The bed ruffle is cute, and has slits at the corners to accommodate the platform’s support straps.

Elizabeth Aiea, HI

Safe and functional!

Looking around for a cute set of crib bedding was a little difficult this time around. Crib bumpers have always been a great way to add cute décor to a baby’s nursery. However, I decided to follow the recommendations and forgo the bumper this time. It is nearly impossible to find a crib set that doesn’t include a crib bumper. I actually gave up on buying a pre-made set. Lucky for me, HALO sent me a Safe Sleep Crib Set and it has everything my little girl needs.The best part of this Crib set is the fact that it is Safe (hence the name). It doesn’t include any pieces that would put my baby in harms way. That means it is a set worth buying!!The SleepSack Swaddle is a great swaddle blanket for when my baby girl is young. It also includes a wearable blanket once she doesn’t need to be swaddled any longer. It’s a safe way to keep baby warm at night and they won’t be able to kick it off like a normal blanket. The sheets in this set are 100% cotton jersey and come in one solid and one coordinating print. They fit nice and snug on the mattress so my baby can sleep safe. I love that we get TWO crib sheets! If you’ve had a baby, you know that changing sheets can be a frequent occurrence! The crib skirt is cute and definitely pulls the whole set together.The HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set comes in several different prints and you are sure to find one that will be perfect for you little baby. I feel good knowing that my daughter has a crib set that is functional and cute but most importantly SAFE. I worry enough about her without needing to wonder if she is safe while sleeping!

Josie Okarche, OK

Love Halo and love this Crib Set

Halo is an awesome company that really takes safety as their goal in cribs. They are not worried about fluffing up the room but rather how to keep your little one safe. The fact is that loose blankets and bumpers are not ideal for a crib setting.Halo’s Crib Set is everything you need for your little one! It includes a newborn sleepsack swaddle, small sleepsack wearable blanket, decorative crib skirt and 2 fitted crib sheets. The Serengeti Green pattern is very neutral with its Greens, yellows and splashes of blue and orange. It features jungle animals that are simply adorable. I personally love sleepsacks and swaddle sacks because they are so convenient! I used them all year with just a onsie underneath. Perfect for air condition or winter.You will not be disappointed in this set!

Mercedes Lannon, WI

Smart Purchase

This crib set is fantastic!Cost EffectiveAdorableSafeMultiple Designs AvailableGood QualityWe spend so much money on our crib sets but they include things that we aren’t supposed to use in our cribs: bumpers and quilts. This set is cheaper and it gives you things that you were already going to buy like the Swaddle and the SleepSack. The sheets are nice and soft and I prefer them to the ones that I was using previously because of the jersey cotton. Everyone should own the Swaddle SleepSack so this is such a smart bundle!

Jodie Moran, KS

Safe Sleep

I recently received this set for my grandchild. Rather than a blanket that goes over him while he rests, the Halo sleep sack for baby is actually worn over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. Almost like a form-fitting sleeping bag, the Halo SleepSack is enclosed at the feet, but offers a comfortable opening for baby’s arms and head. The generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night and the sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating.The Halo SleepSack and SleepSack Swaddle both eliminate the need for any loose blankets in baby’s crib. The 100 percent cotton, micro-fleece materials used in the sack and swaddle are designed for optimum breathing and also to meet flame-resistant standards.As babies and children move around a lot at night, sheets often come off and again create a situation where injuries can occur. The 100 % soft jersey sheet provides a snug fit on the mattress.The set comes in six patterns including pink, blue and neutral tones. Because I don’t know the sex of my grandchild I tend to look for gender neutral options, so we received the HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set(tm) in the Serengeti Green, which goes perfect with the theme of the nursery.

Kasey Emden, IL

Love this Set … Caterpillars …

A wonderful pattern, good craftsmanship and good materials. This set has withstood many, many washings with bleach, tide and soil-love.The caterpillars are quite adorable and a good choice as a registry gift where they’re keeping the baby’s gender a surprise. You can’t really go wrong with this.If you’re concerned about safety, and who isn’t? The HALO design is a new standard and crib bumpers are really a thing of the past.

Tasha M C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI