HALO SleepSack Applique Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Blue, Large

HALO SleepSack Applique Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Blue, Large

The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket helps your baby sleep better, too. It’s a warm cuddly blanket they can’t kick off; ensuring baby sleeps soundly throughout the night. Used in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide, the Halo SleepSack wearable blanket is the No.1 choice of hospitals, recommended by safety organizations and is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. A portion of every purchase goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. 100% polyester micro-fleece. Size small fits 10-18 pounds; size medium fits 16-24 pounds; size large fits 22-28 pounds; size extra large fits 26-36 pounds.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets; Size preemie fits birth – 5 pounds, size small fits 10 – 18 pounds, size medium fits 16 – 24 pounds, size large fits 22 – 28 pounds, size extra large fits 26 -36 pounds
  • Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes; Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night; Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating
  • Used by over 1,000 hospitals nationwide as their product of choice for teaching parents safe sleep practices; Recogized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Embroidery reminds caregivers to place baby on his or her back
  • Portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

Verified reviews


effective, but pricey, could offer better/bolder colors, baby outgrows and it fades quickly.

We bought 2 of these- I wasn’t thrilled with the very bland color selections or the lack of variety, but we’ve heard good things. After 5 months of use, the colors are very faded and the sleep sacks look worn and old. We don’t use harsh chemicals on it, only all natural HE wash, tumble dry low at minimum time. So now they kinda look raggy and pale. However, they have a good zipper, they are soft, effective, and we go through them quick. 2 wasn’t near enough. Also, they are already getting short on the baby (in other words, he’s out growing them) and we just barely bought them. I see sleep sacks on the market that last for FAR longer age groups. All they do different is add a few inches to the length. Our baby is very small, so I can imagine other parents have to buy a new set of 3-4 every 6 months. That’s $80 two times a year! For sleep sacks! Yikes! I’m going for the better looking, longer lasting but pricier ones here on amazon. Let’s see if that’s better. I can’t affor $160 a year for sleep sacks that are “ok.”

Tessa Villalba, PR

Cozy and well made

Love this cozy fleece sleep sack. It washes well and stays fluffy and soft. The puppy dog on it is cute too!

Renee Middletown, PA

Sending these to Australia!

My daughter slept in these until she could stand up and I give one to everyone I know as a baby gift. I live in Australia now and they don’t sell them here, so I order them and have my mother send them over whenever I have a baby gift to give. My 4 year old daughter still holds her velour one as her lovey (BaBa), it became so while she was still sleeping in it and started pulling the front up to her face, and sometimes still wears it as a cape for fun. But it will be around for a while, I’m sure 🙂 We had to get two identical velour ones for this reason in 2 sizes.

Meghan Corydon, IN

Superb Product

This is a wonderful wearable blanket. It protects from SIDS and keeps my baby toasty in the winter time and avoids too many layers of clothes underneath. I’ve had him in these ever since he got out of the swaddle.

Cheri La Madera, NM

Love this sleepsack

We have owned three fleece HALO sleep sacks – S, M and L. My most recent purchase is the “lime green” (with the giraffe) and it is super cute and comfy! As opposed to the Large cotton sleep sack that shrank horribly, this one is still plenty big for my 7 month old. And even as it starts to get warmer, I can put him in a onesie as opposed to PJs and he’ll still be comfortable. Highly recommend HALO sleep sacks!

Esmeralda Metamora, OH


great size and shape and very easy to use and wash. the arms free design is great to as it allows plenty of movement

Young Glade Valley, NC

These are great!

My 4 month old gets swaddled every night and now that fall has arrived we need a little more coverage at night. These keep him nice and warm and he sleeps great in them.

Rosario Morriston, FL

Good wearable blanket … until the zipper malfunctioned!

I’ve been putting my now-19 month-old toddler to sleep at night in Halo Sleepsacks since she was a newborn … we started out with the Sleepsack Swaddle, then switched to the regular Sleepsacks. In fact, they’ve become a part of our bedtime routine … my little-one knows that when the Sleepsack goes on, it’s time for bed. We’ve never had a problem with any of the Sleepsacks, until now. About two-and-a-half months ago, I purchased the Halo Micro-fleece Sleepback in lime green (with the applique) for my daughter to wear during the cool winter nights. For the first 6 weeks, this Sleepsack was fine, and then the zipper started getting tricky. It would randomly stick and be very difficult to zip down (Sleepsack zippers reverse-zip from top to bottom). I closely examined the zipper and could see no reason why it kept getting stuck. One morning, after I’d had a particularly difficult time getting the zipper to close at bedtime, the zipper split open overnight in the chest area all the way down to the waist. Thank goodness my daughter was wearing long-sleeved footed pajamas under the Sleepsack because it had been an especially chilly night and she had a cold to boot. The last thing she needed was to catch a chill due to a defective Sleepsack. The final straw came a couple of nights ago when I just couldn’t get the zipper to close, no matter how hard I tried. After about 3 minutes of struggling, my toddler became very upset that her bedtime routine was being interrupted. Thank goodness I had a spare Sleepsack readily available, otherwise her crying spell would’ve turned into a full-on meltdown … definitely NOT something you want happening when you’re trying to settle an active toddler down for bed!We’re not particularly hard on our Sleepsacks, either. I wash and dry them according to Halo’s instructions, and my little one doesn’t fiddle with or suck on the zipper. Plus, I always get two Sleepsacks in every size and I alternate weeks between them, so they’re definitely not overused. The zipper on this one just stopped working, plain and simple. However, I’m still giving this item a 3 instead of a 1 out of 5 because all of my other Halo Micro-fleece Sleepsacks worked perfectly after months of wear and washings. So I’m assuming this defective zipper problem is just a one-off fluke. However, it was still a pretty major inconvenience and waste-of-money to spend twenty bucks on a Sleepsack to end up tossing it in the trash well before my little-one outgrew it. And on top of that, I now have to pony up an additional $20 for a new Sleepsack to replace the defective one!Overall grade for Halo Micro-fleece Sleepsacks (Large): A-Grade for this particular Sleepsack: D

Dorothy Moran, WY

Love it!

I love these sleep sacks. Spacious and comfortable, nice and cozy. They are a great because my baby can’t get her feet out the side of the crib. Plenty of room to grow.

Colette Alvo, NE

Super soft sleep sack great for cold winter nights

This sleep sack has been great for the winter. We never use blankets because of the SIDS risk and this fleece sleep sack keeps our baby nice and warm. The zipper zips down in case you need to do a middle of the night diaper change (you don’t have to completely take the sleep sack off, just zip up past their middle, do the diaper change, and zip back down). My son is 10 months and around 20 pounds and this fits him great, with room to grow. He doesn’t get tangled in it and can still stand when he wakes and calls out for me (which he always does). I would recommend this sleep sack as a safe, comfy alternative to a blanket.

Maryanne Islip, NY

Best Purchase Made

We love this blanket sleeper, it keeps are grandson safe and warm all night, one of the best purchases we have made since he was born, I would recommend this item to any new parent, a must have.

Corrine Raysal, WV

One of our best purchases

This is one of the best things we bought for our little guy. Like a lot of new parents, we’re terrified of letting him sleep with a blanket while he’s under 6 months because of the increased risk of SIDS. I don’t know how substantial the risk actually is, but no matter how small, we’d probably sleep a little less because of it. This keeps him warm, and works great.

Pauline Plum Branch, SC

Perfect for bed

I love the Halo sleepsacks. I realize at some point I will have to put my little one to bed with a real blanket but for now he goes in the sleep sacks. I ordered a bunch of these because my kid has been growing like a weed. At 6 months old (21lbs) he now comfortably fits in the large size but we can still put him in a medium if we need to. This particular sleep sack is adorable. I know its more of a "girl" theme but I love the fleece so I bought it for my little boy. It keeps him nice and warm at night without the risk of suffocating himself. When the summer hits we will switch to the cotton sleepsacks by Halo but the fleece is a definite need in the colder months.

Mia Tustin, CA

A must have

We bought this for our first baby and are really glad we did. It fits well and we feel like our baby is much safer and warmer for having used it. Would buy again (we have purchased several in various sizes) and highly recommend.

Sophia Glen, MT

Adorable, soft, perfect

Absolutely perfect sleep sack. The fleece is incredibly plush, and it stays soft wash after wash. The sizing is accurate, too.

Antoinette Clayton, LA

Great product

There are a great, safe way to keep baby a little warmer at night. I have purchased several of them- a few cotton, and a few in the fleece for when it is colder. Tried another brand and didn’t like it as well, so we will go back to these!

Fran Seelyville, IN

Love these sleep sacks!

We have these in every size and color for the boy styles! They work great. I wish they made them with long sleeves! We use the cotton ones for day time naps and fleece ones for nighttime. Since they don’t come in long sleeves, I always have to put long sleeve clothes on my son. We started using these after he was 2-3 months old and have been using them since!

Michael Wassaic, NY

Great product; keeps baby warm!

This is a great product that has helped to keep our baby warm during colder nights. The thickness is comparable to your average fleece pajamas set. We ordered this is size small and so far it has worked out great for sizing. Our girl is currently 6 months old and on the smaller side (15 lbs). She has been using it for about a month now and she still has a bit of room to grow into.She has no trouble rolling around in the crib (once she learned how to). I was worried that having her legs “stuck” in a sleeping bag would prohibit her from positioning herself but she is definitely able to get as comfy as she sees fit :)Best of all your babies will look unbelievably adorable in these little sacks.I wish everyone some sleep-filled nights!!!

Jodi Monroe, SD

Easy to use, keeps baby warm

We switched to these from the swaddleme blankets when our baby outgrew being swaddled. I like that they are so easy to use, like that the zipper goes top to bottom so its not poking baby’s neck, and that it keeps him pretty warm.

Bettie Morgantown, IN

Must have item

We used the smaller HALO sleepsack when our son was born and swaddled his arms with the wings. It was then very easy to slowly start leaving his arms unswaddled at around 3 months of age. We have since been putting him in this sleepsack. He is comfortable, and the fleece keeps him nice and warm all night. The zipper is sometimes tricky to put together when he is squirming a lot, but with practice it gets easier.

Marva Westerville, NE

perfect for cool nights

keeps our 10 month old warm and safe. fits well in the chest and roomy in the legs and feet

Alisha Stone Harbor, NJ

Love the Fleece Halo SleepSack

Nothing beats the Halo SleepSack when it comes to balancing comfort, design, and safety. This particular one is great for the winter and a plus if your baby also loves giraffe. Great story, great company, great product.

Stacie Baileyton, AL

I had bad luck with the zippers

I had problems with the zippers on two micro-fleece Halo sacks. One was gently used for 3 mos by my best friend and the other was brand new. On both, the zippers stick all the time, which is a real nuisance with a squirmy baby. I actually just broke the zipper on the used one trying to un-stick it last night. (I’m not a violent (un)dresser.) And last complaint: if I failed to line up the zippers properly (surprisingly easy with a squirmer), I might “think” it was zipped and discover he unzipped it from the top later… The fleece was okay, nothing special. I’m here looking for another brand because I love the idea of the sleep sacks. I’m just not a fan of this brand.

Violet Farmington, NH

Great for our son

Size fits just right, he’s 7 months now and just starting to outgrow smaller size and move into this one. We love these, they give us peace of mind when he’s sleeping so there’s nothing in the crib with him to cause any danger.

Maribel Stephenson, MI

Good product

I really like this product – appears to be very cozy, comfy, and it’s convenient – don’t have to worry at night, baby is safe and warm.

Eva Cunningham, WA

We use it every night

This one is nice and warm and we use it for our son who is only six months. These are the perfect things for them to sleep in. The only reason why I gave it four stars is that all of their sleep-sack products have a little patch that says "back is best" but for those of us that can’t get their kid to stay on their back… it just seems like a patch that taunts and I’d really rather not have it as a constant reminder of something that I cannot change (but would like to).

Gina El Verano, CA


I really love this sleep sack. Baby looks/seems comfortable and warm (and can’t kick it off!!) :)The downwards zipper is great!

Chris Nicholson, MS

Should have bought it sooner

I have used this since baby was 5 months, now he’s 7 months and it still fits. It could get a tad too hot in the summer, but you can unzip partially.

Edwina Unionville, MD

Baby sleeps peacefully and so does mommy

I love the sleepsacks. I love that I don’t have to worry about baby kicking off his blanket and getting cold. I love that I don’t have to worry about baby getting smothered by his blanket. Helps this mama get some sleep. Great quality and cute print, too!

Trina Pohnpei, FM


My son loves these Halo SleepSacks. He had a few in each size, and he wears one each night. The fleece ones are saved for cold nights. Great product!

Naomi Tokio, TX