HALO SleepSack Big Kids Comfort Mesh Wearable Blanket, Blue, 4T – 5T

HALO SleepSack Big Kids Comfort Mesh Wearable Blanket, Blue, 4T – 5T

The Big Kid’s SleepSack wearable blanket was designed for toddler’s nighttime comfort and routine. It helps prevent kids from kicking off their blankets, so they stay warm and comfortable all night long. Foot openings provide mobility and comfort for Toddler. The Big Kid’s SleepSack wearable blanket was designed in response to countless requests from parents for a larger size. It has been “kid tested” and mother approved for comfort, ease of use and fun. Made of premium micro-fleece each product comes in a reusable vinyl pouch with fun handle that can be used as a travel bag for toys or to take the wearable blanket with you.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets
  • 100% polyester comfort mesh; Size 2/3T fits 34-40″ tall, and 4/5T fits 40-46″ tall
  • Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so child stays warm all night
  • Foot openings for mobility when awake
  • Sleeveless to allow for ease of dressing and freedom of movement

Verified reviews


Wish they were of cotton instead and had a better zipper

As others have stated, this material is similar to that of a basketball jersey. In fact, when my friend first saw my daughter in it, he remarked how it resembled an “oversized basketball jersey with legs”. It’s not the nicest or best quality fabric, but it’s okay for semi-warm nights when bare legs would be too cold, as my daughter does not like wearing pj-bottoms to bed. I wish Halo would make this in regular cotton, like their traditional sleepsacks. Doesn’t it make more sense to have a light-weight cotton covering for the warmer months, instead of a layer of mesh (of course, this goes for only when the child actually needs something other than his/her pajamas)? It’s almost like sleeping with one of those mesh bags that we women put our unmentionables in before tossing them into the washing machine…That being said, my daughter much prefers this sleepsack over the traditional type b/c she moves round all the time in bed and can move her legs independently of one another. She’s still swimming in it, and gets mad when she pulls her feet through the foot holes and can’t get back out. The top part fits fine although it’s still roomy. She’ll grow into this just fine. My biggest complaint about this sleepsack is the zipper, which is very rough. It feels very cheap and does not travel smoothly at all. I’ve never had zipper-problems with any of the other sleepsacks I’ve bought.I’d originally planned on getting at least one more of these sleepsacks with which to alternate, but now I think I will hold off until a cotton one becomes available! (hint hint)

Loretta Negreet, LA

Don’t like the mesh

I wasn’t sure what mesh really meant, there was not description, fleece was not available in large sizes, so I purchased it anyway. I am a bit disappointed. How is this supposed to keep my child warm? It is a thin cloth with large holes in it. So, if you are looking for warmth, definitely look for the fleece version. I am going to stitch some fleece on the back so it will keep my kid warm. I would return it if my mother had not taken it out and washed it already…

Helen Saint Meinrad, IN

Good product

I really love the sleepsacks. My daughter constantly kicks her covers off. I like this because I know she is not going to get cold during the night.

Lilian Pearl City, HI

Perfect for Hot Summer Nights

Yes, this is mesh, yes, they don’t make light weight cotton sleepsacks at this stage which is too bad. But for what it is, it’s perfect.Things to Know:The other reviewers aren’t kidding when they say this thing is BIG. Unlike all the other night time clothing you’re used to getting, this runs true to size if not a little bit larger. If your child is not both in the correct weight and height category for this item, order a size down.Happily, if you do what I did and not listen to this good advice, the Amazon return policy is wonderful and incredibly easy.Also, here’s a tip if it’s borderline too big for your child – use socks on the outside of the sleepsack to hold the little leg openings in place. If there’s a bunch of loose fabric hanging between the legs you’re kind of out of luck but if your main issue is the feet slipping back into the sleepsack – use socks.

Lena Sharpsburg, KY


I bought this for my 18 mo. She still had trouble keeping a blanket on her at night. This was a perfect. Lightweight and easy to move around in. She has been in Halo sleepsacks since birth and I am using them again for the 2nd child. Great for very tall kids!

Jerri Newport, OR

love this blanket!

This wearable blanket is wonderful! I thought this would be too big for my son, but it’s actually fine. Even though his legs aren’t really long enough to reach the bottm, I either pull his feet through anyways and have a bunch of slack in between or just tuck in the legs and let it be like the other sleep sacks for infants. He’s at the end of the extra large… few more months. But the other one I have is cotton. Like this fleece one since it’s still cold weather. Though it would be nice if they made this in cotton. I have only seen mesh. PErhaps that will work. I bought that one, but doesn’t seems like it’d really keep a child warm. We’ll see. I still wish they would make cotton.

Lizzie Havertown, PA

It’s huge, but necessary

My kid won’t sleep with a blanket no matter how cold it is, so we bundle her in this and she goes right to sleep. It is ginormous though, I guess that’s great because they will have it for a long time.

Esmeralda Pine Mountain, GA

We are using it 3 seasons

As my toddler sweat a lot while sleeping, this sack is his default blanket. In winter, he uses HALO fleece SleepSack. When he sees the sack, he knows it’s time to go to bed.He probably can open and close the sack if he wanted. Since he can just walk around, he slips out of his bed wearing this and walk around. Walking/playing with the sack is not a problem if your toddler likes slipping out of their beds.

Marva Pleasantville, NY

Ideal for toddlers who haven’t outgrown sleep sacks

We use sleepsacks as part of the bedtime routine/comfort item, but I was worried the regular sleep sacks were going to cause my child to trip and smash his face on a crib rail or worse. This is a good alternative for the summer & maybe fall months since it’s mesh, but too flimsy for winter. Not sure why it only seems to be available in mesh.

Ericka Buckfield, ME