HALO SleepSack Big Kids Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Red, 2T- 3T

HALO SleepSack Big Kids Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Red, 2T- 3T

HALO Micro-Fleece Big Kids SleepSack Wearable Blanket The HALO Micro-Fleece Big Kids SleepSack Wearable Blanket helps kids sleep better, ensuring little ones stay covered all night long. Features unique foot opening to allow for greater mobility, but also provides enough room to keep feet warm overnight. Made of a breathable, microfleece fabric, it is sleeveless to allow for ease of dressing and freedom of movement. Additional Info: Halo supports non-profit organizations like First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Generous sack design can’t be kicked off, so kids stay warm and covered all night.
  • Foot openings for mobility when awake. Room to tuck feet in at night.
  • Sleeveless to allow for ease of dressing and freedom of movement.
  • Breathable fabric keeps your child warm and comfortable.
  • HALO supports non-profit organizations like First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

Verified reviews


Peace of mind for you, warmth for your toddler

My 2 year old daughter is still not able to keep blankets on herself while she sleeps. She would wake up when she got cold. This keeps her warm all night. It is a little difficult for her to put her feet through the footholes by herself after they are tucked in. Sometimes we will put socks on her and keep her feet out. If she pulls them in, she can still walk in it down the hall to our room. It would not be easy for her to get off to use the restroom on her own anyway. But we do really like it as a wearable blanket. She also likes to wear it around the house when it is cold, cuddled up on the couch.

Nanette Montague, TX

Air dry only

Did not test this item but historically have had trouble with them shrinking in the dryer. Air dry us best. Otherwise live them.

Maryanne Randolph, MA

It’s huge, but it works great

This thing is huge. It was much bigger then I possibly could have imagined. That’s OK because we have been able to use this for a while and she hasn’t grown out of it. Here’s another bonus – my clever little girl has figured out the zippers and snaps on her jammies and now will take her jams off along with her diaper, especially if she doesn’t want to go to sleep. But she can’t figure out the zipper on these sleep sacks so this really helps to keep her clothes and diaper on.

Gwen Watson, LA

Excellent sleeping blanket; watch out for overheating and potty training accidents

Functionally, it’s very useful because it’s large enough for my 36″ toddler, and the feet openings allow ventilation if it gets too hot or if walking is needed. The fleece is good for cold winter nights. I won’t repeat what the other reviewers praised. I will enter two gripes that I didn’t see in other reviews (yet):1. [Removed negative feedback on 3/31/2013.]2. I wish the zipper was a two-way attached zipper that started from the bottom so that I wouldn’t have to fumble in the dark to zip or unzip it. Of course that would mean there would need to be some sort of cover for the zipper pull at the top.Update 3/31/2013:After another year of usage, I can correct my earlier review and state that the chemical smell was not due to the product, and more likely due to either heavy sweating or potty training accidents. I’m willing to admit my error, and have thus modified the earlier “gripes,” and raised the rating to 4 stars.

Lelia Pierce, CO

Just what I needed!

I’ve used Halo sleep sacks since my son was a baby! Was so happy to find this 2T size!! It fits perfect. My son is an average size 2 year old. The only complaint I have is the foot holes. Sometimes both feet get stuck in one foot hole when he’s going to bed and kicking around. I don’t really see the need for them since the sleep sack is too bulky to wear around the house anyway so wish they’d make one with no foot holes this size. Other than that it works great and my son is happy in it.

Harriett Calhoun City, MS

So glad they make toddler sizes

My 2-year old son is off the charts for height and these fit him well with some room to grow. Once he outgrew the XL sleepsacks, I was wondering what to do to keep him covered at night and then I found these. I love the little foot holds so he can walk. After his bath, we put him in it and he walks to the sink to brush his teeth and then into his bedroom. The only negative is that after numerous washes, the fabric becomes less soft, but I think that’s the case with most fleece. I’m not overly worried about it because none of it touches his skin, but I would like the product more if the fabric were a little softer.

Eliza Tumacacori, AZ

Great for the winter

We just bought this and it is winter where we are at…well sort of and now that our toddler has gotten taller it has been very useful since she cannot fit the sacks anymore. She is still too short for the legs on these but it’s like using a blanket. We bought a 2T-3T size while she is 15 months old and obviously it is too big but she can definitely grow into it which means we will get our money’s worth. Just wished that they had a summer version because I have a feeling that it is going to be too warm for her during the hot summers.

Hattie Cooperstown, ND

Best solution for the active toddler

My son (18 month) constantly twists and turns while sleeping. I use to constantly get up and to put blanket on him. This wearable blanket is an answer to my problem. He has been using it for 2 month. With the constant wear/wash product as good as new so far.I would highly recommend it.

Lindsey Jay, FL

My son loves these

My 2 year old wears these..yeah he’s big he wears a 4T. I feel very comfortable with him wearing these at night instead of a blanket. We started him off with the swaddle when he was a newborn

Marla Sharpsburg, IA

Snuggly Warm!

I’ve been a big fan of the halo products from newborn swaddles up through these walking blankets for toddlers. This is a must to keep our kiddo warm through the night as she is a blanket kicking squirmer of a sleeper. The upside down zipper helps keep it on during the night. The only negative is that the foot cuffs have gotten a bit pilly through either wash or wear (she keeps her feet through & not tucked in & they are still toasty warm).

Adele Eagle Point, OR


My toddler son will NOT keep a blanket on no matter what. this is awesome love it!!!!! Hope they make these in the future for bigger boys

Judy Barranquitas, PR

A must every night!

We love our sleep sacks. Our daughter’s room gets very cold (we live in MA), but this and some fuzzy footsie pj’s, and a thick blanket guarantee she’s warm all night.

Lisa Sadieville, KY

Great Product!!

I cannot imagine my daughter sleeping with out her wearable blanket. It keeps my 20 month old daughter comfortable and she sleeps through the night because she doesn’t get cold.

Selma Candler, NC

Perfect for toddlers!

We started uing swaddling sleep sacks when the little one was a newborn and had been using the normal sleep sack since then. We still use thee one with feet even though the little one is a toddler now. They are perfect because toddlers are such messy sleepers and a normal blanket, in our case, always ends up being on the floor or kicked off within the first 30 minutes of the sleep cycle. We stayed with Halo because the zipper pull stays by the feet so it makes potty time during the night easier.

Jayne Comins, MI

Perfect for my 20 month old, Perfect wearable blanket

Perfect for my 20 month old, who is approx 26 lbs. Warm and comfortable for my little guy. Great purchase for parents who do not want to use loose blankets in their little one’s crib.

Bobby Brinsmade, ND

Best night of sleep I’ve had in 14 months!

My husband and I swaddled our son for about the first 4 months and then we just had him sleeping without a blanket in heavy pajamas- Our son is very hot natured and the pajamas didn’t work out. We then began covering him with a blanket that he would kick off many times during the night leaving us waking up in shifts to recover him with. Our house is old and difficult to keep perfectly climate controlled so we were always worried about him being too hot or too cold. After getting this sleep sack our son is sleeping on average 1 1/2 hours longer than before since he no longer wakes up uncomfortable. I have a niece or nephew due at the end of this year, and he or she is getting a sleep sack in every size! I wish I had of known about these wonderful things when we brought him home from the hospital.

Edith Milbank, SD

Exactly what I needed.

Nice quality. Very soft. Good quality. Love it! Wish there were more colors/patterns to choose from.

Elvira Bidwell, OH

Sleep sacks make sleep safe!

I love all of the Halo sleep sacks and we use them from birth until about 2 years old. They are excellent and we all sleep soundly knowing our babies are warm and not wound around a bunch of blankets that will either fall off or perhaps suffocate. Excellent product. Zippers always work, pilling is minimal, warm enough for general purpose sleeping. Sometimes I might add an extra layer underneath, but for the most part, this is perfect on top of regular old fashioned pajamas!

Dolores Arcola, VA

LOVE these!

My daughter is in a 3T for clothes, but the 2T-3T sleep sack is too small for her to sleep in without her feet poking out and getting cold. Went up a size and it’s fabulous! Still very soft and warm after a handful of washes, and I love the purple. I’m just not sure what we’re going to do when it’s time to start night-time potty training… but at least she’s sleeping well for now!

Mina Collinsville, OH

Perfect for your squirmy toddler on a cold night!

My daughter is a very active sleeper, and she always loses her blanket very early on in the night. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I wanted to make sure she would be nice and cozy while she sleeps. We used the infant version of the sleep sack last year, and it was great. I decided to try this toddler version so that she would be able to walk around in this if desired. She loves it and doesn’t complain about it feeling confining at all. It is nice and roomy, and she will be able to use it for a while. Would recommend.

Shana Preble, NY

Has been a staple in the waredrobe

It is a great add-on to help when it gets cooler out. We’ve been using this product for two winter seasons as you can buy it larger and still use it. If your child is a restless sleeper it is comforting to know that they will still have some warmth when wearing this.

Edythe Lamont, OK

Perfect for what we needed

My son (nearly 3 years old) hates blankets. He hates them in his bed, he hates them when sitting on the couch, and he hates them in his car-seat. He will kick about and flail, demanding that you “get it off!” until they are removed. When he was younger, we used Baby in a Bag sleep sacks (such asBaby sleeping bag Jungle – Winter Model), which are a wonderful product and I highly recommend them! However, our son outgrew the largest size back when he was 2, and now sleeps in a toddler bed and occasionally gets out of bed at night, and so a sleepsack is just not practical, anyway.This product has been awesome. We dress him in footy-pajamas and then stick his feet out of the little leg holes, and he doesn’t even know he’s wearing a blanket! He actually thinks it’s funny – he likes to walk around in it and watch the material waddle with him. I don’t know that he would actually be able to tuck his feet inside this sleep sack – that would probably require more coordination and effort that he is able to put in at this point, but with the footy pajamas, it is unnecessary (on particularly cold nights, we put socks underneath the jammies, too.The micro-fleece is very warm, and baggy like a blanket so that it collects and contains the heat. The material (we bought the blue) does not appear to shed, and is soft to the touch. I read in another review that this blanket shrinks in the dryer, so I have been washing it and then hanging it dry, and it hasn’t shrunk at all. Also, the material does not hold water much, so it only takes about a day dry.Size-wise, I can see why some of the commenters say that this is bigger than the size mentioned. Our son is not quite three yet, but he is very tall for his age (87th percentile) and this fits him absolutely perfectly, baggy and roomy enough that I think he still has plenty of space to grow, but small enough that he isn’t tripping over it. It is probably not an appropriate sleep-sack for a child who has only just turned two, or is petite.Overall, we are extremely pleased with our purchase, and have just bought a second one so that we can continue to hang-dry the first without hassle!

Miranda Forest Ranch, CA



Bernadette Lewisville, MN

Awesome for a toddler

These are great for little walkers. They can move around but are still warm all night long. Much better than the other sacks without foot holes.

Viola Dysart, IA

plenty big!

bought this for our 2 year old as he has been sleeping in a sleepsack since he was a teeny little guy. he is tall for his age & will be able to wear this for a LONG time, it is big & roomy.we love all the sleepsack products & I was happy to find one in this size!

Edith Nemaha, IA

Couldn’t live without it

We transitioned from the Merlin magic suit to this sack without problem. My daughter (1.5 year old) actually goes and grabs it, brings it to us, and wants it put on for nighttime and naps. Great purchase.

Kayla Debord, KY

Excellent Choice for the Toddler that Tosses and Turns

My child is two years old and above-average height. As such, the regular Halo sleepsacks no longer fit her. We tried using blankets but had two problems with blankets: 1) she was used to and liked her sleepsack so she was not a big fan of the blankets; 2) she’s a tosser and turner at night so the blankets would get all tangled up and leave her uncovered. So, I bought one of these big-kid sacks and it is great. She immediately felt comfortable in it and we don’t have to worry that she’s too cold because, unlike the blankets, this will stay on her. So then we bought another. A couple of notes. I bought the 2/3t size and it fits her well. It’s a little bulky because she’s on the thin side but the height is good. She’ll be able to use it for many more months. Also, this sack is made of micro-fleece. If you are looking for something cotton, this is not it. This is definitely for the cold-weather months.

Roseann Fossil, OR

very warm

My daughter does not keep blankets on overnight, yet I do keep my house cool, so this is perfect.She’s been wearing Halo since she was a newborn and I am so glad they are made in toddler sizes as well. Highly recommend.

Sharlene Phoenix, AZ

Much better than a blanket!!!

These sleep sacks are wonderful! My daughter has been wearing “wearable blankets” since she was a newborn (she liked to be swaddled. Now she’s 21 months old but is still wearing these.Pros:-stays on the child throughout the night-warm-safer than blankets (I once gave her a blanket and found it wrapped around her head; she was trying to make a ‘hat’ for herself)-easy to put on and off-water resistant (she gets some water sometimes before bed and the beads just roll off)-zipper is “upside down” so she can’t unzip it herself-cozy-sleeveless design helps her arms stay free and mobileCons:kind of pricey ($20) plus $7 s/h! but totally worth it! Can’t find these in the store (BRU and Target only carry the smaller sizes)

Terra Chester, VA

good item

My son is tall for 2 and this is still large on him, he’ll get a lot of use out of it. I’m happy that over his footed fleece pajamas it adds another coat of warmth so we don’t have to turn the heater too high to kind of balance the winter weather. This is great until your child can learn to use a blanket… mine just plays peekaboo with it!

Meredith Hollywood, AL