HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Early Walker Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, X-Large

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Early Walker Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, X-Large

The HALO SleepSack Early Walker replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. With its unique foot openings, the SleepSack Early Walker wearable blanket allows for greater mobility while babies are awake, but also keeps little feet covered and warm while sleeping. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket helps your baby or toddler sleep better, too. It’s a warm cuddly blanket they can’t kick off; ensuring little ones sleep soundly throughout the night. The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket becomes the trusted bedtime routine, providing the secure feeling he needs to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night. Used in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide, the Halo SleepSack wearable blanket is the No.1 choice of hospitals and recommended by safety organizations. A portion of every purchase goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. 100% polyester micro-fleece. Meets federal regulations for children’s sleepwear. Size large fits 22-28 pounds; size extra large fits 26-26 pounds.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night; Foot openings for mobility when awake.
  • Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes
  • Breathable fabric keeps baby warm and comfortable

Verified reviews



If you read the product description it clearly states that the sleepsack is designed so that when the child is sleeping the feet can be pulled into the blanket. Although the sleepsack looks big at first glance, when the feet are pulled through the feetholes, it does NOT interfere with the baby’s ability to walk/run. I think that it is much more convenient this way because when my baby is ready to sleep, I can just pull her feet back into the sleepsack and not have to worry about her feet getting cold. I made the mistake of ordering up the first time around because my baby is big for her age but have since bought it in the proper size (12-18 months) and it is perfect for my 31 inch tall baby girl.

Deanna Bon Wier, TX

A sleep sack for older babies

I have used sleep sacks with my son since he stopped being swaddled, and he’s almost 2 now. I love the fact that the blanket stays on him and doesn’t get kicked off. When he started walking I was concerned that he would stand up in his crib and trip on the sleep sack, so I was thrilled when I found the walker version. It has kept my son comfy and cozy all winter. This is a great product!

Beatriz La Pointe, WI

Great idea but not for Early Walkers

I was so excited to see these- my dd has been standing for a month now and her regular sacks drive her crazy, not to mention the bruises she has from falling while trying to stand in them. Unfortunately they are HUGE. I bought the 12-18 month thinking that since she was wearing 12 month clothing this would work fine. WRONG- its enourmous. I’m not sure when, if ever, she’ll wear it.

Beryl Harrisburg, IL

Product is really for 26 to 36 pounds … but

if your child weighed more than 36 pounds, they can still fit into this XL Halo Sleepsack.I purchased the Large Halo Sleepsack when my daughter was 1 and she has been wearing it until now, at age 3. With all the washing and drying I was impressed it lasted 2 years.So I was very happy that Halo has an XL Halo Sleepsack. I was expecting it to last 2 years also. Well when I opened it, it was so big and large I can almost fit into it. If I was 5 foot I could definitely fit … a bit snug but I would fit. To my understanding the Halo Sleepsack is made extra big so that the folds it creates act like a warm insulator. If it fit snugly it may not insulate as well. By everything being big and loose it keeps the child warm.Now some parents worry their child might trip and fall in something so large. My daughter has never had any problems navigating in her Halo Sleepsack. Logic would dictate that she would trip and fall whenever she runs into my room in the middle of the night wearing something so baggy. It has not happened yet.The fabric is microfleece and feels really soft. I know with all the washing and drying will shrink this sleepsack. I know for sure my daughter can most likely wear this sleepsack until she is 6 or more. I am very happy with my $15 investment in this Halo Sleepsack.

Rachel Woxall, PA

Until your child can keep a blanket on, this is the way to go

We’ve been using these sleep sacks and now the kind with foot holes for the past two years. They are great! They keep our daughter warm. She can walk well in them, and her arms are free to move around. They are soft and have been great for all this time before she uses blankets. They’re also pretty easy to get on and off in the middle of the night to change a diaper.

Mayra Amesbury, MA

Okay for some, my son hates it.

Okay for some, my son hates it. I think it’s a great idea, but he wailed until I took it off.

Alba Goodyear, AZ

Is suppose to look big, is a blanket not a onesie.

The first impression of this blanket is that is so big, but after you wash it and try it on your little one it totally makes sense. It is a blanket not a onesie.I bought Large for my 10 month old who is 30″ long and he sleeps very confortable in it. After washing it a couple of times, I actually think that I will have to buy the XL very soon. Very soft and cosy.

Anne Knoxville, AL

Does its job perfectly!

We bought 2 of Halo sleep sacks for my daughter and she’s been wearing it since 3 months old. She’s now 1.5 years and is wearing large size. We love she can stick out her feet if she wants to walk or simply gets a little bit too hot, while still needs to be kept warm at night. She is someone who kicks off all the quilts during her sleep and with this one we don’t have to worry too much her getting a cold. I will recommend it to family with young children when they don’t quite master the skill of covering themselves at night with a quilt.

Dorothea Lake Hill, NY

really pleased

Keeps my 16 month warm at night – he can’t kick this off like he does his blankets – and he can walk in it. Overall, I’ve been really pleased with HALO SleepSacks throughout all stages of my son’s life. I am glad I bought this size and didn’t go bigger. It is bigger than I thought. My son is about 25 lbs and the bigger size would be much too large for him to use now. This one has plenty of space for him to grow.

Laurie Little River, TX

Sizes are not accurate but otherwise great product

They did not size these correctly. What Halo essentially did was take the standard Halo and added the legs to the bottom – so imagine a 12 month halo and how long it is, well instead of tapering back the bottom and adding the legs – they simply added the legs to the already long 12 month Halo making it about 2-3 inches longer – too long for my baby. Still love the Halos – they give me a piece of mind when my little one is asleep and he loves it.

Rebecca Lingo, NM

Listen to reviews on sizing!!

For the first time, I DIDN’T check reviews, as we’ve used Halo sleep sacks in the past and I loved them. However, this product is 37″ long and my baby’s whole body is 31.5″ long. This looks like it will fit a pre-schooler. The leg cuffs are way too wide to stay around his ankles, even if the bulk of the sleep sack didn’t bother him when walking. There was so much extra material that he was getting very tangled up with his legs inside as a blanket. I finally took it off him and he passed right out. Definitely returning this. I’m disappointed as it’s very soft and I love the idea.

Teresa Southfield, MI

Yes it’s long! But better too big than too small.

My daughter received this as a Christmas gift as we have been very happy with her other Halo sleepsacks since she was born. When we opened it and held it up, my dad’s response was, “Is that for a 4 year old?!?” :)My daughter is 16 months old, 31.5″ tall, and we received the 12-18 month size. I agree with many other reviewers when I say that it looks VERY long. However, it makes sense logically that it would have to be that long. For example, I laid the sleepsack flat on the floor and then laid one of my daughter’s size 18 months footed sleepers over the top, making sure to line up the shoulders and the neck. The bottom of the sleeper feet come to about 3 inches or so above the bottom of the sleepsack (not counting the leg openings). That means that it fits her perfectly, because toddlers are supposed to have enough room to keep their feet comfortably INSIDE the sack itself during sleep. My daughter can stretch all the way out while sleeping in this and her feet stay nice and toasty inside. The leg openings are only there for when the child is awake and wants to walk around. The arm holes and the neck do seem to be a tad bit big on my daughter, but she is very much on the thin side so that may have something to do with it. And I’d prefer them to be a little too big than too tight anyways.NOTE: My daughter is a late walker and not actually walking on her own yet, so I can’t really tell if this would be too long for her to walk in. But she can stand and cruise around in her crib without getting tripped up, so I think that’s a good sign.As far as the fabric, the fleece is very soft and warm, and not too thick either. My daughter can wear her long sleeved cotton pajamas with this fleece sleepsack over them, and she stays very warm during our California winter nights. If you live in a colder climate, I would suggest wearing a fleece sleeper under the fleece sleepsack because the fabric is warm but a little on the thin side.Yes, it can be a bit shocking to see how big this sleepsack appears to be when you first open it! But keeping in mind your child is supposed to be able to fit in it without having their feet poke out, it is definitely the right size for this age.

Young Rosholt, SD

machin wash/dry – great for toddlets!

I wasn’t comfortable letting my 14 month old daughter have a blanket, so this was perfect. I loved the sleep sack when she was an infant & the leg and foot holes on this one let her walk/crawl but still have her blanket. Also prevented her kicking off the blanket while she slept machine washes & it withstands the dryer too. Glad I got one!

Clarice Rampart, AK

on the short side

I am accustomed to the HALO sleep sacks covering the baby’s legs. This one seems short and only goes to the ankles and it seems slightly more fitted to all the others I’ve purchased. Perhaps a slightly irregular? Overall it’s fine but I would have preferred to size up in this particular style.

Lizzie Morse Bluff, NE


I’m so very happy I bought this for my son. I dress my little on in footsy pj’s, but was always worried about him being cold because I’d often forget to cover him with a blanket. I’d always have to go in after he was asleep or he’d roll onto it. Since I had to wait I’d usually fall asleep. Now I do not have to worry. I got it for my 16 month old son who is pretty tall. (guess 31ish inches at the time) The large fit perfectly. It keeps him warm and allows him to still stand and move. I wouldn’t let him run in it though. 🙂

Cara Atlantic Beach, NY

My kids are in Sleepsacks from 6 months to 2 years

I swaddled my sons as newborns so didn’t have a need for a sleepsack until about 6 months. But it has been a wonderful product to have from that age. It is warm, easy to get on and off and the wearable ones (with leg wholes) allows them to stand in the crib without a problem. In our pretty cold house (65 or so) baby sleeps in a fleece pajama and a sleepsack without a problem. Around the age of 2 the older one was able to keep a blanket on himself so we transitioned him out of a sleep-sack.My younger one is age 1, about 26 pounds and is in size Large. it’s loose enough on him so that he can pull his knees to his chest but doesn’t trip over it when he stands.

Stacie Flemington, MO

It’s BIG but it works.

I agree with other reviewers that this item is too large in terms of sizing.However, you need to keep in mind that the feet at the bottom are not designed for running around playing really but more for sleeping in. When you consider this it is not too big.My son is 12 months, and tall at 32" for his age. According to the weight/height chart, this should fit him, however, it is way baggy!It works for sleep in the cold, though, and that is why I purchased it.

Erica Millville, UT

Nice Sleep Sack

This will be perfect once the baby is a little older! He is a tiny kid, and this seems to run a bit big. The legs will be good once he is walking. The zipper is very sturdy, and the fabric is a nice, thick fleece. I love halo products- and so does my baby.

Lessie Grayville, IL

This could fit me!

I would like to edit my previous statement.Yes, this thing can be incredibly long. Once i realized that the feet part were “optional”, the length made sense to me. If you tuck your baby’s feet inside (just like the infant sleepsacks), it is the perfect length. The feet part extend a few inches beyond the bottom curve. If you use it full extension style, it is pretty long, but our daughter still manages to walk around fine. It will probably fit better once she gets a little taller (currently at 31 inches and 12 months). Another thing I have noticed is that the fleece is different from the fleece in the infant sleep sack. It is softer, but possibly a tad bit thinner too.We loved our infant Halo Sleepsack but the large was getting too short, plus my daughter started walking and it was a bit unsafe as she would scuffle along the floors and fall every now and then. I knew I needed the next version, which is the Early Walker Sleepsack. The only sizes Amazon sells are Large and XL. I am not sure whether or not Halo makes a smaller version (SMALL would be good) but this thing is so long it goes to my knees. I am a 5’4 woman (on the hubby’s Amazon account) and I am not sure when my daughter will be able to wear this. She is on the lower end of the recommended length, but she could probably use one that is about a foot shorter! Please make/sell a shorter size!

Helga Rodman, NY

Love this!

I love this product so much. I have purchased several for my infant son. He loves to kick off the covers, but these keep him warm and cozy at night.

Natalie Clarksville, MO

Gets SO Much Use

Even if your child is not an "early" walker, you’ll probably end up wanting one of these. It just means that the cozy blanket stays on the child no matter what they do in the crib and when they wake up they can stand up and walk around without tripping all over themselves.We used to use this for every time our little guy fell asleep but now we just use it for the night time.Pros:Easy to get on and offVery cozy and soft – stays pretty soft even after many trips through the washCons:Legs were too long for our boy for the first month or so of using these so it was easy for his feet to get inside of the sleep sack and he’d trip all over himself when trying to walk. Easy fix was to put socks on the outside of the feet part of the blanket. It kept his feet where they belonged.Also, unlike a regular sleepsack it’s a lot easier for your little guy to get chilly feet when they’re poking out the bottom of the cozy blanket part! We just did double socks and our child did just fine, kept his toes nice and warm!We love this thing and use it ALL the time, I’m also pretty sure it would still be in good enough shape to work for a second child. Great bang for your buck for what I consider an essential baby item.

Melisa Arthur, NE

Great product, but sizing is WAY off

I’ve used a lot of the sleep sacks in the past, and they’ve been great. I bought the “walker” version for our 19 month old, since she obviously needs foot holes so she can walk. I read other reviews that complained about these being way too big, and wow were they right… I bought the Large (12-18months) because people said they ran big. Here’s the rundown on the size-Sleep Sack is 12-18months, supposed to fit 30-35 inches, and 22-28 lbs.Our daughter is 19 MONTHS, 32 inches, and 23 lbs.THIS THING IS HUGE!!! I tried it on her, and the bottom part all the way around just drags all over the floor, a literal pool of material at her feet. She can walk, but eventually trips over all the material. She isn’t able to stand up on her own because she steps on all the extra material around her feet, and is basically pinned down by it. So disappointed in the sizing. If the 12-18 month size is way too big for my above average height 19 month old, there’s no way it would fit most 12-18 month olds. The large is the smallest size with feet, so this has to be returned. If the sizing was better, I would love this.

Kathleen Anton, TX

Great blankie

One of the must-have items for babies who always kick their blankets away. My 10 mth old was comfortable in it and slept well at night. No more worries for mama whether he had his blanket on. It’s big but sure can last for coupleMore years.

Michael Nome, AK

Soft, warm, and HUGE!

This sleep sack is great for our toddler, but much larger than we expected. Perhaps I read the sizing wrong. She is approx 28 pounds and the extra large sleep sack is swimming on her. Should have gotten the large, but it’s still totally usable.

Rowena Sand Creek, MI

Made well and very durable

During the wintertime, I use this everyday for my 1yr old. I also used this same product for my 2.5 yr old daughter when she was 1 yr old. Very durable, going through daily use for 2 consecutive winters for 2 different kids. The ankle cuffs are pilling, but still functional. I never tried any other competing brands, because I never needed a reason. These keep my kids warm at night and also allows them to walk around in their crib. Despite the specific size and weight description provided by HALO, I think that their products run on the big size. If you have decent sewing skills (I am self-taught.. its looks ugly but it works), you can always consider erring on the same side by buying what HALO advises, with the assumption that you may need to hem it up a little bit.

Nancy Monroeville, PA

Worked for us

This thing IS pretty long. My 20 month old doesn’t walk- he runs. I wouldn’t put this one him unless we were GOING to bed but it is a wonderful invention and I’m so glad we got it!

Marie Drury, MA

Ide sleep in one

These are a must. The fleece are great for layering over a cotton body suit or thin pajama top and bottom. Since it is sleeveless and has open feet I never worried about my girl overheating. The are large and loose yes but this allows like a blanket effect and movement when you have a baby that constantly moves around in their sleep. The cotton ones are great too for the warmer seasons to keep them covered loosely but not having to worry about overheating again. I like these much more that the pajama body suits with legs.

Susanne Clay, WV

Perfect for new babies

My daughter-in-law doen’t like to use blankets so the baby won’t get twisted up and we keep our rooms cool upstairs so this was the perfect solution. She loved it and my little grandson is warm a toasty. Everyone was happy…even baby. He was all bundled and warm but not constricted! Just perfect!

Janell Lavon, TX

Best Sleep Sak for older babies!

My daughter is 11 months and now walking. This is perfect for those babies who like to stand in the crib or crawl around. I love this sak because I know it keeps her warm without the worry of covers (she would never keep them on) and she can still stand in the crib and call out! We live in North Texas and this fleece is perfect during winter. I have the jersey one for lighter nights….can’t say enough good about them! For those who need help with size: My daughter is in the 95th percentile for weight and height (she is a big baby) and the large is perfect…she may even be able to wear it next winter.

Jeanette Maybeury, WV

Great for active toddlers

I bought this for my 1.5 year old as he will not stay under a blanket in his crib. Plus blankets aren’t safe for kids that young. This is nice because he can walk in it, and I can leave him in it during those cold winter mornings.

Angie Jamesville, NY