HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Soft Pink, Small

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Soft Pink, Small

HALO SleepSack wearable blanket: The Safer Way to Sleep The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket helps your baby sleep better, too. It is a warm cuddly blanket they cannot kick off; ensuring baby sleeps soundly throughout the night. Used in hospital nurseries nationwide, the Halo SleepSack wearable blanket is the #1 choice of hospital nurseries and is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. HALO also proudly supports non-profit organizations like First Candle/SIDS Alliance. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. 100% polyester micro-fleece. TOG: 1.0. Size preemie fits birth-5 lbs; size small fits 10-18 lbs; size medium fits 16-24 lbs; size large fits 22-28 lbs; size extra large fits 26-36 lbs.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets.
  • 100% polyester micro-fleece. TOG: 1.0. Size preemie fits birth-5 lbs; size small fits 10-18 lbs; size medium fits 16-24 lbs; size large fits 22-28 lbs; size extra large fits 26-36 lbs.
  • Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes. Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but cannot be kicked off so baby stays warm all night. Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating.
  • Used by more than 1,250 hospital nurseries nationwide as their product of choice for teaching parents safe sleep practices. Recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • “Back is Best” embroidery reminds caregivers to place baby on his or her back. HALO supports non-profit organizations like First Candle/SIDS Alliance.

Verified reviews


My baby’s hands are freezing cold after a night in this.

We always have our room temperature at 67 for the night. We worry that our 5 month old will kick off the blanket, so we got this based on the good reviews. My baby’s hands are freezing cold after a night in this. Hers were always warm with a blanket. I guess it is because the arms are all exposed? I have to say that I prefer a blanket based on this one night’s data.

Kristy Maricopa, AZ


I like that this garment is flame resistant, that it is spacious and sleeveless, but that’s about it. The fabric has an unpleasant feel and the zipper began to break after only one use. It continually splits from the wrong end, so every time the baby wakes up, she’s come out of it. I regret this purchase.

Heather Stockholm, WI

A lot of $$ for what you get

We switched to sleep sacks from swaddles at about 5.5 months. My son is now 7 months old so we’ve been using this for about 6 weeks. While the sack works as it is supposed to, it just seems cheap for $20-$25. The fleece is already quite pilled after being washed about once a week for the last 6 weeks. If you look at the inside of the sack it just appears to be a pretty low-quality fleece. I don’t mind the zipper like some of the other reviews do. It’s easy on and off. I like the safety aspect of using a sack instead of blankets. My son stays nice and warm when in this paired with a long-sleeved sleeper.Another thing that I feel like should be a consideration is the child’s mobility in the sack. When we first switched to the sleep sack, my son had recently started rolling. I think the sack inhibited his rolling at night and sometimes made him frustrated and he would cry until someone rescued him from his position (usually stuck on his tummy). He does fine with it now that he’s much more proficient at moving however he wishes.I just can’t recommend something that is such a bad value. I can’t imagine what the profit margin is for these. You can get nice fleece for $4 a yard (this is not a yard of fabric and I’m sure Halo doesn’t spend $4 a yard on the thousands of yards that they purchase) and then throw in a zipper for another $1. They are making a killing on these things.

Josie Gilmore City, IA

Could have done without the leaf it came with

Let me start off by saying I love HALO sleep sacks have used them for a year now with my son. I have nothing against this actual product but more so with how it arrived.I find it difficult to believe that this product was new. The plastic wrapping was broken in places with tape keeping it closed. The sleep sack itself had a leaf, yes a leaf, on it within the packing. For the price of this item I expect that I am getting a brand new item not one that has already been opened. I don’t feel the hassle of returning it and ordering another would really be worthwhile so I threw the item in the wash and will use it once it’s dry.So in a nutshell, like the product wish I received one that hadn’t previously been opened previously.

Olive Milnesville, PA


I recently got this and it had a very strong mothball smell. Washed it twice, soaked it in oxyclean and still couldn’t get the odor out. Returned it.

Joanna Gobler, MO

Zipper pulls apart

I bought this b/c I have 2 other Halo sacks which I loved but were more expensive. There’s a reason for difference in price – material not as soft and the zipper separates. Poor quality.

Ilene Chapmansboro, TN

one suggestion

I would probably make some without holes for arms. The kids also throw arms around and wake themselves up.

Allison Bourg, LA

Fits my 2yo- 36pounds and 37inches.

These are the best! Super warm and wash well. The size xl is just now getting too small. My son can walk fine in these and the sleep sack is part of his bedtime routine.Love it!! We own about 4 of them- in case one gets dirty or such.

Kristen Resaca, GA

Love these!

My son loves his sleep sacks! these are so nice and warm and very large so the child can grow without replacing them all the time! we love our sleep sacks!

Vera Blair, SC

Works just as it should.

We bought this for our son because even when we run the heater in this apartment, the chill settles back on the air as soon as the thing shuts off. High ceiling are pretty – but not so great for holding heat! At any rate, we don’t much like keeping lose blankets in the bed with him and layering the clothes on him only works well until he’s in need of a diaper change. The sleep sack zips up from the bottom which makes diaper changes SO much easier!It’s also just heavy enough weight that if you put it on over a long-sleeve onesie and a pair of socks, the baby is perfectly toasty. The fabric is soft right out of the package, but after a few washings it’s just really quite nice. No pilling and no faulty zipper…We’ll be buying another one soon, for sure.

Nell Trenton, MO

He never slept better!

I bought this for my 8 month old, because at night he kept taking off his blanket and he would get cold and wake up. The first night that he used his Sleepsack, he slept through the night and woke up very happy!!If I would’ve known about this product earlier, I would’ve bought it when he was born!!

John Elmaton, TX

One great, one bad zipper

I have two of these, and one is perfect… but the other has a sticky zipper that is hard to catch. But, I was in a pinch and couldn’t return it, because I needed it.But, the baby loves them. And they do help her to sleep better overall, so I do recommend them.

Angela Dunn Loring, VA

Thick fleece, warm – For cold homes and winters

I was a nanny before a mom. The babies and toddlers I cared for had these fleece Halo sleep sacks and so I ordered one for my baby after she no longer wanted to be swaddled. I like that these are generous around the hips and leg area – you don’t want to restrict that area too much for growth and development reasons. I also like that they are sleeveless so the baby’s temperature is more comfortable. However, I realized once my baby wore her fleece sleep sack (with just a long sleeve onesie) that it was too hot for her in our home. Our California home stays between 70 and 72 degrees in winter, we don’t use the heater and she sleeps in her bassinet on a cotton sheet. This is a good sleep sack if your baby or todler’s room is drafty and cool or perhaps if you live in a colder climate than we do. The sack can take many washes and will last a long time. Zipper opens from top and bottom. I think I will order a cotton sack to replace the fleece sack. For an idea on sizing – my baby is 7 weeks old, 22.5 inches long, 11.5lbs – I ordered the small and it is long and wide enough or her with lots of room to grow.

Jacquelyn Bellflower, CA

Good Idea if your baby took to Swaddling

My baby has a weird obsession with blankets. Loves ’em. But I get paranoid having her sleep with one at night, so we would crank the heat up in our room. After three nights waking up with bloody noses, I said "screw it" and bought this and a humidifier. She wasn’t a fan of swaddling, and after 10 minutes of having this on she screamed like I chopped off her foot. She hated the confinement of it.Really wish it would’ve worked out, it’s such a great idea.

Michelle Glen Echo, MD

Perfect for the colder months

My son loves his sleep sack. He has been in one since he was just a few months old. I love the softness of the fleece – it keeps him perfectly warm and snuggly. The design is nice and subtle, could be used for a girl too!

Laurel Gully, MN

Runs very large

Soft and snuggly warm, washes well, but runs much larger than I thought it would. Thought about returning it but decided to save it for later.

Aline Rockford, OH

zipper trouble

We have used only Halo sleepsacks since our little one was in the NICU and started wearing them. We have always liked the quality and material…this time it had zipper trouble. He often got stuck in it and/or would wake up as we tried to get it zipped up at night. Very disappointed.

Janet Kirvin, TX

LOVE Halo Sleepsacks!

I absolutely love this product. We have several of them and use them every night. My only negative is the price. I bought two of these and then found them in new condition for $3.50 at our local kid’s clothing resale shop. Needless to say, I will be checking there first from now on.

Adela Tyro, VA

Super soft and cozy

Love this sleep sack. So soft and cozy. Great for cool nights! My son appears to love it too, as he is sleeping better now that we have started using sleep sacks.

Elsa Burlington, IA

An absolute must!

I have used Halo Sleep Sacks from the time my son was born, and I loved the fact that there were no loose blankets in his crib. Most babies kick their legs in their sleep, and they can’t kick off this blanket! . He is only 4 months old, but a big and long baby, so when he grew out of cotton infant size Halo, I ordered 2 fleece blankets in XL. They are perfect- warm and extra long, with large arm holes, so he can grow into the length. Hopefully they will still fit next winter. The fleece is warm, so the layer underneath should be light. The color is adorable, and I love that the zipper unzips from the bottom, making the night time diaper changes easy.

Dolly Ararat, VA


These sleep sacks are wonderful! My granddaughter used them all winter….and where we’re from, it gets very cold at night. She was snug as ever. Not too warm, not cold at all. I would HIGHY reccommend these to new parents. What a wonderful idea someone came up with….sleep with no worries about the blanket covering the infant’s head!

Candace Madison, MO

Great transition from a swaddle

I transitioned my son to the HALO sleep sack when he was 4 months old and he did great! We were swaddling him before and found it to be an easy transition. The sleep sack has a v-neck top so that it is not to close to baby’s face. My baby does check on the bottom sometimes when he is rolling around his bed. The material has become a little frayed from washing it a lot but overall it’s a great product!

Marlene Godeffroy, NY

Warm and Cozy

We love these sleep sacks. Out little one is now old enough to have a blanket but he moves around so much in his sleep it doesn’t stay on, these are perfect especially for the colder months

Marcie Penns Grove, NJ

Works great no worries about blankets

My daughter loves to put the blankets over her head and pajamas were just not enough, this works perfectly to keep her warm without having to worry about the blankets

Glenda Pineville, AR

Why didn’t I buy one sooner?

Excellent product. She can’t kick it off like a normal blanket. Love how the zipper zips up from the bottom, making night time diaper changes a breeze. The fleece is soft and warm, sometimes too warm. If you buy one, it wouldn’t hurt to buy the fleece one AND a cotton one for warmer nights.

Alexis Loose Creek, MO

Fleece is nice and thick

I really like this sleep sack. For some reason, she gets really cold at night when she sleeps even though we are in sunny California. I initially bought her a cotton sleep sack, which just didn’t cut it. This one keeps her much warmer. It’s actually a medium weight fleece so I wouldn’t really call it micro fleece. I wish there was an option for sleeves since her hands and forearms are still cold at night.

Imogene Underwood, MN

Love that fleece!

This fleece was a little lighter than some, so it’s perfect for when it’s chilly but not freezing in the room. We love the sleepsacks, because our now-one-year-old is a very active sleeper. She’d never keep a blanket on, but with this, she’s always warm enough.

Harriett Beverly, WA

Great, Safe, Blanket Alternative

It gets really cold at night, and our doctor has said no blankets in the crib. Even though my baby can sit up, stand, and crawl, I still would rather be safe. This sleepsack is very soft and warm. It gives him enough room that he can still sit and stand while wearing it, yet it doesn’t ride up above his neck while he sleeps and moves around. My only complaint is that the cream doesn’t keep in it’s original nice color – shows any type of stains (spit up, etc.).

Martina Fellows, CA

Keep baby nice and warm

We have at least five different sleeping sack. This time order is for baby shower gift to a friend. Wonderful design, easy to clean, keep our baby nice and warm.

Beulah Arcade, NY

Comfy, true to size

True to size, we’re happy with the quality and the sizing. And, it’s easy to put on and take off!

Tisha West Paris, ME