Halo Sleepsack Velboa Deluxe Wearable Blanket, Pink Flower, Small

Halo Sleepsack Velboa Deluxe Wearable Blanket, Pink Flower, Small

HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket Keep your child safe and warm with the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket. Used in hospital nurseries nationwide, this wearable blanket fits comfortably over your child’s sleepwear, replacing loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. The SleepSack will quickly become part of your child’s trusted bedtime routine, providing the secure feeling he or she needs to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night. Its generous sack design provides ample leg room for kicking and proper hip development, while the inverted zipper makes diaper changes a breeze. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. The HALO SleepSack replaces loose blankets for safer sleep. View larger The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket is available in various styles from newborn to 5T. View larger Keeps Children Safe And Comfortable All Night Since 2005, The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended the use of wearable blankets for safe sleep. Unlike regular blankets, the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket is worn over your child’s sleepwear, so it won’t be kicked off. This means your child stays safe, warm, and comfortable all night. The inverted bottom zipper lets you change diapers easily, so there’s no need to undress your baby. For comfort, its sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating, while the “Back is Best” embroidery reminds all caregivers to place babies on their backs to sleep. Recommended By Hospitals And Safety Organizations The HALO SleepSack wearable blanket is used by more than 1,250 hospital nurseries in North America to teach parents safe sleep practices. The sack design allows room for your baby’s legs to move freely to ensure proper hip development, and has been approved as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It is the only wearable blanket to carry the gold seals from First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. HALO’s Mission: Help Babies Sleep Safely HALO’s founder Bill Schmid and his wife lost their first born to SIDS. From this tragedy, HALO and its mission were born. For over 15 years we’ve been educating parents about safe sleep practices and have supported non-profit organizations such as First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested the use of wearable blankets. Today, HALO SleepSack wearable blankets are a trusted choice of hospitals, and are used throughout North America to help babies sleep safely from the start. Sizing Chart Size Weight Length Newborn 6-12 lbs. 19-23 in. Small 10-18 lbs. 23-26 in. Medium 16-24 lbs. 26-30 in. Large 22-28 lbs. 30-35 in. X-Large 26-36 lbs. 35-40 in. At A Glance: Replaces loose blankets for safer sleep Generous sack design is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute Inverted zipper for easy diaper changes Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating Used by more than 1,250 hospitals to teach safe sleep practices

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets; 100% polyester micro-fleece
  • Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes; Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night; Sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating
  • Used by hundreds of hospital nurseries as their product of choice for teaching parents safe sleep practices
  • Embroidery reminds caregivers to place baby on his or her back
  • Portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

Verified reviews



Cutest one I bought my little angle but just didnt like that it wasnt cotton now I will not take away any stars because it was clearly disclosed. Soft and your baby wont hate it more than any other item you put them in. She may like it more because so quick and easy to put on and you dont have to pull it over her head so let torturous than most PJs.

Ingrid San Antonio, TX

Warm and cozy, zipper issues

My baby loves this cozy sleep sack and seems to know its bed time when we put this on. It keeps her at just the right temperature during the winter nights with a long sleeve onesie. It is too warm to keep full pjs on her though. The zipper sometimes splits apart so her blanket is practically falling off when I get her in the morning. Edit: HOWEVER, after looking over the blanket really closely, I figured out that I could prevent the problem with the zipper. The issue was that the sleepsack would zip up even with the top part of the zipper not being hooked all the way in. It would hold for a little while, but eventually start unzipping from the top since it wasn’t all the way hooked in. Now I just tug on the top part to make sure it is all the way hooked in and I have not had the problem since. We really do love this blanket and I could not bear to part with it even for a couple of nights to send it back for a replacement. By the way,5 stars to Halo’s customer service for offering a refund when I mentioned the zipper issues (see comment string on this review.)

Marquita Salem, NH

Beautiful and soft

Gorgeous, soft to the touch, and nice and warm for baby. My little one is 4 months now and she loves it. Perfect for the post-swaddling stage. I really couldn’t ask for more!

Carmen Union, ME

soft, warm, pretty

This is a very nice, warm sleepsack. I usually put my baby in a long sleeve outfit and then in this to sleep. It keeps her warm. The pattern is very cute for a girl. If you tend to keep the temperature in your house on the cooler side, I would recommend at least 2 layers under this.

Vilma Hustle, VA

Not that great. Bad zipper.

I had to return this. It’s impractical to have the zipper at the top, but regardless of that feature the zipper was so hard to zip even without a baby in it! And I didn’t like the fabric. Not as cute as the picture.

Avis Green Pond, AL

Baby loves it!

This is a beautiful sleepsack that our baby just loves. She wouldn’t sleep in anything that confined her arms so this is perfect. It is heavy too so I don’t worry about her getting cold at night, we simply put a long sleeve onesie on her and her arms and legs stay the right temperature.

Marilyn Muscotah, KS

Safe and Sound.

Sleep sack wearable blankets are wonderful baby products. They are easy to put on baby and keep them cozy and safe at night. I own four of these and I absolutely love them. They have plenty of room to grow and they come in great colors and designs. They are also make changing baby a breeze because the zipper is located on the bottom . All new moms should own a few of these to keep their babies safe and sound.

Lynda Westphalia, KS


This is the cutest sleepsack! It is a nice medium weight too and roomie on the bottom to allow baby to move. It is perfect for those cold nights.

Anne Hemlock, MI

Overall recommended

I have used this product for several weeks on my 3mo old, who never liked being swaddled. We live in FL, so we were worried this one would be too warm. However, the blanket has a lining that helps to make it not too stuffy, just comfortably warm. We are happy with using it with her regular jammies.My only complaint is the zipper. It still works, but the tip got a little warped from the wash (even though I followed directions and have a new high quality machine), so starting the zip is a little frustrating. I can get it to zip if I angle it just right. This is okay, though, because you never fully unzip in the middle-of-the-night diaper changes, so I only have to deal with this when I first put it on.Overall, I recommend this product, even if you live in warmer climates.

Nina Lexington, NY

Soft and Beautiful

I would recommend this product for anyone looking to keep an infant warm during naps or night time. It is made of very soft fabric that has held up very well in the wash. We wash ours often and the softness of the fabric has remained. The embellishments have also held up surprisingly well in the wash. I was worried that the embellishments might be rough on my daughter’s face, but they are quite soft and do not rub on her skin at all. The zipper works very well and zips from the top down so that the zipper also does not rub on the baby’s face. My daughter is 26 inches and 16 lbs and I expect that she still has several more months of use in size medium.

Chris Lakewood, PA

Really pretty!

This blanket is beautiful and my daughter sleeps really well when wearing it. We joke that she is wearing her princess robe! It’s nice & warm & cozy too 🙂

Rena Brightwood, VA