Hands Free Breastpump Bra Halter One size fits most

Hands Free Breastpump Bra Halter One size fits most

This Maternity Top comes with Blue color. This top has been created especially for the young and beautiful mothers of today who are no longer comfortable with the kind of clothes that an expecting mother used to wear a decade ago. They look for vibrant colors and stylish designs with an easy-to-breath fabric. This maternity top fulfills all the demands of our young mothers-to-be.

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  • Made in USA

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Great for pumping at work

This is a great bra for pumping and multitasking at work. Holds full pumping bottles well, with no worry of spillage. One star taken off for the skinnier moms: I wish you could take out the extra expander in the back and just attach the two sides, but if you are an A cup and a size 2 or smaller, this bra may be too loose for you.

Tracy East Peoria, IL

Velcro can be annoying

This bra is able to keep the pumps in place very well, but the velcro gets stuck on everything. I wish I would have got one with a zipper instead.

Sonja Villisca, IA

Great Product! Really Makes Life Easier!!

I had a premature infant and had to pump every 3 hours from the time the baby was born to get and keep my milk supply. I didn’t get this products until 2 weeks after she was gone and pumping was pure torture. I couldn’t do anything else for 30-45 minutes but just hold the pumps to my breast. Now, I can change the channel on the TV, eat, read, write, just not waste time and brain cells. I only gave it four stars because I am on the small side and the bra has already stretched because I had to pull it to its tightest settings but it is still usable.

Theresa Ignacio, CO

Really hated this pumping bra

It was uncomfortable and scratchy and I never got the hang of using it and noticed I did not produce as much milk when I did use it. I would not recommend.

Johanna Silver Lake, MN

A big velcro band

This is basically a big piece of velcro so it will show the wear and tare pretty soon but it does the job. Everything stays in place and is nice to have my hands free and not be focusing on how time consuming pumping is because I can busy myself in other tasks. The halter strap is not necessary to me and I don’t even use it. I like that it’s one size fits all and you can adjust to whatever you need. The price is nice too.

Augusta Corinth, ME

good concept

This us a great concept but has too many parts. By the time you get it all velcro-ed together you could have been done pumping! That might be a slight exaggeration but I wish it was sewn together in more places. Otherwise, it works. It does what it says it does.

Kara Orleans, IN

Such a huge help, much better than the bustiers.

I pump four times a day in my office at work, plus once at home first thing in the morning (even on weekends), and sometimes before I go to bed at night. I have GOT to have my hands free. I tried a hands-free pumping bustier, but it was very wimpy in terms of holding up the bottles, so they would slip out of place and I would have to use one hand to hold up the bustier while the other hand was free. But this thing is much more secure. I read another review which said that it was scratchy – I suspect the author was not lining up the velcro carefully when she put it on (probably tired, poor mama!) The elastic the band is made of is not as soft as an old t-shirt to be sure but I find it to be just fine. You don’t want it rubbing on your sore nipples, but then it only touches the nipples until you get the breast shields in place, and if it really bothered you, you could just not close it until the breast shields were through the “buttonhole” openings and then it wouldn’t touch your nipples. It takes some practice to get the breast shields placed right so at first you will find yourself getting all set up, turning the pump on, watching it for a couple seconds, turning it off, adjusting the shields, and trying again. But you get more accurate with placement and pretty fast at adjustment after some practice.I wash my pumping band by closing the velcro, putting it into a lingerie bag by itself (so the velcro won’t catch on to anything else), and tossing it into the washing machine with my nursing bras. This is particularly advisable if you get lanolin or nipple butter on it. The neck strap really helps keep everything secure – don’t cinch the band really tight around your rib cage or you’ll just squish your breasts and hinder the pumping. Use the band to just get the shields in the right place, and count on the neck strap to hold up the bottles, which it will just fine, i have found. It’s got a wide range of sizing due to a very long band along which you can velcro in the back.Happy nursing!

Eva Fishtail, MT