Happi Tummi Removable Waistband – Blue

Happi Tummi Removable Waistband – Blue

The Happi Tummi was invented out of necessity and has been proven to provide nearly instant relief for infants with colic and stomach aches. The Happi Tummi consists of a waistband and herbal pouch containing lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, spearmint, wheat and flax seed. When heated for 15 to 20 seconds, the herbs are activated to release healing properties which provide almost immediate relief of most common stomach ailments. The waistband is adjustable with velcro straps, easy to clean, soft for baby’s comfort, and available in three colors; pink, blue, and green.

Main features

  • 100% Natural Herbs
  • Made in USA
  • Fast relief
  • Calms fussy babies
  • Relieves gas pain and stomach aches
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Good for up to 40 uses, refills available

Verified reviews


No necesitas esto!

Todas estamos desesperadas cuando no sabemos porque no paran de llorar nuestros bebes. Pero tengan paciencia!!! una semana y se les pasaran los cólicos. Esto no lo necesitamos!!

Mattie Nickelsville, VA

Didn’t work for us either!

Our little girl has the worst gas pains, but this waistband didn’t help at all. I was also worried at how hot it got (following the instructions), so we wouldn’t heat it for as long as it said. For gas, I recommend Hyland’s Colic Tablets over anything else (and we’ve tried everything-having 2 gassy, gassy babies!). They instantly soothe her stomach so she can sleep, and they’re a natural, homeopathic remedy.

Michell Force, PA

Helpful for us!

I ordered this out of desperation. I think that it has been helpful for our now 1 month old. I enjoy the scent, my husband says that it’s a bit strong for him. I microwave for 15 seconds, then wrap it on over her clothes, then swaddle her arms, and snuggle with her when she’s screaming with gas pains, and usually within 1-2 minutes (sometimes shorter) she is much calmer (and quiet). I don’t use it a whole lot, only when everything else hasn’t worked, so to reserve it for when we really need it. I like it and would buy it again.

Janice Silver Creek, NE

This helps, but it’s no miracle cure.

When our son was a newborn he had a really tough time with gas. We hated to see him in pain, so we tried everything. His doctor recommended putting warm wash cloths on his tummy while he lay on his back for a few minutes to let the bubbles come together and then burping him. We had some success with that, and when we saw this it looked like a similar treatment with a little less trouble.It works pretty well. It usually helped calm him down. As a veteran of the Tummy Wars I would suggest this or the warm wash clothes, combined with Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water 4 oz. and Mylicon (it’s safe to use both) and comfort from you.It does get better! Good luck!

Kay New Sweden, ME

Not bad

I bought this due to a recommendation from a friend. I think my daughter likes it only for the warmth. It really does seem to settle her in when she is crabby but I don’t think it “cures” gas. The smell is light and fresh and I usually don’t like any scent. We don’t use it often but for the price it was worth it during the chillier days when my daughter first came home and wanted to be snuggled up and warm!

Neva Linden, NJ


I was out on a limb with this product. My four month old was in the middle of a growth spurt and a sinus infection. I think the medication gave her an upset tummy. We would put this in the microwave for 30 seconds and place on her tummy before she fell asleep. I am not certain it helped, but it smelled nice and it seemed to calm down the baby.

Cathryn Sayreville, NJ

Wonderful item!!

Saved our lives w our colicky baby! The heat and natural smells would soothe him when he would be inconsolable for hours! Recommend to all w babies w tummy issues or just to have on hand for the dreaded tummy problems —

Gay Kirby, AR

Really Works!

I was amazed at how well this product works. For about a month my son would get really bad gas and just scream for hours. You could just feel his super tight little tummy and imagine his pain. The gas drops didn’t really do much after his tummy got to that point so I tried this tummy band. It was amazing how quickly he would relax and drift off to sleep. Other reviews mention the band leaving burns on the baby’s belly, I always put the band on over clothes and followed the heating instructions and not once had a burned baby belly. The only reason I did not give this product 5 stars is it is a little tricky to keep the band from riding up. I want it to just stay on the belly but it shifts easily and can be tricky to readjust. Otherwise I would recommend this product for babies suffering from gassy tummies. Plus it smells good too.

Bettie Grafton, ND

not sure if it is helping much

Not sure if it is helping or not – but it definitely smells nice and having something warm to put on crying belly and to hope it helps – is also good

Erika Van Buren, OH

Don’t waste money

Got this when we were desperate for relief for our little ones. They had severe reflux, gassy bellies etc. The minky material is soft and the packet does smell pleasant although I think it wore off (if possible) in a few months. I don’t recommend this but having been ‘there’-desperate for anything to help your baby then I’d get it just in case it does work. Who knows- you might be one of those people who swear by it. For us it just sits in the back of a drawer.

Alison Windham, OH

Waste of money

This band does not stay in place- keeps moving around the tummy!! It is very irritating since i really wanted this to work.. cannot keep trying to move this in place for an already crying kid! The herbal pouch smells great when warmed up… but it is not warm enough to be effective. Also, it is a little too wide for 2 month old kids.

Ruby Redmond, WA

Might work for colic, but doesn’t seem to help gas pains

Our newborn was having tons of gas pain, so I decided to try this. I like that it’s natural and he doesn’t have to ingest anything. I think it smells nice, but it is quite potent and my husband wasn’t the biggest fan. It’s easy to use- just pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it’s ready to go, and stays warm for a while. You can velcro it nice and snug around the waist. I very much like the idea of it.However, in reality it didn’t seem to help much with his gas, he would have to suffer through his bout of pain as usual. Then again, pretty much nothing really worked to solve his gas issues- we tried every gripe water and colic tab out there. I just had to snuggle him for a little while until it passed. Thankfully, it’s much better now!But- fortunately for us our baby did not have many issues with colic or general fussiness… it was just the gas bouts. I think that if he just needed some comfort, the band would work nicely- probably in much the same way a swaddle blanket or just some good snuggling would. It seems like the warmth and security would feel nice for them.Therefore- 3 stars. Not convinced it does anything for gas, but it could be a good calming tool.

Margie Dayton, NJ

Baby actually hated this & I could not stand the smell…

I tried this 3 times when my son woke with colic pain and each time my son screamed and tried pulling it off, thus making him wake up completely and it would take forever for me to get him back to sleep. I have used Earth Mama Angle Baby’s booby tubes with great success so I know he does not mind the warmth….I think it was the wrap all the way around him that bothered him. Or maybe the smell because, I could not stand the smell myself. I just returned this.

Millicent Carle Place, NY


My 3 month old is a very gassy baby. He was struggling the other night and I wrapped this around his little tummy. He calmed down right away and about 10 minutes later was able to get some relief, finally.I had microwaved it for 20 seconds and tested it on my wrist to be sure it wouldn’t be too warm over his belly(not directly on his skin of course). Just the smell is calming and band stayed warm for so long…I was constantly checking it to see if it was getting cool but finally took it off after a half hour…and it was still warm.I give him gripe water whenever he seems to struggle with gas but that can be difficult if he’s half asleep so this band has really been a life saver.Happi Tummi waistband is worth every penny!

Tiffany Jewett, OH

Didn’t do much, but still well made.

To be honest, we didn’t really notice much relief with our newborn’s tummy troubles. He eventually grew out of the grunting and crying although he still struggles to push air out on his own sometimes. I knocked two stars because it wasn’t exactly the miracle worker that the product box describes, but that’s not to say it might not work for others and if your bub reacts well to warmth on their tummy, then this is probably exactly what you want. The product itself was well made and the fabric was soft and eventually I ended up using it on myself as a small heating pad on my chest (it worked great in that application!)For those with baby boys concerned about using products containing lavender because of the potential endocrine disrupting effects just be aware that this does contain lavender as one of the main soothing ingredients in the satchels. It smells great, but if you’re strictly avoiding lavender even in a non-topical application, you’ll want to steer clear.

Tanisha Victor, ID

Great idea for little tummies! Baby loves it

Oh the happi tummi… Our little one is 5 months old now and I purchased this when she was newborn and had sore tummy. We still use it when she is cranky and it soothes her. It’s a great product, and I wouldn’t worry about the 10 uses thing. We still reheat it and the heat helps more than the aroma. A great purchase!

Octavia Saint Francisville, LA

Works Like a Charm

We bought the pink waistband for out daughter who has gas and stomach cramps and cries whenever she is bloated. As soon as we warm it up and put it on (fairly tight, but not too tight) she calms down. She sleeps much better with it on even though it’s no longer emitting heat.The only thing we might complain about is that my husband does not like the chamomile smell of the heating pad. But neither I nor our baby mind.BTW, we got it when she was a couple weeks old and she is four months now and we still use it.We would definitely recommend this to babies who have gas pain or are colicky.

Jewell Bakersfield, CA

Didn’t work.

I was hopeful this product would work wonders and I’d have a happy baby in my arms in no time. Well, it didn’t. It’s easy to use – just microwave the little pouch and put it inside the belt, put the belt on the baby. Easy, right? Well, the belt is bulky and looks like it could be uncomfortable…and my baby just screamed louder when we got near her with it. In fact, when we took it away we had better luck with her calming down. I got rid of it since it didn’t work.

Leonor Florence, KY

Not worth it

I didn’t see this work for my son. He had a lot of gas pains when he was first born and nothing really seemed to help him. I didn’t really see any change in him when he wore it. In fact it often times made him pretty angry.It did have a funky smell but it wasn’t terribly offensive. The minky material is soft and it was well made. I just wish that it would have worked.

Graciela Dadeville, MO

Big Fan Helps with Tummy Pains

Bought this for our 2.5 month old who has mild colic, basically just intense gas a few times a day. Instant relief, it smells nice and he was very peaceful with it. We still use in conjunction with our prescription gas drops but this is very soothing for him as I calm him for sleepy time. Good purchase!

Olive Kinross, MI

High hopes, little results

I really wanted this belt to work, it looks so cute and feels comfy. The warm herbal pack is nice too but, it does nothing for my baby. I was hoping it would calm her down especially when she gets colicky or gassy but this little belt did absolutely nothing besides look cute.

Cara Megargel, TX

be careful- it gets too hot!

It works well- as soon as i put it on my baby starts farting and calms down and goes to sleep but he did have a red splotch on his belly after using it once from it being too hot (even tho it was over 2 layers and only nuked for 30 seconds as directed). great scent!

Bettye Narka, KS


Smells nice and calming – I’m not sure if it soothes her gas pains or just makes her nice and warm cozy so she goes to sleep…but either way she feels better after using it!

Esther Tolar, TX

So so

Didn’t seem to do anything. Smells nice though. However, if your baby has colic I’m sure you are willing to try anything. Colic Calm works better.

Shelby Island Lake, IL

Saved my life

I purchased this for my 2 month old because she was in so much discomfort from gas. We wanted a natural remedy though desperation was also a factor. We used this, colic calm, and mylicon drops, and continue to use them all now, 5 months later, depending on the situation.The Happi Tummi Pros- all natural- does not have to be ingested- very soothing for baby- washableI really don’t have any cons to report. The thing does its job. It is not always a miracle worker, but it has helped us enough times that I sing its praises.I found that my daughter would fall asleep if I put this close enough to her so she could smell it. It is very relaxing. The herb pack lasts as long as the box indicates, as long as you don’t "over cook" it when warming it. It will get an odd smell when it needs to be replaced.This was great in the cooler months because it did help move some gas around as well as make her warm and cozy to sleep. I don’t use it now that it is warmer and she is old enough to sit and push more gas out on her own. I will use it if needed during the upcoming cooler months.

Libby Shakopee, MN

Colic must have

Must have for a baby with colic. My first born had colic and we tried everything and I mean everything gripe water, gas meds, dr browns bottles, a wedge in the bed, etc. Now I will swear by the gas meds, Dr Browns bottles (even though it meant I had to pump all the time). For those days and nights that nothing seemed to work I got this and it seemed to work wonders. You do have to be careful and make sure it is not too hot. Several times I heated it in the oven and it seemed too hot so please test it before you place it around your babies waste.

Rosalia Arpin, WI

Didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

A red flag raised when the box instructions read, "Microwave for 30 seconds." But the tag on the actual product reads, "15-20 seconds." After heating for 20, it felt almost too hot on my arm as the product suggests to test it. Granted, microwaves vary from model to model, but the instructions should be consistent.I’ve tried it for the past week of colicky crying episodes, and it has not helped my baby. If I can return it, I will.This product is difficult for me to recommend, but it’s also difficult to dissuade readers from trying it. All babies are different, and this has been reviewed fairly well. If you’re experiencing a colicky baby like mine, then I suggest buying anything your pediatrician recommends and even trying this product. Personally, I’d spend my entire savings if it meant that I’d find one thing to stop my baby’s colicky crying.

Alison Baring, WA

Smells good but questionable if it works.

Heat in microwave for 10 seconds to be sure its right. The band is a little narrow and velcro is very narrow so it slides either up or down the tummy. The herb packet when inserted into the belt makes a bulge but not big enough that you couldn’t hold the baby.I cannot say that this worked for the colic but it is warm and babies like that! 🙂

Chelsey Harper Woods, MI

Smells good and super soft

We bought htis for our colicky baby. It didn’t do much, but it was a good product in general. Just be careful not to overheat.

Holly New Lisbon, NY

Very large

This was too big for our baby, would fit a toddler better or a chunky 9+ month old. Not sure if it works as it was just too big when we needed it.

Ruthie Amlin, OH