Harmony Kids Round Back Glider, Ivory Chenille

Harmony Kids Round Back Glider, Ivory Chenille

This double cushion glider offers maximum comfort. The poly-filled cushions are soft yet firm enough to offer you great support and relaxation. Perfect spot for late night feeding with baby. The seat back that measures 38″ from the floor and 24″ from the seat cushion to the top of the seat back. From the seat cushion to the floor it measures 18.5″. Great place to relax with baby and comfy enough for a quick nap. The glider swivels, glides and rocks. Coordinating ottoman that also glides sold separately to complete your comfort. The chenille fabric is soft and easy to clean with mild soap and water. The bottom and back seat cushion are removable and slip-cover for easy care. You will cherish this glider for years to come. Complete your designer look room with the coordinating toy box too.

Main features

  • Glides, swivels and rocks for ultimate comfort
  • Slip-covered cushions for easy care
  • Soft Polyester fabric is easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • Made in USA
  • 5-Year Manufacturers warranty

Verified reviews



Well, to be honest, I had a love-hate relationship with this glider. I loved how comfy and suggly it was. But I hated how my head could not rest on the back (I’m 5’4) when seated with a semi good posture, and only could when I was scrunched kinda low or snuggly with my legs bent in the seat.But the reason I disliked it the most was because of the horrible creaks and clicks the gliding mechanism would make when I tried to rock/glide. I even found a metal piece that had fallen off the mechanism. And to make it worse, the noises inhibited the process of trying to get my baby to fall asleep…I honestly was trying to forget the negative aspects, but the thought of nursing my second child in this chair made me contact Amazon for a refund. I’m very thankful that they have such a good return policy!!!

Marietta Arlington, IN

Great chair for a great price

We’ve had this in our nursery for a few weeks now and really enjoying it. It is low enough to the ground that you don’t really need a foot or nursing stool. It is wide enough to sit in crosslegged (my preferred nursing position) and for big burly husband to sit in comfortably. My only observation is that the back is not high enough to rest your head, in case you were feeling a bit drowsy while waiting for baby to doze off. But the cushions are super comfy, the material is soft and doesn’t feel cheap and I love that it is a slip cover.

Young Vermilion, IL

Excellent Value!

For its low price and (if you’re an Amazon Prime member) FREE SHIPPING, you absolutely can’t beat this piece of furniture! The chair is very comfortable and the fabric is soft and plush. It looks great! The thing I like the most is that, while the piece is a little smaller than others overall (and therefore fits our small space perfectly) the seat itself is very wide and generous.I love that the seat and back cushions are slip-covered and can be washed, but I applied Scotch Guard anyway just to protect the fabric. We bought the ivory chair, and I want to protect it as much as possible from visible dirt. Speaking of “ivory,” the color is true to its word; it’s not white, tan, beige, or bone.I gave this chair a 4, not 5, for one reason: the cushions are SO soft and and pillow-like that I’m worried they’ll lose their shape and supportiveness over time. However, both the seat and back cushion are reversible, so I think that flipping them over now and again will help them retain their shape for longer.Special note: if your style is “sleek, modern, chic, etc.” then this chair may not be for you. The textured chenille gives it a plush, fuzzy look, which is fine for our soft-looking nursery, but if you like pieces that are more smooth or stream-lined, then I recommend looking elsewhere.Overall, we are extremely pleased with this chair — great buy at a great price!

Ursula Mills, WY

Great affordable nursery chair!

I didn’t want one of the wooden framed rockers for our nursery since they tend to be more uncomfortable and the only gliders I could find in this style were $500+. I ordered this one in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to return it and it is great! It’s super comfortable and everyone who has sat in it loves it.I’m still pregnant right now, so I haven’t nursed it in, but I’m honestly looking forward to it. I did buy a stool to use with it, but the size seems good to me. I’m 5’8” and don’t have a problem with my legs or torso being too long for this chair. My head doesn’t rest back sitting straight up, but you could easily put a pillow there if you wanted extra support. I also felt like this chair wasn’t as big as some of the ones I’d seen in stores, which were very large for the small room we were putting it in. But it’s plenty big enough for my husband who is 6’1”.The 2 negatives of this chair: 1-the seat seems to slide out from the bottom occasionally, but I tend to lean back when I sit, so I’m sure it’s me pushing it out. But there’s still a lot of readjustment. I’ve had this with other seating and normally some heavy duty velcro works well. 2-the company that ships this is supposed to contact you to arrange delivery. The tracking number provided by Amazon wasn’t the complete tracking number and they kept telling me that I didn’t have any orders. After our delivery date passed, I called and they said they had tried to reach me and hadn’t been able to. I had never gotten a call from them and they were less than friendly when talking with them. It was more frustrating than the typical Amazon purchase (and it was not shipped in the normal 2 day prime shipping, just an fyi), but I’m happy I bought it.

Rhonda Salina, PA

comfy AND affordable

i searched high and low for this product! i did NOT want one of those ugly looking rocker/glider nursing chairs for my sons room and didn’t want to spend a fortune on a chair like this. the chenille fabric is SOOO soft and can be washed easily. only wish they’d have made the back a bit higher but i have no complaints, especially at such a bargain.

Evangeline Cranbury, NJ

Not bad – watch for color/price changes

We ended up getting the off white and the foot stool as that color was a lot cheaper. Has stayed pretty clean. Put a blanket on the back were you head goes. (It would take a while to add up but hairspray, gel, makeup etc adds up to make it dirty.)

Melanie Perryman, MD


bought it because of second child. It is very comfy, but we don’t seem to rock as much as first kid. We had put it in our room,well our first child LOVES to come in the morning and lie down on it.

Katie Greer, SC

So comfy

I’m very happy with this chair. The fabric is so plush and soft, it feels like you’re sitting enveloped in the arms of a big comfy teddy bear. 🙂 The chair is well-made, and glides and swivels smoothly and silently. The Ivory color is as shown in the photo – a very light, nearly white ivory.Since other reviews seem to indicate that delivery experiences vary, I’ll share that we had no issues with the delivery (we are in central VA). Within a couple days of placing our order, I received a call from a very friendly representative of the delivery company. She advised me that it was in the warehouse, ready for delivery, and gave me several date & time options for delivery. The chair arrived on time, and was totally boxed up (not just wrapped in plastic as others have had happen). It arrived in perfect condition. We had guests over at the time and had plenty of help available to carry it upstairs, so I can’t speak to whether or not the deliverymen would have brought it inside if asked.This same chair is currently available online at Sears for more than double what we paid here on Amazon (at one point they were selling it for over $1,000) – I couldn’t be happier with our purchase. I feel like we got a quality glider at a reasonable price, considering what it sells for elsewhere.

Sandra Wabaningo, MI

Great chair!

I absolutely love this chair. The size is just right. Not too large for a nursery and it is so comfortable! The fabric is soft and high quality. Very pleased with this purchase. Worth every penny.

Keisha Chelan Falls, WA

comfortable and soft, but doesn’t glide, it groans

This chair is comfortable and soft, and easy to get in and out of. The problem with this glider is it doesn’t glide or rock really at all. I have inspected this chair, WD-40’d it, tinkered with it. It doesn’t glide. Boo.

Cecelia Savage, MN

So happy with this chair!

We ordered this chair before my daughter was born and have had it for almost four months now. We looked at comparable chairs that were hundreds of dollars more expensive and decided to go with this one based on the great reviews. The chair is very comfortable and sturdy. We decided to purchase the matching ottoman as well, and I’m glad we did. We have spent many nights rocking our little one back to sleep in this chair. Highly reccomend this chair for your nursery!

Noreen Sanders, AZ

Great chair!!!

We purchased this chair for our baby girl’s nursery and I absolutely love it!! The fabric is so soft and comfortable. Glides very smoothly and is so easy to fall asleep in! Such a great price for a wonderful purchase! Couldn’t be happier!

Martina Gilbert, WV

looks expensive!

Beautifull fabric, very soft. Rocks great. I got it for my baby nursery and I am very happy with it overall.I’ve been searching for a while and I did not want to pay over 500 for upholstered glider or get generic looking wood base gliders, just does not appeal to me visually. This glider looks expensive and priced right. I can’t wait to cuddle with my baby on it. Also free shipping was amazing and fast too. They even took it out of box and put it in the room. All I did was remove plastic. 5 stars all the way:)

Ernestine Kings Park, NY