Harmony Olympian Youth Booster Car Seat, Black Tech

Harmony Olympian Youth Booster Car Seat, Black Tech

Harmony olympian youth belt positioning booster seat the ideal solution for transporting baby. This premium car seat exceeds the most stringent safety testing, and is exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. Exceeds United States FMVSS 213 and european ece 44/04 standards.for children from 30 to 110 pounds extended weight range ready for new astm standard.

Main features

  • Lower body side impact protection
  • Unique extended length (165″) and width (12″) gives the proper room and support to growing children, great for larger children up to 110 pounds
  • Exceptionally thick comfort foam throughout seat
  • Visually pronounced belt guides promote correct installment of the seat belt
  • Premium seat pad is removable for machine washing

Verified reviews


Dimensions/product description misleading…

I was specifically looking for a narrow backless booster to fit 3-in-a-row in the back seat of my sedan, this was not so narrow. The description says 12″, but now I see that means the internal width, not the width of the whole thing! I’m sure it’s a great booster, but I feel like I just wasted a bunch of time… it will be going back.

Estela Buckatunna, MS

Wide base….Just what we wanted

This is wide. We wanted a wider one as my nephew is defnitely taking after his dad (5 years old and size 7). He has plenty of room on the sides in this booster and has also stated he likes it because it is "cushy".

Graciela Hazen, AR

Big, comfortable and safe

I looked at a ton of different boosters before deciding on this one. I liked the fact that it had some padding and wasn’t so hard. I read the reviews saying that it was comfortable and decided to go with this.It definitely is comfortable and my 4 year old likes sitting in it. It’s also very nice and wide so he has plenty of room. The problem is that if you have a smallish seat, you wouldn’t be able to use this. We own a 2 seater and sometimes need to use the booster in it (before anyone jumps down my throat for putting a 4 year old in a two seater, it’s legal and safe as long as you turn the airbag off) but can’t with this product. It’s too wide.If you’re using it for anything other than a 2 seater, then it’s a very nice choice. What I love especially is that it comes with a latch to move the seatbelt off the child’s neck and face. I had borrowed a booster before and noticed that it’s not at all safe because the belt would bother my sons neck and face and so he would put his arm over the belt to push it down, which defeated the whole purpose of the seatbelt. With this latch, you can just adjust the belt off the child’s face/neck and use the seatbelt as it was intended to be used.This is definitely a very good product.

Natalie Pearson, WI

stepdaughter tolerates this one!! 🙂

My stepdaughter has complained bitterly about her old booster seats for years. Too narrow, hurt her hips, too hard, hurt her butt, even tho she is still quite lean for her age. Finally I found this booster and the only complaint is that its dorky and none of her friends ride in one. (I guess we value your life and safety more than your friends parents do. Too bad you’re stuck w us little babe). This booster is wide enough for my 38 inch hips to sit in (not comfortable, but I fit) and this seat is def cushier than her previous booster. Hopefully she will tolerate it until she outgrows a need for boosters. I will be buying another one for my car to replace the old "awful" one.

Sadie Orient, IL

top rated, great price

Top rated by consumer reports, great price & comfy for my 5 year old. Easy to use, too. a great seat!

Alyson Liverpool, NY